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I created this Instructable because I love getting stickers from different brands and have found a great way to help them advertize and get stickers mailed to me without sending a SASE (Self Addressed Stamped Envelope). All you normally need to do is send an email and ask politely for some stickers in order to advertize for X company. Please follow for more cool Instructables and share this with your friends!!

*Do Note, there are still companies that will ask for a SASE but, I found that I was 50% more likely to get stickers sent to me when following these rules.

Step 1: Be Polite and Honest - It Goes a Long Way

Being polite and honest are two of the most important things when it comes to asking. If you just send an email that says "Send me some of your stickers and that would be cool and stuff." - that won't work. (Just as a test I tried it and got refused every time). Instead, use please and thank you, not too much, but be polite. For example:


I was wondering if you could please send me a few stickers for my X Item. That would be really cool!

Thank you a ton!

X Name

Honesty is also really important. Don't pretend you are some world class Heli-Skier or Downhill Mountain Biker if you aren't - Just say what you really want the stickers for - your shirt (lol), your water bottle, or your car.

Step 2: Don't Ask for Too Much - They Are Giving Stuff to You

Step 3: Include Your Address

Including your address is another important aspect. When you send your email, include you address. This enables the company to immediately send you stickers instead of go through the hassle of asking for your address. Basically making it as easy as possible for them to slap a stamp on an envelope and get the stickers to you.

An example would be:


Thank you so much!

X Name


John Smith

1234 Palm Tree Way

X Town, X State X Zip

Step 4: Include a Dollar or Two in Your SASE for More

Most companies will send more stickers (significantly more) if you include a cash dollar or two in your SASE in the case that they ask you to send one. Just remember to put it inside of a piece of paper, so it is not too easily distinguishable from the outside.



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    ​Hey guys, first off I hope you're all doing good in these crazy times! Gotta say, I love the artwork and all the stickers, some of which I grew up are for brands I grew up with. I am trying to pass these on to my kid by filling up his guitar with stickers. Is there any way I can get some sent? That would mean a lot and hey, if you can't, it's all good :) Stay safe and thank you!

    Hey instructables you guys are awesome!! i would love some stickers for my skateboard and bike thanks!!! my adress is 119 eleventh road wungong WA

    Hey I was jw how to send an email but I really love stickers. I use them for everything but here's my message and my address is 70431 ej oalmann rd. Bush , Louisiana.

    Thanks so much! I've always loved stickers, but I never knew that companies just sent them out. Time to get emailing!

    3 replies

    what the adress thought

    Companies usually have a contact section on their website where they have either a contact form or their e-mail


    thank you for the help lol

    thanks! gonna cover my bike and board in stickers now!!

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    whats the adress thought?

    Great tips! Thanks for sharing.