Get Free Music On Your iPod Touch (no Downloads)!!!

Picture of Get Free Music On Your iPod Touch (no Downloads)!!!
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Step 1: Items Needed

Picture of Items Needed
13, 9:37 PM.jpg
13, 9:37 PM.jpg
- iPod touch - a quiet place - a computer or another iPod touch - optional but recommended, ice cream =:)

Step 2: Voice Memos

Picture of Voice Memos
13, 9:37 PM.jpg
First go on your iPod and go to voice memos

Step 3: YouTube

Picture of YouTube
Next go on either your computer or other iPod and type in any song on YouTube.com

Step 4: Record

Picture of Record
Tap the play button on the song and the record button on the iPod. Make sure there is no noise.

Step 5: Enjoy

Picture of Enjoy
After recording sit back, eat your ice cream, and enjoy the music!
Phil B2 years ago
I would be concerned this may be a violation of copyright law.
Ranie-K2 years ago
Some of these images are copyrighted. That means that you are probably not allowed to use them here unless you made them yourself.
Ranie-K2 years ago
If you use Firefox, this extension can download MP3 files from YouTube videos: