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Introduction: Get Free Tv on Your Computer or Android Device

I installed the kodi app on my phone but the same steps are taken for a computer

Step 1: Download and Install Kodi

For android devices get the kodi app, for computers go to Kodi and download the appropriate installer. Open Kodi and let it update

Step 2: Add the Fusion Installer

On the Kodi home screen go to system/file manager and select add source. Select the top box that says"<none>" and type in then press done. In the bottom text box enter fusion then press ok. Return to the home screen then go to system/settings and select add-ons on the left. Press OK on the pop-up. Select "install from zip" then fusion then "start here" then at the bottom of the list.

Step 3: Configure the Add-on

On the Kodi home screen select programs then program add-ons then config wizard then select your platform, select yes and wait for a couple minutes for config to do its thing. You may have to power off Kodi with the power button on the bottom left of the screen if prompted. Restart Kodi. You will see Kodi updating and then you have free tv.

Step 4: What's Available?

Nearly anything you can think of. Most shows are available within a couple of hours after airing. Slide to video and on the bottom of the screen there are a few selections, 1 channel works pretty good for me, You can also select the add-ons tab under video for more selections. Genesis works very well for me and is easy to navigate through. For example select genesis,tv shows, search for your favorite show or scroll through popular, select show, season and episode. Next will be a list of streams, I usually scroll down to the MQ (medium quality ) streams. cloudzilla or vidto work well for me. For live sports go video/add-ons/ sports devil then select sport then game.



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Just FYI, a lot of content is not available outside its geographic area. I just uninstalled "Canada on Demand" since All channels say "Not available in your country". I could drive to Canada before daybreak tomorrow but......

Not that there was anything specific in Canada I wanted. Just wanted to try your local stations.....

I have an OLD mac mini on my shelf I don't need anymore. I have to try this on its older OSX version(10.4? 10.5?) . Maybe it will get a new life...

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I have tried canada on demand and another canadian content repository and they don't work in Canada well either. I don't think the people that put it there maintain it. Too bad because I'm sure a lot of people would like it.

It's too bad your wonderfully detailed directions aren't in Mac-ese. ;-)

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give it a try. i did it on a mac running 10.9 in less than 5 minutes

A note to my English Brethren. You will still need a TV license even if you are not watching through a TV to watch LIVE TV.

But then if you are going to be illegally watching pirated programs, you likely wouldn't be concearned about a license.

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I don't know what a tv license is, but this instructable isn't about getting live tv free, pirated or otherwise. As far as being legal, I'm not a legal professional so I can't say. All I can tell you is this software as well as the add-on are publicly available on the websites I mentioned. I recently ordered an Android box from that hooks up to my tv that came preloaded with exactly what this instructable teaches for phones and computers. These boxes are also sold in all of the electronics stores in Ontario so, by extension, all of Canada and probably all of the USA and, I'm guessing, much of the world. If for any reason it isn't legal, it would be much easier for the powers-that-be to go after the few companies that provide the boxes and software as well as the few dozen uploaders or streamers or whatever they are called. To try to shut down the millions of people using this would be way too expensive and nearly impossible. I can't afford to pay $70/month or more for cable so I went this route.

well done this will let people know that there is alternative ways to watch tv other than the mainstream tv channels and also it provides us a system that is completely controllable with ff rw pause forward skip and on demand ( no waiting for scheduled programming )it has most of the worlds programs in all languages .

thank you. We have found shows that we never knew about and can watch them right from the pilot episode, my youngest likes it because now she can watch her favorite shows on the schedule that fits her, and we can watch more mature shows when appropriate

third time was the charmed. I installed this on a Windows 10 Home PC with no problems, went back to the windows 7 PC and reinstalled it, all went well this time.

Thanks Kevin for your help.

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A note to my English Brethren. You will still need a TV license even if you are not watching through a TV to watch LIVE TV.

But then if you are going to be illegally watching pirated programs, you likely wouldn't be concearned about a license.

I'm not very tech savvy so my questions will be basic. First, Will this work outside of the US? I am in Argentina. Second, I pay for cable and Internet through one company. Will this give me access to the cable programs that I pay for or only free TV (which is next to non-existent)? Thanks.

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As far as I know it will work in Argentina. You won't be able to get live TV shows, but you can get live sports. I watch all the current shows the day after they air as well as whatever old shows I want. Keep in mind you will need unlimited internet as this does take data. Even if you install it to try if you want. If you do try it, I can help you figure out how to get the shows you want to watch

Thanks, Kevin. Does that include shows that are on cable (given that I pay for cable)?

Yes it does. We watch all the current shows that are on the American networks

Lol. Sorry but I have never even sat in front of a mac. I think the setup should be about the same. If you try it and it doesn't work I may be able to find the answer for you

I just uninstalled and reinstalled Kodi and Fusion and saw the error. When the box pops up in the bottom right that says config error check log files, exit Kodi and restart it again. Config will continue. Another box will pop up and says something is not compatible, do you want to disable it. Click no and config will continue. After everything is updated, Kodi should look similar to pic#2 in the intro. If not, just run config wizard again (step 3) and it will finish properly

tried to install this KODI tv thing, all I get is an error on the Configuration Wizard, uninstalling the program, it doesn't work

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I can help you through the setup. I think I know the error you are talking about. I'll send you a private message

It's not the greatest for TV but works great for online videos from a variety of sources.