Get Free Music Without Any Illegal Software (A.K.A Limewire or Blubster)





Introduction: Get Free Music Without Any Illegal Software (A.K.A Limewire or Blubster)

This is how to get free music, but you need to have a windows xp and windows movie maker.

Step 1: Change Input

Change audio input to "stereo mix"

Step 2: Site

Go to a site where it will play your song that you want ( video)

Step 3: Wrapping It Up

go to windows movie maker and hit "start narration" and then quick go to your site and click play. when the song is done, click stop narraration and then save the song. this is a wma (windows media audio file) so most mp3 players (even the cheap ones like mine) will be able put the song on your mp3 players. i HAVENT tested with IPOD.



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     Use Audacity! great open source software with really good bitrate...

    Software like Limewire or Blubster(?) isn't illegal. Downloading copyrighted music is though. %99 of pictures, music, videos and other stuff like that is also copyrighted. But hey, I don't care. I still use Limewire to get music. And it actually isn't illegal to copy music in Canada yet! HAH!

    ewww dude just get torrent programs i can download a whle discography in less then 5 hours and its way safer and faster... i also get programs like WinRAR and Nod32 and games like Cod4 and rainbow 6 vegas2 all for free virrus free. if u need help ill gladly help u make the switch its very easy i use fyi

     Ewww you use WinRAR? 7zip (or jzip if you want a pretty version) is so much better, and with the added bonus of actually being free (not that it really makes a difference lol)

    I would like some help becuz like i can;t rlly find ny good safe file on piratebay . Could you please send me some links or help me. thanks cuz i wanna get rainbow 6 vegas 2 and all tht.

    get uttorent and optimize it using videos on youtube as a guide then just go onto ( or any other website) and get the torrnet file and DL it an dthen enjoy

    You should try you need winrar though

    Snow and legal copied music! Lucky you.

    Lmao. I live in Alberta so we hardly ever (NEVER at christmas) get snow. But it's a lot windier than the rest of canada. Argh. We also get chinooks (some native word for "snow eater"), warm wind that comes over the mountains and totally owns the snow and makes it all crusty xD. This year has been really snowy's wierd.