Picture of Get Free music without any illegal software (A.K.A limewire or blubster)
This is how to get free music, but you need to have a windows xp and windows movie maker.

Step 1: Change input

Picture of Change input
Change audio input to "stereo mix"
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Mr.alexc9925 years ago
 Use Audacity! great open source software with really good bitrate...
El Mano5 years ago
Forgive me for advertising my own -Ible...It's under renovation, but anyone interested in 'free' might find it worth their time to check it out.

Aeshir8 years ago
Software like Limewire or Blubster(?) isn't illegal. Downloading copyrighted music is though. %99 of pictures, music, videos and other stuff like that is also copyrighted. But hey, I don't care. I still use Limewire to get music. And it actually isn't illegal to copy music in Canada yet! HAH!
ewww dude just get torrent programs i can download a whle discography in less then 5 hours and its way safer and faster... i also get programs like WinRAR and Nod32 and games like Cod4 and rainbow 6 vegas2 all for free virrus free. if u need help ill gladly help u make the switch its very easy i use piratebay.org fyi
 Ewww you use WinRAR? 7zip (or jzip if you want a pretty version) is so much better, and with the added bonus of actually being free (not that it really makes a difference lol)
I would like some help becuz like i can;t rlly find ny good safe file on piratebay . Could you please send me some links or help me. thanks cuz i wanna get rainbow 6 vegas 2 and all tht.
get uttorent and optimize it using videos on youtube as a guide then just go onto piratebay.org ( or any other website) and get the torrnet file and DL it an dthen enjoy
You should try maxalbums.com you need winrar though
crestind Aeshir8 years ago
Snow and legal copied music! Lucky you.
Aeshir crestind8 years ago
Lmao. I live in Alberta so we hardly ever (NEVER at christmas) get snow. But it's a lot windier than the rest of canada. Argh. We also get chinooks (some native word for "snow eater"), warm wind that comes over the mountains and totally owns the snow and makes it all crusty xD. This year has been really snowy though.....it's wierd.
crestind Aeshir8 years ago
Global warming at work, disrupting weather patterns and such.
Aeshir crestind8 years ago
Global warming happens naturally....although it is being sped up by humans.
In true wikipedia style... "Citation needed". I've been looking hard for a paper published by a respected and credible climatologist that shows causation and not just correlation, can you post a link? Personally, I find it incredible that anyone can say how fast the world should be warming as it comes to the end of an ice age when we don't have that many other ice ages to use as a comparison.
Kev93 adamazing5 years ago
Most scientists believe that if anything there is global cooling. There WAS a spike of the average temperature but it was only for a year or two.

Global warming is only an issue for the media.
Ok, first, this is still illegal. Secondly, Limewire and Blubster are perfectly legal, but downloading copyrighted material with them isn't. You should also use e.g. instead of a.k.a, because they were just examples of file sharing programs.
jeez what the hell Harry... he just made something cooler than anything you will make so just shut up god...
I've seen this before. He didn't invent it. Even if he did it doesn't change the fact that it's illegal.
He's right, this way IS illegal. But format shifting, including uploading is completely legal. It's downloading that becomes an issue, and how or whether the format shifter is profitting from it.
Uploading IS ILLEGAL.
Yeah, like taping off the radio was "illegal"? Violation of copyright, the illegality, happens when you distribute copyrighted works, not at the act of copying. If I sit at home and photocopy a book, I haven't broken the law. The person who uploaded the video may not have permission to do so, and by the act of making it available for download is therefore in a legally questionable position, however I posit that downloading the video available is not. IANAL.

B.T.W. This is possibly even worse than recording from the radio to tape:

With this method:
Someone captures a music video into their format of choice ( 1 encoding)
Uploads it to youtube ( 2 encodings)
You play it and record it into wmv format ( 3 encodings)
You convert it into an mp3 ( 4 encodings)

Then....THEN! You listen to it on a portable mp3 player through crappy speakers...

If I wanted to listen to Fall-Out Boy, which I don't, I wouldn't want to listen to them singing in a bathroom recorded with microphones in the plug-holes..

Incidentally, for anyone on GNU/Linux, there is a pretty good little blog post here. To use it with Youtube et. al. you can use a Firefox plug-in like UnPlug to download the *.flv. Mplayer will play this very nicely and dump to a file on your hard drive.
If you actually read the copyright notice on any CD or book you'd see that any copying is illegal. All copyright notices explicitly say that the material cannot be copied. This crap about it only being illegal to distribute copies of copyrighted materials is not true. You could look up the law on it, but I'm sure you have better things to do. Just because people have better things to do than prosecute people who photocopy books doesn't mean it's legal. "Format shifting" is not a law, it's a concept used as a defense when a company occasionally does go after somebody for violation of copyright; and it's a poor defense at that.
Actually, by federal law, the copyright notice saying no copying is a load of crap. Granted, cds, movies, software, and the like say that ANY copying is illegal, the law states that as long as you legally own a legitimate copy of the data (whatever format), you may copy, or comission someone to copy it for archival purposes. This also applies to ROMS and the like. There is also no law prohibiting you from making this publically accessable as long as it is not profitting you in any way. And anyone who legally possesses a legitimate copy of the data may download it without legal consequences. Though if you ever cease to have legal ownership of the original, then any archival copies you possess also become illegal.
And where's the legislation that says that?
this is part of the universal computer act =]
was passed in the 80's i think
ill try find it for myself
but all persons are legally entitled to a "backup" copy for archival purposes
and as all non-confidential information is free to be made publicly accessible
technically so are your copies
then its not you in the wrong, but the person who uses your data for non-archival purposes
hence why fileshare programs are so hard for police to sort out, as they have to check you dont have an existing copy already first =]
Kev93 thinker5 years ago
You are not totally correct for U.S. law. It is illegal to make a copyrighted material publicly accessible. Also, the copying of a protected (DRM) format to a non protected format is illegal.

Copyrights make intellectual property 'confidential'.

This so called format shifting is illegal in most U.S. states UNLESS it is for personal use(personal as in not for your spouse, brother, best friend, state senator, mother, or your dog). 'Format shifting' is considered a deriative work, making it ILLEGAL unless you have express writen permition. Even then, letting someone else use your deriative work requires SEPERATE permission.

To put it bluntly, DOWNLOADING MUSIC IS ILLEGAL IN ANY FORM except official versions. (iTunes, Rhapsody, or free MP3 download on artists site).
So, if photocopying a book is illegal, then I can't copy sections of a school book for educational reasons?
"Yeah, like taping off the radio was "illegal"? " - Yes it is, so is recording movies on TV (everyone does it but it's still illegal) "If I sit at home and photocopy a book, I haven't broken the law." - True, but only if you own the book.
1. Someone captures a music video into their format of choice ( 1 encoding) Legal under most copyright laws (format shifting) 2. Upload to youtube illegal 3. You play it and record it into wmv format Unknown 4. You convert it into an mp3 Legal under most copyright laws (format shifting)
sires6 catprog7 years ago
In the paper today (AP Wire) RCIAA is suing some guy over "format shifting" from CD to computer hard drive... maybe trying to change the "copyright" policy of CD's to get more money...
Not limewire Pro
Foaly75 years ago
Limewire is not illegal.
fwjs286 years ago
you do know this is still illegal and that limewire nor blurnster is illegal and that there are much easier ways to do this.....
u know limewire isn't illegal to have BUT it is illegal to download copyrighted music/movies etc. Just letting you know!! :Þ
 thats kinda what i said
:WaRnInG: Illegal :WaRnInG:
In what way is this different then just using lime wire/frost wire ? Your still downloading copyright material ( depending on where you live ) . In Canada, its PERFECTLY leagle to download whatever from the internet, there's a TAX on Cd's and other media that goes to the RIAA. However uploading is illeagle! In the US its the opposite ( according to a comment read below ), so I will stay in snowy freezing Canada so I can have free music..
Fully awsome
theRIAA8 years ago
limewire is not illegal, what you do with it is. and yes, this is illegal
exactly. if you want free music just use Limewire, it's easier, and it's illegal either way.
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