Get More From Used Disinfectant Wipes


Introduction: Get More From Used Disinfectant Wipes

Have you ever noticed that there's always a little liquid cleaner left in the disinfectant wipes container when you pull out that last wipe?

Don't waste it!

Follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Open Disinfectant Wipe Container

Make sure there is cleaning solution left over.

Step 2: Add Paper Towels

Add your favorite paper towels. They will soak up the liquid, but continue to add until you're sure it is all absorbed. Sometimes you may have room for 10 - 20, depending on the amount of liquid you have left.

Step 3: Clean

Use the towels to clean any messes you would have used the disinfectant wipes to clean. When the container is empty, look for other ways to recycle it!



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    I am so happy that you can use it! More ideas to come.

    Works great, thanx !

    Great life hack. With a new baby on the way, I will probably end up using this.