Extend the Life of Your Old Moccasins.





Introduction: Extend the Life of Your Old Moccasins.

This idea came about while I was casually browsing through Instructables while wearing my sheep skin moccasins. I looked down at them and wondered when I would need to replace them. Then I had the idea, of using the outside trim, that was there only for cosmetic reasons but would help give a second life to a pair of old woollen moccasins.

This method won't cover the entire bottom of the moccasin, that would require more wool. It's basically meant to give your moccasins a more useful life, without having to buy anything else, while keeping your feet warm for as long as possible before they fully and truelly are worn out.

This method will allow most of the internal moccasin to be covered, starting from the heel going forward.

I've allowed the front part to go without the woollen strips. In my slippers I've noticed that more wear had occured at the heel.

You'll just just need a pair of scissors and some generic rubber cement.

(Double-sided foam tape can do the same job for adhesion).

Step 1: Cut.

Carefully cut above the stitch line with a pair of good scissors, using short cuts.

With the wool strip off, fold it in half, then cut it at the half way mark.

You'll end up with 2 strips.

Step 2: Glue Down.

Apply a length of rubber cement to the woollen strip, on the hide side.
Carefully place the strip inside the moccasin to one side and press down in place.

Apply the second strip on the other side.

Step 3: Done. Happy Feet.

The glue will set quickly and your re-vamped moccasins are ready to use.



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That's a great way to keep them in use longer and they still look good even after you cut away some of the decorative wool from the ankle area.

Thanks for looking in and commenting. Appreciate it!

Yeah. The heels are where mine always wear out too. Thanks for the tip.

Just trying to get more mileage out of these, especially over winter.