In this guide i will show you how to put any ammo in your nerf blaster.

Step 1: Spray...

Give each dart a 2-3 second burst of Good old WD40 including the heads.

Step 2: Test!

And test! you should get some decent distance from this mod.

Happy shooting!
for some reason i doubt this working, very creative though i guess lol, you could just replace the tips of the darts though.
This Does Actually work as i have played in multiple nerf wars using this setup, as i have a large collection of whistler darts. on youtube there is thihs guy who has modded the inside of his recon to fit his darts, but this is one hell of a lot easier.
lol that guy on youtube must be pretty stupid..
not really, he can pick up any dart shot by anyone and can put it in his gun without taking out some wd-40 and spraying it.
He would still have to spray other peoples darts unless they were streamllines. It probably wouldn't be a good idea to be spraying wd-40 all over the place anyway, and i'm sure its slowly corroding the darts.
i must say, this is brilliant, i didnt think of this, and i'm a bike repair man
hold crap it works! it shot in my alpha trooper
I'm skeptical, but I will reserve judgement until later, when I find my gun.
i have expanded on this mod, and it does not work in stampede clips, or raider drums, only in the standard 6 round clips, and works with whistlers, taggers and suction darts.
Cool. They'll work in my stefan made recon and longshot.

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