Get Songs Off the 'Net





Introduction: Get Songs Off the 'Net

For dial-up guys (like me), this is an free, easy, super awesome lo-fi (aka sound quality not the best) way to get songs of the internet.

Step 1: Materials

*NOTE* THIS IS NOT DOWNLOADING (but probably still illegal).
This is sound recording only, no visuals.

Any song from any where on the internet, can be a music video, a song, whatever
Computer w/ speakers
Internet access
Sound recording software (a cheap one, which I'll be using comes pre-installed)

Step 2: Get Started

Multitasking time....

While loading a song (I'm doing the Raconteurs' "Steady As She Goes"), open the sound recording software. Without plugging the microphone in, press record so the sound recorder just records dead air. You do this to lengthen the time you can record. The Raconteurs song is 3:55 mins long, so I'll do the dead air record 4 times to give it enough room to record the entire song.

Step 3: Record

Get rid of any outside noises; it's best to do this at night when no one is awake.

Plug in the microphone. Set your speaker balance to one speaker (either left or right). Place the microphone near the balanced-to speaker. The distance from the speaker depends on your mircrophone/speaker; mine will probably be .5 - 1.5 in away.

Since the the recording software has time over the song, start the recorder and then, as quickly as possible, start the song.

Be very, very quiet while the song records.

Step 4: Finish and Disclaimer

Congratulations! You've recorded a song! Enjoy!

*DISCLAIMER* This instructables is for informational purposes only. Pirating music IS ILLEGAL! The RIAA and/or the FCC will have your head on a platter if they catch you. "Steady as She Goes" is copyrighted by the Raconteurs. Please don't blame me if you get in trouble (I mean its cool if you do, but if you try to sue me for getting you in trouble, I'll point to this disclaimer and say "PWND!!!")



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Questions & Answers


most computers alow you to record directly from what is called the "Stereo Mix". Using free software like Audacity (google it) you can record pretty decent quality, since you bypass having to output the sound first, the pick it up. the stereo mix recording gives you the same quality sound as what goes into your speakers. also, as tyeo098 said, you can take a standard (headphone size) audio cable, and directly connect the output to the input, however, you have to be careful, and disable soundcard playthrough (where the computer plays any sounds heard by the microphone) or you'll get potentially sound card destroying interference. -Z

I am just doing about this, find it is much easier to get songs from net with audacity and other recording tools. I am just wondering whether you will wean off illegal.

Haha how is this still getting comments? Oh and for the record, I've upgraded my methods, so it's all good!

try using orbit down loader.........

dude there are easier ways

I used to do this a whole bunch, but then I bought Audio Hijack Pro, check it out sometime.

This is probably the most inefficient way to accomplish this. With all sound cards and with most integrated sound cards, an option will be available to record EXACTLY what your computer hears, with no middleman. For example, my card shows it as "Stereo Output", others see "What You Hear". Just download audacity (a great free audio editor), and set the source to stereo output or whatever, then hit record. Exactly what comes through your speakers will be recorded.

Not illegal? awesome!

Still very illegal if you distribute it over file sharing/internet, Sell or give it away on CD, or anything else. By the way, the way you do it is stupid. I'll post one that works better.