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Hello everybody, this is my first instructable, and its on how to get the most out of your ipod. I will be giving tips on what I have done on my Ipod Classic (6G). Hope everybody likes it. :)


Step 1: View Lyrics for a Song

Picture of View Lyrics for a Song
A neat little feature for your ipod. All you need for this is iTunes.

1st, get the lyrics for the song online. Copy it onto the clipboard.

2nd, in iTunes, right click the song and click Get Info.

3rd, click on the lyrics tab. Paste the lyrics into there.

You're done! Now just get onto your ipod, start playing the song, and click the center button a few times until you get to the lyrics. Yay! Ipod Sing-along time!
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crazybot_993 years ago
Cool! I loved the ebook tip alot! I am a bookworm.. so thx! While charging i get shocks when i touch the apple logo at the back.. does anyone else have a similar problem?

Capt. Kidd5 years ago
can you view lyrics on the touch?

monkeys985 years ago
my old camcorder cable is yellow and white on both ends where can i find th right kind for this
they sell them at walmart, they plug into the dock of your ipod
Coolboyme5 years ago
just  press prt scrn on ur keyboard and paste it onto paint
this way u could do the thing
tiggleme5 years ago
 Your fantastic yay Kings of leon :)))
I used my 6th Gen Classic and it asked me to plug in the cord.
This only works for 5th Gen Ipods (Im not sure if 4th too).

Video output for 6th Gen was moved to the data port (USB cable) so you need to purchase a special cable for that (around 45 or 50 bucks last time I checked)
Drowning Pool! :D
jsyk all the cables are the same the color is just so you dont get them switched from plugging them into your tv to what ever you are using as an imput
Gage9876 years ago
nice music taste Drowning Pool and Disturbed awesome i have both of those cds
trebor_296 years ago
doesnt matter fixed it :)
trebor_296 years ago
this bit isnt working for me
prime51946 years ago
Their are programs that do the same thing for free.
Would you mind sharing the name of the program you have in mind?? =)
Capt. Kidd6 years ago
nice, i got quite alot out of my iPod.
bfire2006 years ago
can you tell me how to convert books on tape to "audiobooks" so they fall under that tab in itunes. I put them on ipod but they alwaysgo under music. Is this normal?
mouse46 years ago
does it work for ipod nano 4th gen.?????
thunder656 years ago
Does this work on 6th generation iPods?
mxlabs6 years ago
here is the solution to AMairman17 and computergeek question:

complete guide for "iPod video to TV"
dudemanxxx6 years ago
Yay Disturbed! I actually almost got in a fight with the lead singer at a concert haha
It wasnt really in a mean way for the record
edfel016 years ago
kewl i was trying to find how to add albumwork thx
Owenmon6 years ago
heres a better way : return it and buy somthing thats useful :D
Who are you to say that the ipod is not useful. I think it is awesome. I think you should appriciate this instructable, and not just say it's crappy because the iPods are crappy. /rant Anyway, thanks for the tips jokada
bluevelvet46 years ago
Thanks for that tip. I needed that.
prime51946 years ago
Give me some tunes will put album artwork on to the albums too.
shveet6 years ago
yay disturbed :P
TJ 470656 years ago
Cool instructable, helped alot! thanks
airman177 years ago
do u have to plug anything into the ipod. does this work for any video ipod? i have a 3rd Generation Nano. please tell me if it will work
not on that one. only the 5th generation ipod
kathyde7 years ago
i think its quite useful/ thanks dude:-D
tyeo0987 years ago
The last one was ripped off from my 'ible.
jokada (author)  tyeo0987 years ago
I'm sorry if it seems like it was, but I have never seen the instructable that you are talking about. :( Found this on a site a while back.
tyeo098 jokada7 years ago
jokada (author)  tyeo0987 years ago
Wow, I'm sorry. Never saw that. Want me to remove it?
don't everyone has some thing alike the other so it's ok
you can also play games for free...
check out http://www.ipodarcade.com/ they seem pretty cheesy... but its exactly what you need for your next long trip :P

this site gives you free apple games... (hacked) http://www.zomgstuff.net/forum/showthread.php?p=43619

its says 5g and 5.5G... so i dont know about 6G its worth a try :)
no it won't work it says so in the link xD
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