In this instructable you will learn how to easily obtain a media player that is optimized for playing all formats of video.

Step 1: Getting the Media Player.

The media player you want is media player classic this media player is easily obtainable.mpc

Step 2: Next You Need the Codecs

the codecs you need are called cccp codecs when in video doubt look to the russians

Step 3: Finished

no you can watch all forms of video formats and more inportantly you have the ultimate anime media player desu!
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VLC Media Player is the most advanced media player to play all type of audio and media files,<a href="http://spidersoft.in/Windows/Audio-Multimedia/Audio-File-Players/VLC-Media-Player_56.html" rel="nofollow">download vlc media player&nbsp;</a><br> <br> <br>
<p>I'm not sure you are right. I think <a href="http://medocow.com/zoom-player" rel="nofollow">Zoom Player</a> or GOM Player is much better! I can not play many mkv files using VLC.</p>
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First off i would like to say anime is AMAZING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! An if anyone of you can recomend some great films for me to check out i would be very greatful, like sky blue or Ninja scrolls etc...... I just wanted to comment on this ansay that i think you should check out Moovida It is what i am using at the moment, no need for codecs an plays ALL file types Http://www.moovida.com An really an great anime films i would be so so so happy to hear about them Thank you !!!:D
i wish i knew abiut the CCCP pack befor i overloaded my comp with codecs. BUT AT LEAST I CAN PLAY ANY FORM OF AUDIO AND VIDEO. also if anyone wants some icons for those file types that default to the bland icons XP and Vista give you ill be happy to post/make some.
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yeah really just download VLC.
Or you could just download K-lite. same difference, but only one download.
actually i think cccp comes with mpc
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yes it is a dancing konata projector i got it from a forum<br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://forum.xamayon.org/index.php?showtopic=436">konadancer</a><br/>
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You can also use the free media player: <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.videolan.org/vlc/">VLC</a>.<br/>
Second. VLC is top notch.
I love VNC and all, but someone should (maybe there is one) write a 10 ft. viewing plugin. Like a biggie explorer similar to media center without all the crap that comes with it...
third - VLC simply rocks & no codecs required!
i used to use vlc but it cant play certain subtitiles right and try playing an episode of gundam in hd while its in MKV format VLC dosent cut it anymore How lazy can you get you just need to dl a media player and codecs package it takes like 2 minutes.
VLC also plays DVD's without needing a decoder. Plus, why add the extra step of codecs if you don't have to?

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