Get Wax Out of Carpet





Introduction: Get Wax Out of Carpet


You spilled some wax, and it's not even your carpet. Whether from burning candles or making your own lip balm, getting wax on the rug is a major bummer. Plus it means someone's going to be pretty ticked at you, and you definitely won't be getting your deposit back.

Maybe you've tried scraping, soaking, or even cutting out the offending wax stain. But I'm here to show you a much faster, simpler, gentler way to treat your wax-soaked fibers.

And yeah, this works with your clothes too!

Step 1: Gather Your Weapons

To tackle this wax, we need some serious artillery!

  • Paper towel
  • Iron

Well, that's it actually.

Step 2: Remove That Blotch!

You've probably figured out the rest by now!

But if you're need some help piecing it together, don't worry! That's why I'm here.

Heat your iron to an appropriate setting for the fibers of your carpet.
If you're in an industrial space, it's probably got a lot of polyester or plastic or some such thing in it, and the highest setting is going to melt those fibers! (Don't worry Eric, I totally didn't do that . . . It's fine. Really. Just trust me!) So set it as high as it can go without doing more damage!

Place your paper towel over the offending stain, and apply the iron to the towel. Let it sit for a few seconds, and check out the towel. If you've got a bunch of wax marks on the towel already, reposition it.

Repeat these steps until all of the wax has been absorbed by your paper towel.

Step 3: Revel in the Miracle You've Just Performed

And don't tell your boss/Mom/landlord!



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    My girlfriend drank 2 bottles of prosecco and put her finger in the candle to make a little river of wax down the side, which went all over our carpet. She cried a bit, then we saw this tip and it saved our relationship! Thank you internet.

    Just moved into an apartment. Brand new carpet, but there was still a funky smell in the bedroom closet, so I lit a vanilla candle and let it work for a while. Went to move it to a different location and spilled wax. It was a small spot, but greasy on my brand new carpet.
    Luckily I found this. Used paper towels and an iron on "2" setting, and finished up with carpet cleaner.
    The spot is gone. Thank you.

    As an alternative--if you happen to have a heat gun in your toolbox/garage you can simply warm the wax and dab at it with paper towel/rags once it heats up a little. I would imagine a hair dryer on a high setting might work too, but maybe take a few extra minutes. I just cleaned a fairly large stain this way, took all of 10 minutes. I put the heat gun on a low-medium setting, somewhere in the 350-400' range, on regular household carpet. Big red wax stain on cream carpet--totally gone, and wax had hardened overnight.

    Thank you !!!! Just spilled 6 oz of wax on my new living room carpet. This method worked amazingly. Easy and Fast.

    I managed to knock a pillar candle that had been burning for hours (so about a half cup of wax) onto a thick, nubbly cable knit wool carpet. This technique got every bit of wax out. If it works for that it will work for anything.

    I knocked over a full wax melter on my bedroom carpet. It's green and smells really good, but I can't have wax on my floor, soo

    I don't have an iron so I'm slowly using my 1" barrel curling iron and it works really well!

    Stupid question but how do I know when its gone from melted wax to just a wet spot on my shirt? Dark green shirt with virtually colorless wax (It just had to be sugar cookie!)

    I spill wax on my carpet at a place i rent i will try anything to get the wax up only thing i dont hve an iron so im gonna use a poy of boiling water cant hurt but jope it works tho. My fault i need to fix this

    Sry suppose to be a pot of hot water nd hope it works out