Getting Your Music Back! Transfering iPod to iTunes in Windows

Picture of Getting Your Music Back! Transfering iPod to iTunes in Windows
Don't settle with Apple's silly protections! Copy music back from any regular iPod into iTunes easily!

I don't think there is any possible way that your iPod or computer could be damaged using this method, but if anything does become damaged or broken I cannot be held responsible. Use this information at your own risk. Never disconnect your iPod when transferring or synchronizing!
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Step 1: Plug in that iPod

Picture of Plug in that iPod
Connect the USB cord from your iPod to your computer. Close or minimize iTunes if it starts up by itself.

Step 2: Get the music to your computer.

Click Start > My Computer > "Your iPod", then in the explorer menu click Tools > Folder Options then click the View tab. Make sure 'Show hidden files and folders' is selected'. Click OK.

Find the Music folder, it's inside iPod_Control

Drag and drop the Music folder to your desktop. Wait for it to transfer. It may take awhile, make sure you have enough disk space!

Once it's done copying, right click the folder, go to properties, and make sure 'Hidden' is unchecked.

Congratulations the music is now on your PC! Next we're going to get it into iTunes.

Step 3: Import your music into iTunes.

Picture of Import your music into iTunes.
Make sure that your iTunes is started.

Now, there are two paths.

If your iTunes is set to automatically copy and sort music for you [recommended]:
1. Drag and Drop the Music folder from your desktop into iTunes and wait for it to copy. Make sure you have enough disk space before doing this because your will eat up 2x the disk space temporarily!
2. Delete the Music folder off the desktop. It's no longer needed.

If your iTunes is set so that the user copies and sorts music:
1. Move the Music folder into your preferred directory.
2. Drag and drop the new music into your iTunes.
mbakker22 years ago
so i tried this and it just said my itouch is a camera. how do i make it take my music instead of my pictures?
NativeSs2 years ago
I cant get music into itunes... any ideas?
Scytheon34 years ago
Or you could just right click on your Ipod in itunes and press "Transfer Purchases" transfering any songs not on your computer into Itunes
you can also download Sharepod, its free and open source. It even will find and help you delete those songs that are on an ipod, but don't show up on itunes, and allow you to transfer any music from any ipod to your music library( in case you "lost the CD" <wink wink>
cool!5 years ago
Here is a tip: don't use iTunes on Windows. It looks good, but performs horribly and does not support many file types. I would go with winamp or Songbird.
Kuhan cool!5 years ago
Here's a better tip: Don't use Windows lol.
cool! Kuhan5 years ago
I agree, but I am stuck with a PC because it was about 400 bucks cheaper. So right now I am using Ubuntu and windows.
Kuhan cool!5 years ago
I'd like to use Ubuntu or even OSx86, but I've only got 2 gigs of space left...
Kulawend (author)  Kuhan5 years ago
I also use Ubuntu, it's fast, reliable, free, open sourced, and just works.
baneat Kulawend5 years ago
Nice to see you have totally bought their advertisement slogan. Too bad it doesn't "just work" it ends with most people having to enter hundreds of sudo commands to get a freaking DVD to play in their computer.
cool! baneat4 years ago
 sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras =D
Ubuntu/Lynix is great if you like to compile any and all drivers/software, Here I thought Plyg N Pray was bad...
This is FUD.

You DO NOT need to compile (except in rare cases) drivers/software where the manufacturer does not provide support for Linux (in the same way that when XP was introduced some manufacturers did not provide drivers for their products, likewise when Vista was introduced there were problems with some HP printers).

Installing software is as easy as opening the program manager, ticking a box and clicking OK.
cool! kwacka4 years ago
 True, Ubuntu has great driver support. First boot a window will open telling you what to install.
Ubuntu's main strength is that it comes with most of the software you need. Thought I agree, compiling drivers can suck if your computer hardware is rare.
aspir8or Kuhan4 years ago
Try DSL ( you can run it off a usb stick (under 50Mb) or install to hard drive.
Nice to see that Windows hasn't totally taken over......

Whats happening in the Schools==== School System:
Windows--"We'll give you a big discount on a six hundred dollar OS that you need 6 hundred of.
Linux-- "OK, let me see... 6 hundred?.... OK that comes to a total of sixty dollars for all of them"..........
or free isf they use Edubuntu, which is specifically for schools. we have a couple machines running it at our school, it is AWESOME!
Cool!!!! I was going off of a distro that only cost for the CD.
i have endless problems with linux, it is so complicatedi have tried soooo many different ways of putting it on my USB drive. none of them work. Terminal is stupid. windowsjust works, whereas you need to spend ages to get it towork and it isnt very good anyway. ahhh, nice to add a bit of controversy to a anti-windowscommunity.
cool! collard415 years ago
Well, here is what I have found: Sure, Windows just works, but to get it to work well enough to be ever Comparable to Linux, it has to be tweaked and customized to hell and back. I Have trying to optimize Windows for years, and my version is still sucky compared to straight off the disc Ubuntu. Again, this is just my opinion, I don't want to sound mean. P.S. have you tried an Ubuntu live CD? Ubuntu's "Big Thing" is to be simple and come with most of the stuff you need. I might be better to install linux onto a computer before booting it off a USB drive, which can be annoying to figure out. P.S.S Good luck!
collard41 cool!5 years ago
thats the first thing i tried, the live boot thing worked but theni couldnt install it to my Flash drive, after following many i'blesand web guides, but none of them work. i am currently rying toinstall puppy linux onto a pen drive. and i struggle to understandTerminal commands, but i do know BASIC and batch and MS-DOS.i have a very old laptop that i would like to put linux on. i think i amgoing to put ubuntu on it.thanks for the help though.
cool! collard415 years ago
Ubuntu might be too much for an old laptop. i had success putting Mepis Lite on my friend's old laptop.
Kulawend (author)  collard415 years ago
Some motherboards do not have the ability to boot from a USB device. You might want to check inside your system BIOS and see if you can boot from your flash device.
Kulawend (author)  collard415 years ago
Sure, there are a few Linux distributions that are very difficult to set up, and many are more difficult then Windows, but what do you get in the long haul? You get performance, reliability, and flexibility all in a package with a price tag that's hard to argue with - free.
windows comes free with a computer, so price is not an issue, you say linux has reliability,but you often have to spend ages trying to get it to work, and does not always work. i justtried Live USB and as i downloaded it it said that there was a python error. how unreliable isthat. the first thing i try and download doesnt work. i dont think that is reliability for dont get a warranty, so if it goes wrong you cant get anyone to help you. at least with windows they will repair if it goes wrong.
I'd like to correct something. A computer doesn't come with a free windows, The price of windows is just added on to the total price. I would know, My laptop came with Xandros Linux and cost $400, instead of the $600 identical Laptop that came with windows.
Kulawend (author)  collard415 years ago
Windows does indeed come with most computers, this is true, but what makes you think it's free? Part of the price you're paying for the computer is for windows and part of that price for windows pays for the support that Microsoft offers. You can pay to get support for Linux if you really want it, or you can simply receive free support from the many forums and IRC channels that are packed full of experience. I'm not trying to make you use Linux, so if you like windows more feel free to use it all you want.
I guess you just aren't the Linux type. Don't feel bad, you're among the majority. --"There are only 10 types of people in the world, Those who know binary and those who don't..."
Lol I love that binary thing.
id like to use linux, but ive had so many problems withit that i cant use it
That's Cool. Like I said, don't feel bad. I often have problems with certain distros of Linux. If you would like to get to know Linux better start with a free online tutorial. Just Google it.
Kulawend (author)  mattameo2135 years ago
Believe it or not but you can actually get Ubuntu CD's shipped to you for free.
Where I live, Microsoft and other major computer companies donate computers or give really good deals because the school board buys stuff in bulk, but I see what your point is.
I never thought to do that! Now I can get a song from my friend's ipod and put it on my itunes. I don't really need to, but i'm just sayin.
hurtzmyhead5 years ago
dosent work on my iTouch
iPod Touch not iTouch
who really cares? does it really matter what you call it
Yes, it does matter!
i agree with fraggature, i HATE it when epople say itouch

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