Picture of Get Your Sticker Up Higher
Tired of putting stickers only as high as you can reach? Then make this simple device for under $20 that lets you put stickers up over 10 feet high on a wall. When you're done it collapses down and can be stored away.
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Step 1: Get your gear

Picture of Get your gear
The main tools you need can be found at a hardware store.

Here's the full list:
- 2' to 4' extendable pole. ~$8
- paint edger ~$4
- Two paperclips or a section of bendable wire
- Stickers you want to put up high

Original idea by Flower Guy.

Step 2: Bend your paperclips

Picture of Bend your paperclips
Bend your paperclips so that they roughly match the image below. This is not an exact science and paperclips are cheap so relax and just bend it.

Step 3: Hooking the paperclips

Picture of Hooking the paperclips
You'll want to hook each paperclip under the plastic rollers on top of the edger. This secures the paperclip in place. Or it will be after the next step.

Step 4: Pull paperclip towards the middle

Picture of Pull paperclip towards the middle
With the rest of the paperclip bent in front of the edger, pull it in and down so that the paperclip gets snug. Repeat this and the last step for the other roller so both paperclips are in place

You can also use one longer piece of wire that snakes through both rollers. I did that for a while and then when I lost it while out and about once I switched to readily available paperclips and have stuck with them.

Step 5: Put the edger on the pole

Picture of Put the edger on the pole
Simple enough. Just screw it on.

Step 6: Place the sticker

Picture of Place the sticker
Peel off the sticker from the backing and put it so that the sticky side is facing out and the sticker is underneath the paperclips.

Now, make sure the sticker is aligned and press it against the paperclips. It doesn't need to be a strong connection, just strong enough. After all, the real target is the wall.

Step 7: Get ready to stick

Picture of Get ready to stick
Extend the pole, hold the handle, and reach out to where you want the sticker to be.
+1 Great post, and great way to apply a sticker with out getting your hands dirty. A few things that are worth mentioning are that high places are usually very dusty, so use extra polyurethane or adhesive spray in addition to adhesive sticker backing. The shureline edger fits the postal sticker size perfectly, and postal stickers can be easily acquired in mass quantities for free (although they are not as good as vinyl). With rectilinear stickers the paper clips can get trapped beneath the sticker when pressed against a surface, this creates a air pocket or crease that can eventual peal the sticker away. Heres two photo of my remedy for this.
Note: using those stickers is a felony now.
on the usps website you can order those stickers i have 1000 of them in my room there free!
what sticker are you talking about? i want free stickers too!
Don't they charge you for shipping?
no s/h charge on free boxes
There is a reason that they are a writer's favorite. The new one's have more writing space too.
I've used the Priority Mail Address Label, here's the link. There's a way people get a roll that can be fed into a certain type of printer. Also check out there free flat rate boxes for mailing ebay stuff.
Nice modification. I haven't used this for stickers that big, but it does look like it helps.
ilpug3 years ago
This is pretty legit, but I have seen something better done by a street artist I know.

Get a pole and paint edger a shown above, instead of the paper clips, put a microfiber cloth or a big piece of static-cling wrap on the face. Then, all you need to do is peel your sticker, place it face down on the staticky face, then place it. If the static surface needs recharging, rub it with a dry towel or another piece of microfiber. This is superior to Fungus' design because it does not use paperclips. Paperclips clipped behind the sticker, like shown here, can create wrinkles in the sticker, which make stickers fail. This is especially true when the sticker is outside and the wrinkles open on top of the sticker, because water will peel the sticker from the wall.

That said, Fungus' design will work perfectly well too, it just might be a little harder to get used to using.
it doesn't appear as though the link for these usps stickers is still working for me could someone check it out?
kraM7 years ago
Very cool.. nice job.
=SMART=7 years ago
excellent idea, something like this has ben festering in the back of my mind for some time but it never became a reality. now it has!
jpix7 years ago
Thats brilliant!!! A new tool for my arsenal.
darkmuskrat7 years ago
Sweet XP
Brennn107 years ago
Very intuitive! This is definitely a weekend project for me. Maybe I can get the stickers onto the chair lift poles with this.
jknight7 years ago
Sweet! Now I will be able to stick my instructables stickers where nobody can get to them and take them down!
gmjhowe7 years ago
perfect for getting the stickers on road signs, and lamposts!!! Nice job!
Cool! Now I can get those Instructables stickers up high. +1 rating.