Get a STRONGER Brew from your My Kcup

I love my Keurig Coffee Maker and if you are like me you probably enjoy experimenting with other non prepackaged coffee blends that aren't available in KCup form. That is where the "My KCup" accessory comes into play. For those unfamiliar, it allows one to brew a cup of their favorite coffee blends without needing to buy them in KCup form (if they are even available). Unfortunately the My KCup in my opinion brews a rather weak cup of coffee compared to it's pre-manufactured counterpart. Rest easy! I have found a fix that doesn't cost a dime! All you need is a "USED" KCup. Follow along. I have photos attached in order to make it easier to follow.
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Step 2: Start Destruction

First we need to remove the foil lid of the used KCup using your scissors, knife or fingers. We don't need this to be perfect as we will be cutting the top off a bit when we are finished.

Step 3: Yuck

Once the foil top is removed we now have access to the used coffee grounds and filter. We want to remove these with our fingers and or a pair of scissors. Again this doesn't have to be perfect yet.

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rscheffrin3 years ago
A good K-cup to use is a hot chocolate one, because there aren't any grounds in them after the brewing process. That way you shouldn't have much to clean out of the inside.
gojimi (author)  rscheffrin3 years ago
Great Tip! There are a few different brands and flavors that are like that without even a filter I believe.
notsodopey3 years ago
I am probably being too cynical but I wonder if the engineers knew how to get a stronger brew but got trumped by the marketers or top management. After all, if we users can't get a good tasting brew from the provided KCup method what do we do; we go back to the (high profit) cartridges offered by Keurig. Hmmmm

Great solution - and it doesn't cost a cent!!
I had the same thought @notsodopey... Excellent instructables @gojimi
My wife and I love our Keurigs. Se has ordered the new and improved My K-Cup which is supposed to address the weaker brew issue but I'll be keeping this Instructable in my back pocket in case it's just hype.

The new one does not work any better than the old. My husband keeps complaining! Right now I am happy with the k cups themselves because they are so much less expensive than star$s he used to pickup on the weekend (and he's not buying us the treats they sell!). But this fix, great as it is, does not seem to work with the new "My K-Cup" at all. Back to the drawing table. Maybe foil inside the thing with some holes.

@ notsodopey I see your point but I disagree. I believe it is poor design on the part of Keurig R&D. I think most of us here would simply leave the keurig if we couldn't get a satisfying cup of joe at a fair price.
In fact, the tip about lowering the gasket is something that shouldn't and wouldn't be necessary if Keurig gave a crap about it's target market.
Yup. Exactly what I was thinking!!!
pnowell119 days ago

I tried this with tea since that the beverage I drink and it worked great. I hate weak tea and this works great. Thanks for posting this tip.

Uhh... once again, I'm finding a life hack where someone is using plastic and heat. Granted, K-Cups are SUPPOSED to be safe for use, but re-use? I don't know about that. If you compare this with milk or water jugs, they're indicated for a maximum of one reuse. After that they leech plastic into the liquid you put in them, and that is with cold liquids! I'm scared to think that K-Cups might leech plastic from the first use, but it might be that they leech after a second or third use. Who has info on the safety of reusing K-Cups? In the life hacker "culture" as it were, people seem to have a tendency to just grab stuff and off they go to do whatever, seemingly without any real knowledge of how safe or unsafe what they're doing is much of the time. Who has actually done homework on this? Take care and be safe!

If you are worried about plastic leaching, I would recommend the Ekobrew Elite stainless steel reusable Kcup. It is 100% stainless, with the exception of a small rubber o-ring at the top. It is designed so coffee doesn't pour thrugh it as fast as the MyKCup. I tried the hack recommended in this article, but it was too messy and cumbersome. After all, you buy a Kuerig in the first place for convenience and consistancy.

According to this, there is research which demonstrates that even though the K-Cups are BPA free, there are many other chemicals that are even more bilogically active than BPA and are found in most plastics. The risks increase greatly when you apply heat. I will NOT be doing this! It simply isn't safe. As a matter of fact, I'm going to stop using the Keurig altogether. No matter what you do, using hot liquids in plastic isn't a good idea.

Interesting post. Thanks for the warning. I will research this further.

I bought my husband the Mr. Coffee version of the Keurig, along with a MyKcup, for Christmas. All I've heard since then was how weak and awful the coffee was. He went back to his old coffee maker and I had to deal with both machines taking up what little counter space we have. I was ready to get rid of the Keurig, my husband or both! Then I decided to look online to see if there was a way to fix the problem and found this indestructible. We just tried it and he now says it's the best cup of coffee he's had. You've saved my sanity and maybe even my marriage. Lol
Instructable, not indestructible. Stupid autocorrect.
davidofcalif2 months ago
My guestion is whats the correct grind ? The keurig support was worthless when i asked ! Also ralphs and san francisco bay coffee have pods that work in keurig that arent plastic

I tried this with Great Value Dark. It tastes great using the tip given here. Any drip or espresso should work very well. If you like your coffee strong make sure you buy whatever brand's "Dark". The other grinds are like passing the grinds over the water hoping to get coffee.

From what I have read the best brew is slightly finer than a drip machine, but not as fine as an espresso grind. A french press uses a much more coarse grind than a drip machine. The finer grind allows for more flavor to be extracted during the faster brewing time. That's why the french press takes so long to properly extract the flavor and oils from the larger grind.

StanK228 days ago

Thanks for the great instructable. Finally, I can have coffee strong enough to call coffee. I can't believe Keurig didn't build the my k-cup using your technology. Does it fit all Keurig models. I am using it in cuisinart with Keurig technology and it works just fine.


jmcfar1 month ago

I experimented! I took a Kcup and sliced around the inside lip of the foil top and removed. I microwave a tiny bit of water then added it to the Kcup and steeped for 2+ minutes (don't overfill.) I put the lid only of a reusable Kcup on top. Inserted into my Keurig and brew! I use a wide mouthed cup as it is not a single stream of water. It was stronger. If the experts made this product better, we wouldn't have to do this. We should send a message and take them back to the store!

Thanks for the easy tip. Worked like a charm. I did find that non-Keurig brand K cups were too shallow for the filter. The keurig brand works perfect. And for the reuse of plastics paranoia, we breath and ingest more harmful pollutants driving down the highway or jogging in the park. Worry less and love more for a long happy life.

Thanks for the thorough instructions! I tried this method and it worked a little bit, however my coffee is still a little weak. Maybe I'll just stick to the regular k cups...I'm wasting this regular coffee.

Another non-messy way is to put the kcup in the machine to make the hole and don't make a cup of coffee. Then take it apart and just dump the dry coffee grounds out.

itsmedanita3 months ago

I tried this and it didn't work so well because my all in one k-cup
filter is a one piece number. (I already clean out used k-cups after I
buy them for recycling.) The reusable filter was too simply too large to fit inside. I did find that pre-ground coffee works better than grinding my own, even though the coffee looks the same. I think I'll stop being so lazy and go
back to the used k-cup and muslin filter and see if that works better. I hate that I have wasted so much very good coffee.

Pamela Myers5 months ago

Great directions, but seems like a lot of extra work. An alternative way Instead would be to just peel off the top of the used K-Cup, and carefully rinse out the K-Cup leaving filter in, and taking care not to damage the filter. Then put in your favorite coffee, and cover the top with a doubled piece of tin foil (smooth it so it lays flat on the sides.) Plop is back in the regular K-Cup dispenser and enjoy a stronger cup of coffee. I tried it, and it works great. Question I have not answered yet is how many holes in the bottom of the plastic K-Cup will be too many before it stops working sufficiently . I'll keep doing it and let you all know.

ht2ma28 months ago

Great instructable! I am intrigued by this approach, however, we have found the reusable filter to be a pain to clean. We purchased some of the paper filters but discovered the paper "lid" that is attached to them did not seem to work with the alternate cup holder due to the lack of a hole in the middle. I tried them again after making my own hole and that worked OK but was also a pain. I am thinking of trying this system but substituting the paper filter without the lid for the reusable filter to see what happens. Thanks for the info!

gymdandee1 year ago
This was great! Thanks!!
SharryG3 years ago
i am just stupid i guess.... but do you still use the filter??
Yeah, I too missed adding the "basket" in step 7. The coffee splattered and I ended up with coffee grounds in my coffee. Although, the coffee did taste better! Nonetheless, you are genius gojimi! I was seriously considering selling or writing Keurig due to MUCH disappointment with the coffee . . . and I've tried so many of the Kcups. Not impressed with any of them really. Question for you - what is your favorite kind of coffee?
gojimi (author)  SharryG3 years ago
Yes you still use the black plastic and metal mesh filter. Your coffee grounds go in there. You then place it inside the my kcup body with modified used kcup already inserted as shown in step 6 and 7. Enjoy!
Yes =)
MaXoR SharryG3 years ago
Stupidity is doing something and knowing better, your simply ignorant, please don't feel that is an insult from me, I'm being literal. You literally don't know... so don't feel stupid!

Have a great day to!
a simple yes or no answer is more respectful
I think so, too.... thanks!
Yeah, I too missed adding the "basket" in step 7. The coffee splattered and I ended up with coffee grounds in my coffee. Although, the coffee did taste better! Nonetheless, you are genius gojimi! I was seriously considering selling or writing Keurig due to MUCH disappointment with the coffee . . . and I've tried so many of the Kcups. Not impressed with any of them really. Question for you - what is your favorite kind of coffee?
VLK201 year ago
THANK YOU! This "fix" worked perfectly!
Thanks gojimi, this works very well.
Diellec1 year ago
Okay, so I have tried several methods of getting a stronger cup of coffee. Some I read here and some I've read other places. So far, my best experiment has been this: grind my favorite starbucks coffee in my coffee grinder making it a fine grind, reuse a k-cup after rinsing it out (the filter stays in). Pack the coffee tight into the K-cup then use a small double round of foil over top and sealed around edge. Brew and enjoy.... much better.
stoweshow1 year ago
Thanks for this clever and easy tip! I've also been unsatisfied with the weak coffee from our Keurig. One time saver tip I can add: Not all K-cup containers are the same dimensions. The first used K-cup I cut was from a Twinings tea and discovered that the bottom of the tea container is more narrow than K-cup containers for coffee. The tea containers are too narrow at the bottom and don't allow the mesh filter to fit all the way inside. I took a glance at the other K-cups that we have right now and it seems that all of the tea containers are more narrow while coffee and hot chocolate are a bit wider. I hope that will save someone else some time and confusion. Thanks again!
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