Get a STRONGER Brew from your My Kcup


Step 7: Brew me a Cup of Joe!

Picture of Brew me a Cup of Joe!
This is how to assemble our new little modification. 

Insert the white plastic shell into the My KCup Body as we did in the test fit of the previous step. 

Then Fill your Basket with coffee grounds (I have found two mostly level tablespoons to be the optimal amount of grounds).

Place the lid on top and lock it in place and brew as usual.  Then "Enjoy your Stronger Brew!"

You can also play around with making your own holes in the bottom of an UNused KCup using a needle or pin to find the right setup for you.  But I find the used KCup hole to be as close to simulating an actual KCup brew.  I am not sure why Keurig's engineers didn't come to this conclusion on their own.  It stands to reason that a self filled KCup should brew in a similar way to an actual KCup.

rscheffrin4 years ago
A good K-cup to use is a hot chocolate one, because there aren't any grounds in them after the brewing process. That way you shouldn't have much to clean out of the inside.
bzcityboy made it!4 months ago

As a former Starbucks barista, I can tell everyone that there is a great importance to the grind texture of your coffee of choice. The grind is part of the Java Holy Trinity, which is grind, water, and roast. All three are required to get a proper extraction regardless to your brewing vessel. In my case, I still love Starbucks Cafe Verona. After many years, it's my go to coffee blend that I compare all others.

The gold filter provided by Keurig is not a flat-bottom filter (requiring a #7 grind) nor is it a cone-shape filter (requiring a #5 grind). It's somewhat in between, so this is why I asked my neighborhood Starbucks barista to grind my purchased coffee on a #6.

I now had my Java Holy Trinity in place (proper grind, purified water, and quality coffee); however, I was very disappointed with the coffee extraction that "My KCup" promised. The result was rather weak in flavor and color. Initially, I assumed that my barista didn't correctly grind my coffee or that they needed to recalibrate their instore coffee grinder.

[side note: a coffee grinder needs to be calibrated more often than one would think and is actually done. Keep this in mind when you use a courtesy coffee grinder supplied by a local grocery or warehouse-type store.]

Before I got into my car to have my coffee replaced and correctly ground; I thought I should check my Keurig instructions once more to see if they recommended a specific grind. To my (snarky) surprise, it didn't. So I googled it. This was the first site I visited for a solution to my coffee problem and it worked!!!

So, in short, I tip my coffee filter in the author's general direction; good job!!

I hope my comment helps others too. Ciao for now!

sbudesheim5 months ago

I'm looking forward to trying this out. Just got a My K Cup and was a little worried that the coffee wouldn't be as good. I'm so glad that I'll be able to use different coffees again-- I didn't like the Gevalia K-cups, but Gevalia in this might work for me!

notsodopey4 years ago
I am probably being too cynical but I wonder if the engineers knew how to get a stronger brew but got trumped by the marketers or top management. After all, if we users can't get a good tasting brew from the provided KCup method what do we do; we go back to the (high profit) cartridges offered by Keurig. Hmmmm

Great solution - and it doesn't cost a cent!!
I had the same thought @notsodopey... Excellent instructables @gojimi
My wife and I love our Keurigs. Se has ordered the new and improved My K-Cup which is supposed to address the weaker brew issue but I'll be keeping this Instructable in my back pocket in case it's just hype.
lifesart jpines7 months ago

The new one does not work any better than the old. My husband keeps complaining! Right now I am happy with the k cups themselves because they are so much less expensive than star$s he used to pickup on the weekend (and he's not buying us the treats they sell!). But this fix, great as it is, does not seem to work with the new "My K-Cup" at all. Back to the drawing table. Maybe foil inside the thing with some holes.

sway notsodopey2 years ago
@ notsodopey I see your point but I disagree. I believe it is poor design on the part of Keurig R&D. I think most of us here would simply leave the keurig if we couldn't get a satisfying cup of joe at a fair price.
In fact, the tip about lowering the gasket is something that shouldn't and wouldn't be necessary if Keurig gave a crap about it's target market.
Yup. Exactly what I was thinking!!!

Thanks for the thorough instructions! I tried this method and it worked a little bit, however my coffee is still a little weak. Maybe I'll just stick to the regular k cups...I'm wasting this regular coffee.

Great directions, but seems like a lot of extra work. An alternative way Instead would be to just peel off the top of the used K-Cup, and carefully rinse out the K-Cup leaving filter in, and taking care not to damage the filter. Then put in your favorite coffee, and cover the top with a doubled piece of tin foil (smooth it so it lays flat on the sides.) Plop is back in the regular K-Cup dispenser and enjoy a stronger cup of coffee. I tried it, and it works great. Question I have not answered yet is how many holes in the bottom of the plastic K-Cup will be too many before it stops working sufficiently . I'll keep doing it and let you all know.

gymdandee1 year ago
This was great! Thanks!!
VLK202 years ago
THANK YOU! This "fix" worked perfectly!
DerekRhodes2 years ago
Thanks gojimi, this works very well.
dmhanson2 years ago
Love this! I was really frustrated with brewing my own grinds! This works just right. Thanks
teajayboy2 years ago
I purchased a Keurig B31 Mini plus coffee maker, so i could brew Starbucks coffee, since Kraft [owners of Tassimo coffee makers], and Starbucks parted company.

I immediately noticed that the Keurig makes a noticeably weaker cup of coffee, because it just dumps hot water into the k-cup. [ The Tassimo design coffee disc forces the water through metered orifices in the disc for more complete saturation of the grounds].
After making two cups of coffee i opened the k-cup and noticed that the water makes a water hole straight through instead of being disributed through the entire surface of all the coffee grounds inside the cup. I like your idea and will keep it in mind. For now i am using Disposa K-cups with 2 paper filters instead of just one, in order to restrict the flow of liquid in an attempt to get more satuaration of the coffee inside the k-cup.Also it allows me to prefill 50 cups so i dont need to bother with messy grounds on a daily basis.
If im not satisfied with that, then i will attempt to use your idea. Thanks for posting.

Roochie3 years ago
STRONGER AND EASIER CLEANING Here is hoe I achieved stronger coffee. Buy the paper filters for the keurig. 50 for 4.99 ez fill. Tear the paper flap cover off the filter. Place in yor my cup reusable strainer. Fill with coffee - fine ground. Use as you would in the my cup holder. The paper filter allows you to add a bit more coffee but more importantly slows the brewing process because the coffee steeps a bit longer. Similar to pre infusion. I roast my own beans so aim very particular and tried all sorts of filter combos this works best for mt taste which is strong coffee but not a dark roast To lclead just pop the paper filter out and discard much like a traditional drip filter
sbtm253 years ago
I was skeptical but it totally worked! I did this in combination with 'start brewing, turn off for 2 minutes, continue brewing' method to prewet the grounds. My coffee has gone from blah to kazam! Thanks so much, you made my mornings better.
RC21984 years ago
Thank you soooooooooooooooooo much....after spending all of the money I did on purchasing the machine and the KCup....I was So frustrated by this! I was told by a sales person that the only way to get a stronger brew in the KCup was to grind the coffee in the largest grind possible. This made no sense to me, but I tried it anyway (and yep, you guessed it...epic FAIL). So I'm off to try your way now! Thank you again. Great instructible!
dbell RC21983 years ago
Saleman == moron!

Finest grind possible, maybe.

I also bought a set of My-Kaps off eBay.
They let you clean out, refill, and reuse K-Cups with your own coffee.
The package insert states that most pre-packaged K-Cups use close to an Espresso grind. So for, it's working well, bit it's a little messy packing my usual amount of ground coffee into the cup.

fuzzydi3 years ago
Great! Thanks so much. Can't wait to try this!
maltesergr83 years ago
Excellent Instructable! Thank you for such detailed instructions.

Rich.3 years ago
Just a thought, instead of trying to cut free hand with scissors I just jammed the used kcup in the top of the My Kcup body and used a single edge razor blade to cut off the top using the My Kcup top as a cutting guide. That is a nice straight easy cut and then the filter and foil top all comes off at once. This mod worked great for me and improved the coffee immensely. Thanks for this instrucable!!
dashize3 years ago
Thank you and thank the other user for the gasket idea this sounds like i might actually fall in love with my kurig again, i cant see paying 60cent a kcup when i need 2 just to equal the $1 cup of coffee from McD. i love good tasting coffee on the weekend when i want to enjoy it but i need my high octane during the week to get me going!!
wow thanks i have always wished that I could make it stronger
JIMMCCRANK4 years ago
Outstanding I couldn't live without my Keurig, as a mater of fact I own 3. I even have one in my truck. This fixes my only beef with it, but now it is even more important to me. Thank you gojimi :)
That's nice but I have a lack of words for a coffee addiction, I have the machine and this fix of stronger coffee should work for me. When I get a truck...who knows LOL.
vianney4 years ago
Thanks for the awesome tutorial! I am a big Keurig fan and your right when you use the Kcup basket w/ your own coffee it doesn't quite have the brew strength/taste it should have. I'm doing this right now! ;-)