Step 7: Brew me a Cup of Joe!

This is how to assemble our new little modification. 

Insert the white plastic shell into the My KCup Body as we did in the test fit of the previous step. 

Then Fill your Basket with coffee grounds (I have found two mostly level tablespoons to be the optimal amount of grounds).

Place the lid on top and lock it in place and brew as usual.  Then "Enjoy your Stronger Brew!"

You can also play around with making your own holes in the bottom of an UNused KCup using a needle or pin to find the right setup for you.  But I find the used KCup hole to be as close to simulating an actual KCup brew.  I am not sure why Keurig's engineers didn't come to this conclusion on their own.  It stands to reason that a self filled KCup should brew in a similar way to an actual KCup.

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