Picture of Sow small seeds consistently with vibrating seeder
Planting small seeds like carrots or lettuce is a pain. I usually just broadcast them in a small area, but then they are hard to weed. I got this small red seeder years ago as a freebie with an order, but haven't used it much because you have to constantly tap it to get the seeds to flow out of the spout. Otherwise it works fine. I imagine there are other planting devices like this and they would work as well as the principle remains the same.

Attaching a pager or phone type vibrator to this seeder would make it work much better as the seeds would bounce around and create a more fluid flow out of the spout.

Scavenging an old pager or phone for a vibrator/motor would be a pain, but I found an essentially free and easy alternative. A disposable vibrating toothbrush. The one I used was an oral b pulsar, but there are other generic brands out there. If you buy one of these, you will find out the battery doesn't last as long as the bristles. But they don't make the batteries easy to replace. Once you figure out how to replace the batteries without ruining the toothbrush, it lasts a lot longer. After the brush is toast you can use the vibrating motors for nifty little projects like this.
rimar20002 years ago
dwesely (author)  rimar20002 years ago
Thanks:) This is an extremely simple ible to do, only takes about 5 minutes if you already have the toothbrush ready. But the time saved in the garden makes it well worth it.