Get a Dog to Eat(and Like) a Pill





Introduction: Get a Dog to Eat(and Like) a Pill

Today I took my english mastiff puppy to the vet and she had to take some antibiotics when we got back home, and the puppy (her name is liberty) hates pills. What to do? read on young one.

Step 1: Supplies

What you need.
Rice flour
chicken broth
small bowl

and of course
(drum roll please)

A Puppy! (who hates pills)

Step 2: No Rice Flour?

What did you say? you don't have rice flour in your kitchen? no worries
what you need

pour the rice in the blender and run it on "chop" or "blend" for about a minute.

not the finest flour but it works.

Step 3: Make It

Mix a pinch of chicken broth with approx 1 tsp of water, stir well. stir in rice flour until a paste forms (about the consistincy of grits) mix well and crush all clumps. open pill (if its a solid pill then crush with heavy knife) and mix pill powder with dough. Stir the whole thing well and add a little more water so that the consistincy is like soupy grits, pour on plate and offer to dog. Dog should start to lick it up.

Step 4: Trouble Shooting

dog doesn't like it? add a small bit of P-nut butter and mix well, dog should really like it then.



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    This is really good, but my dog's a VERY fussy eater, and the only way we can make her swallow her pills is by hiding them in the center of a piece of soft chocolate (like a piece of a mars bar) and even then she sometimes doesn't eat the chocolate!


    No offense, but are you crazy? You can kill your dog with chocolate, worse if it's dark, but don't take the chance. I can tell you love your dog, so don't do it.

    You need to check with your vet. Chocolate is poisonous to dogs (REALLY). Some dogs have more trouble with it than others (West highland white terriers) but it is poisonous to all dogs. The bad stuff in it can build up in their systems and eventually kill them. Some dogs can have an immediate reaction. Please ask your veet before you give your dog any more chocolate.

    actually, it was the vet who suggested it as it seemed the only way we could get her to take her pills. But thanks for the message. ;)

    Your vet needs to be better informed. Poor doggy. Have you tried the commercial pill pockets? Animals love them... I'm on this site to try to find a less expensive homemade alternative.

    More info on the chocolate-toxic-to-dogs issue:

    It's the theobromine that gets them. And even worse, the toxicity is cumulative. That is, the bromides don't break down in the dog's body, so the toxicity builds little by little. I hope your dog will recover.

    It actually takes a lot of chocolate to poison a dog. It would take almost 2 pounds of milk chocolate to cause concern to a 20 pound dog and the chances that your dog could eat that much without you knowing or stopping it are slim. Not to mention, if you have 2 pounds of chocolate laying around you have other issues...

    Now you claim that it the poison builds up over time. This is not true. The theobromine lasts for at most 48 hours in an average dog's system.

    So basically, if you do not give him a lot of it every day, he will be fine. Probably will just have an upset stomach.

    That being said... Dont give your dog chocolate if you can avoid it regardless of how safe it is. Worry more about the sugar than the toxicity and dont panic if your puppy eats a couple M&Ms.

    Well, we disagree about that. I have heard from multiple sources, including vets, that the toxicity from the thebromine can build up in the tissues after repeated exposure to chocolate, since the dog's system breaks it down so slowly. And while a little chocolate won't do immediate harm, other more concentrated sources, such as baker's chocolate, cacao, and high-percentage chocolate, can do more harm and kill a dog in much smaller amounts. So again - better safe than sorry!

    As far as the idea of dosing pills in soft chocolate, which was what initiated these responses, that should be out of the question.

    Hi Everyone!

    My name is Yvette and I have a pill problem, myself. My miniature Aussie has congestive heart failure and needs to take lots of pills all day. He had the pill pockets for the longest time and I had no problem. Then he turned his nose up at them. Due to his illness he needs no sodium at all and low protein to relieve the stress from his kidneys.

    So, after the pill pockets fell from grace, I went with goat cheese (very low sodium) and he loved that......for a minute.

    Now I am stuck. He takes so many pills so often each day, I really need another suggestion. I absolutely despise stuffing them down his throat.

    Thanks so much!!


    put a very small amount of peanut butter on a spoon and press the pill into it covering it with the peanut butter and let the dog lick the spoon. That's the only easy way I've found.

    A lot of pills shouldn't be broken, crushed or opened. Just stick the pill in a spoon of peanut butter, put it on half a piece of bread, and mold it into a ball. Toss it in the air and they'll catch it, likely swallowing it whole.