Introduction: Get an Extra Long Coffee Break at Your Office!

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This will allow you to etend your lunch hour by 1,5,10,15,30,45,60 mins! It fakes an install so when the boss looks in it says installing!

Step 1: Works Like Charm!

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1. Install Coffee Time
2. Run It and put in a program to be installed, pick a time frame, add in install text, hit start!
3. Enjoy a long coffee break!

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cyberfux (author)2009-07-31

Wouldn't work in my office for 2 reason: 1. We use Linux and 2. I'm the f*cking boss ;-) And i don't give a sh*t how long the folx stay in break, as long as the work in done in time... *g*

Longboarder1 (author)cyberfux2010-01-04


Colonel88 (author)2009-08-19

Lol very nice. Hovewer what if it already is installed? that would be hilarious. "Hmm, isn't Service Pack 3 already installed?"

G.Jagush (author)2009-04-12

Terry Tate does not approve, and you know that, baby!

Dragon68 (author)2008-10-02

This is great. Work like a charm!!!

Crucio (author)2008-09-29

I like it. Can't stop chuckling thinking about it.

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