Get Music Off IPod the Easy Way.





Introduction: Get Music Off IPod the Easy Way.

Everyone says that you need to use Windows Explorer to get music off your iPod. Here is an easier way. When you copy the music, it doesn't all show up in code, but the actual names. Sorry, I don't have any screen shots.

Step 1: Get the Software, Plug It In, Copy

The prerequisit for this is 1 have an iPod, otherwise there is absolutely no point for you to even be reading this. 2, have a computer, otherwise it won't work. Now, on to the program.

Go to and in the downloads tab, type in Ephpod. There is only one result, so click on it. This program, as far as I know, only works with Windows. Download the program and fire it up. It will ask you to plug in your iPod and select it from a source list. Once the data base is loaded, find the songs that you want to copy and click them. You need to hold down Ctrl to select songs (or shift) but don't hold it while you scroll, otherwise it will zoom in and out. Once you have the music selected, press Ctrl+Alt+C to copy. A dialog window will come up, telling you to tell it where to put the copied music. I like to put it into the iTunes folder. Once it is copied, go into that folder and just drag and drop it into iTunes.



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    it's only ini code until you allow a program (wmp, winamp, itunes, mediamonkey) to organize it. Use windows explorer to search for the slbum or artist you want on your ipod then drag and drop the search results to your music folder. no need to download any additional software.

    not to good. sry.

    Goodmorning all, alright can some one explain or send me a link to the windows explorer version of this, seeing as everytime I plug in my pod it tells me that its a unforammted disk and ask if I want to format even with all the hidden files shown...any and all help would be amazing. Thanks again.

    you could just get anapod explorer

    wat about songs that are protected?

    Sorry but i've heard too much bad chit on this program. as in destroying ipod and such so nty ill stivk to windows is this better than using windows explorer?

    I'm assuming that when you use the program, the files will retain their original names and info etc, unlike when you use explorer and get some encoded crap name....