there are many different ways to get on myspace at school, honestly i hate myspace, i dont see the point :/

this will demonstrate a few ways to get onto myspace at school

Step 1: Proxy

this is probably the most common way to get to places that you're not allowed on the Internet, there are places such as
http://www.hidemyass.com/ - which is mostly for adult things, which is how it gets his name
http://schoolingprox.com/ - is more known for doing things at school, it isnt a proxy itself but it has a list of active proxy's, you should get a list like the one in the picture
www.lolp.info. - this one i found works good, and is undetected because of the .info instead of .com
www.inproxywetrust.info - same as previous

they generally dont block anything with .info, and if one doesnt work try another, hidemyass doesnt work at my school, but every school is different, i think
I cant get pass these blocks no matter what i  do ive tryed almost everthing the google thing i cant get pass almost all the proxys are block theres nothing i can get passed
i used to own my own proxy just download the one from glype and set it up on a free hosting site its against the t&c on most of them but if you do a site backup once its working and if it gets banned or suspended, you can sign up for a new account and re upload everything in about 5 min i had to do this as our school uses a pretty high tech security system and sombody gets paid to go through all the websites like this and block ALL the proxys they find they have also blocked the google cache i got caught disabling the schools security system and had to learn its not worth it the hard way i doubt you will get in too much trouble for just going on myspace using a proxy remember there is a law stated on the proxy.org website: " No one shall be subjected to arbitrary interference with his privacy, family, home or correspondence, nor to attacks upon his honour and reputation. Everyone has the right to the protection of the law against such interference or attacks" dont know how true this is but it might be worth a shot if you do get caught best of luck!
i forgot to mention, some stupid schools that just block the domain of the site can be simply defeated by using a cloaking URL redirect (www.co.nr) that tinyurl.com company might do it too also remember to use a .co.cc domain with your home made proxy as the school wont have allready blocked it (use somthing insuspicious like learnmathsandelglish.co.cc/revise
a word of WARNING...if you don't own the proxy, you have no idea what is happening with your username and password. most proxies are owned by spammers and other evil-types. They will steal your info, potentially infect your computer and steal any info that is sent from that computer.

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