Introduction: Get on Myspace at School

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This is a quick and easy guide to get on myspace at school.
BTW for all you non tech minded people the url is also known as the address (in this case the address is

Step 1: Get to the Right Portal

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These "portals" are called php proxy sites and the allow you to bypass filter networks.
Schools block proxies and you can got in serious trouble using one
use you knowledge for good and not evil!
I suggest searching "php proxy sites" on google as schools are regularly updating their blocking lists and what works today may not work the next

Step 2: Enter Site

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Once you have found the desired proxy go to it and enter your desired URL in the search box
I used but they all generally use the same interface

Step 3: Blast!

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It's really a small unassuming little button called browse, but blast sounded more exciting.
Once you have entered your url hit browse

Step 4: Voila!

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You have now reached the social networking site


Father Christmas (author)2009-07-25

uhhuh. well, I just use ultrasurf, running from a flash drive. much more effective and doesnt leave a history.

Wolf Seril (author)2009-04-01

Generally when you make an instructable, you check to see if there are dozens of the exact same thing already posted first. Just look at the related bar.

playdead321 (author)Wolf Seril2009-04-08

mwhaha i must admit, you got pwned

PKM (author)Wolf Seril2009-04-01

Generally before you post sarcastic comments on someone posting a duplicate Instructable, you check to see whether their title is an entry in a Burning Questions competition. Just look at the Contests bar.

Wolf Seril (author)PKM2009-04-04

Owned. I apologize. I'm not sure why its a burning question though, because we already had many 'ibles on the subject.

Ah yes, but many schools block the running of unauthorized .exe files. (mine does). I posted the net based technique for convenience to the user

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