Step 4: Climb Over It (with Protection)

The best method of quickly making your way over the fence without leaving a trace of your presence is by using a barrier between yourself and the barbs. This will minimize your chances contracting fence-AIDS.

There are many materials which can be used to protect yourself from the barbs. Some of the more popular ones include thick cardboard, anything made of leather (jackets, pants, etc.), sleeping bags, carpet, and the bodies of comrades.

The following movie clip (I would name the source, but the first two rules prohibit me) shows an example of using old carpet to quickly bypass a barbed wire fence while leaving no trace of their presence.

The old carpet / rug method is perhaps one of the best ways of getting over a barbed wire fence. The weaving on the bottom of the fabric is extremely thick and does not allow the barbs to pass through, protecting the user from any harm. To be extra safe the carpet should be folded over itself at least once to ensure no barb penetration. The pictures below show the process of cutting up an old rug and using it to protect me from the barbs while I climb over the fence. The process and all the pictures are pretty self-explanatory.

There are only two interesting things to note about the pictures. The first is that I somewhat cheated by going with the angle of the barbed wire fence instead of against it. The second is that the rug/carpet will be a much sturdier climbing surface if it is placed over an angle bracket.
<p>but I think my powers are a bit stronger then his... shame your Grammar's not</p>
<strong>EXCELLENT!!</strong> <br/>Although I would never want to try Constantine Wire, which is nothing but razor blade material, which is what all prisons use now. Also, in prisons they have these other easier to climb over wires before the Constantine that sets off alarms, probably a row of 3, that have to be climbed over. <br/> The only way is like in 'Prison Break' with Michael Scofield, who tattooed the Prison Blueprints on his back. Or do what the majority of prison idiots do, and hop out of a laundry truck in the laundry.<br/>
Everyone calls it Constantine, and I will always know and love it as Constantine.
It's only called Constantine by illiterate old grumpy a-holes who can't admit they are no longer relevant.
concertina wire is sometimes mistakenly called, sometimes by soldiers and marines constantino wire. "Constantino" probably came from a corruption/misunderstanding of "Concertina" and led to confusion with the Roman Emperor Constantine. thats from the wikipedia article so sorry man but your wrong anyway you should be mistakenly calling it "constantino" wire not "constantine" wire
don't listen to wikipedia about everything
0.0 you take that back
FF7 sucked. 2 (US 1991) was perfect though XD.
you like living with mom and dad?
I'm f14, i don't really have a choice other than maybe living with cousins and uncles or go to foster care. It's not too shabby either!
Concertina wire may be barbed or razor-type. The name comes from the coiled configuration, after the musical instrument. The loose coils offer far less support than a tensioned line, but you need more wire to cover a given distance.<br> When placed two or three rows deep on the ground, it becomes an effective barrier to foot traffic...and yes, ninjas and Marines aren't bothered by it.
Check out Rangerfan's post with the wikipedia article. There is no such thing as constantine wire. It's concertina wire.
<a rel="nofollow" href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Concertina_wire">http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Concertina_wire</a><br/>
First, you might want to add a warning to not trespass or to break into/ out of prison. Second, what is stealing fat?
HAHAHA!<br>You made me crack up so hard at the &quot;slipping and lacerations&quot;!
Thanks, I needed to know how to do this...
I'd have to say this was a very hilarious and educative Instructable :3
One additional little detail, which may help set your mind at ease, if crossing a razor wire fence still seems hazardous, even with a carpet......get on youtube, and watch bears fight. Consider that super dense fur they've got....one would think they also have such amazing strength, and terrifying claws, and should cleaver right through each other, sending chunks of flesh flying everywhere....but you mostly see little cuts emerge (little, all things considered) and some bits of fur getting ripped off. Summary; against knives and claws, fur is great armor !
NOW, HOW TO CROSS RAZOR WIRE ? I'd think it's not a whole lot different. I'm not sure just how sharp the stuff is, but I do own a handful of knives. In my humble experience, knives almost never cut anything until the object placed against the blade is moved, allowing the micro serrations to do their work....those serrations are exactly like saw teeth....you've gotta move a saw to cut with it. The exception is a razor blade....however, with using a carpet, the thick material on underside is usually just like hemp rope or twine. Raise your hand if you've ever tried cutting a thick rope with a razor blade...it can be done, right ?.....still, works much better when the blade is moved. Now imaging placing a blade against two layers of carpet.....you've got that tough underside layer, then a thick dense stack of fibers (the carpet fibers). Yeah sure, the razor wire will probably end up having cut a little of it once your done and loooking over it to see, but cutting through it while climbing over.....not real likely.
What is Fence-AIDS??
aids from a fence. don't take it too literally
Tetanus me thinks.
I like the &quot;Prison Song&quot; referance lol<br>
why don't you just get 2 large sized car floor mats and drape it over the wires and climb over ?
&nbsp;or a regular rug from TJ Max?
this isnt a real barbed wire fence. i mean it has barbed wire but a barbed wire fence is the kind you see actually holding animals in the kind that have 7 strands of barbed wire going around
If you're going to get technical, "Barbed wire" is just that, Wire with barbs (the sharp things that poke out). But yeah, I think the carpet method would work just as well.
what i meant was this isnt a true barbed wire fences i own cows they use barbed wire fences its usually seven rows of the barbed thats it none of the other kind of fence
they only make the top barbed wire is to stop people from climbing over the top, assuming it's really hard to climb under it, it's cheaper that way.. and climbing an electrified fence is not the subject matter of this instructable.
Plus, in most places at least, it is considered inhumane and cruel treatment to electrify barbed wire, and therefore illegal in most places with some agriculture-culture because local or governmental laws ban it.
not in oklahoma! haha...i know a couple guys who actually grabbed onto one before
&nbsp;Damn. Ouch
i know right! they said the initial jolt was all that was&nbsp;bad and that the holding on wasnt too hard
They held on? were they having a contest? should the darwin awards be notified?<br />
yeah(to all questions)
That's easier to climb, because you can usually just push it down with one hand and jump over.
not when theres electricity running through it
at which point it would be an "electric fence" or "electrified fence"... for which getting over is a whole other instructible...
Use two sticks to pry the wire down to the top of the fence so it creates a section of wire where there is no electricity... or use an EMP grenade.
They normally won't run electricity just to keep cows in.
for the dairy cows the wont but for bulls the either use steel vars or electrified barbed wire fences
first is do not talk about fight club second rule is you DO NOT TALK about fight club Love that movie
those are good methods and great pic keep up the great work!!
Awesome! Just a hint if you aren't as good as this guy: wear jeans, gloves, a jacket and if possible, lumberjack's chaps
great ible! fight club-good movie...
just stick a cup of thermite on a fence pole thingy and melt it away. like nobody will notice that
awesome instructable ;). This will really come in handy for urban exploration as i recently moved to a neighbourhood with a few curious areas that are barbed. And nice, with the implication of IT'S OVER 9,000!
you need to be careful you could lose youre manhood real quick with a slip on a barbwire fence

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