video Get project 64k to work in windows vista
just what the title says get project 64k to work in windows vista. as you probably already know project 64 k does not work in windows vista this will show you how to make it work. (this is assuming you already have a copy of project 64k on your vista computer) links you will need for this video:
http://files.filefront.com/Jabo+Direct3D8dll/;5126054;/fileinfo.html is the link for the new plugin
http://www.camstudio.org/ is the link for camstudio screen capture software download.
ghostrider25 years ago
i never had any problems with project 64 on vista.
bieghe6 years ago
You guys are referring to project 64 which is on version 1.6, project 64K does not work for vista, and is only on version 0.13
andrew101 (author)  bieghe6 years ago
this is project 64 K and id does not work with vista unless you do this
ProjectZro6 years ago
yah mine (1.6) wich was before windows vista works fine
nanonano587 years ago
version 1.6 works on windows vista
andrew101 (author)  nanonano587 years ago
ok thanks this is fr the old version then...