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Introduction: Get Rid of a Ganglion- Painlessly

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If you have a ganglion cyst* on your hand or foot, the treatments can be painful, if not dire:

 you can go to your doctor who will insert a big needle and drain the cyst (ouch!),
you can have surgery- expensive and painful – double ouch
or the old folk remedy is to hit it with the family bible – triple ouch!

I haven’t tried the surgery or the family bible remedy, but I have had a ganglion drained- it wasn’t fun, and it did grow back after about a year.

The next time it appeared, I worked out my own remedy- cheap, relatively painless, and effective- the ganglion hasn’t re-appeared and it’s been a few years now.

* Of course, you need to go to your doctor to get any lump checked- don't just assume it's a ganglion.

 For more information on ganglia, check with your doctor or on the internet. The main image I have used here is from Wikipedia- (I can’t photograph mine as I don’t have it any more!). Remember that information on the internet is just someone's opinion and may not be accurate!

Step 1: What I Used

What I used:

i. an old eraser with worn edges, large enough to cover the ganglion* (you’re going to press in against your skin so it should be firm but not hard, with rounded edges so they won’t dig in).

ii. a bandage (stretchy is best) and closure/safety pins

* If your ganglion is huge, it’s probably gone too far for this method to work- best to treat it while it’s still small. Remember that this method may not be right for you.; check with your health professional.

Step 2: The Method

NOTE- if you are not sure about this, check with your doctor- I have no medical training! The ganglion is likely to grow back without surgery, but you can repeat the treatment easily if it does.

Here's the method I used-

i.Check that the edges of the eraser are rounded- wear them down by rubbing on a scrap of cardboard if they are a bit "sharp".

ii. Place the worn eraser over the ganglion and
iii. bandage firmly, ensuring that circulation is not cut off with the bandage.

Leave it on overnight. Check in the morning and repeat the next night if necessary.


Step 3: The Results

The fluid was pressed back into the tissue, leaving my skin smooth(ish) again.


A ganglion cyst is formed when fluid leaks into the sheath around the tendon/joint.

Hitting it with a heavy object will rupture the cyst and let the fluid drain into the surrounding tissue.

My method was more gentle and allowed a more natural reversal of the problem, forcing the fluid back out of the cyst gradually without damaging the surrounding area – but as I say, I’m not a doctor so get medical opinion for diagnosis and advice if you’re not sure what to do.

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I found an old wrist brace designed for my right hand. So I reversed it, and now the rigid part is on the top of my hand and pressing against the cyst on the top my left hand. My cyst is located in the same area as the very top photo at the beginning of this article. I am hopeful that this will help to press the fluids back where they belong. I have already had mine drained twice, and its back again.

I am sad about this as it gets to a point where it starts to cause pain and discomfort in my hand. Thankfully I am not left handed. I do not like needles and I do find having it drained very uncomfortable even though it doesn't take very long.I tried the eraser trick, and sadly it never worked for me. I found it never sat quite well enough on my cyst, I guess it was too large.

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Your wrist brace idea is very clever - whatever works to apply steady pressure across the cyst. I hope it works for you, as it sounds pretty far gone and it's probably a 'weak' area now. If you do have to get it drained, it could be worth keeping an eye on it and bandaging at night (or using your brace) when you see signs of it re-appearing, to discourage it from forming ;)

I have ganglion cyst on my wrist at base of thumb. It has 4 peaks on it. I was told by Dr asst it was on an artery. Was wondering if any home remedies would work rather than surgery.

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Hi Judy, I'm sorry I didn't reply earlier - just saw your post. I hope you've managed to get some solution for your cyst! I would always recommend getting proper medical advice of there's any likely risk - and being on an artery sounds as if you would have to be very careful applying pressure. Good luck :)


1 year ago

I used this guide as inspiration for getting rid of my ganglion cyst using acute pressure, which worked in significantly reducing the size of the cyst! Tonight I will try this method to press on the area the cyst used to be and try to keep the fluid from returning. Thank you for writing up your method and sharing.

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You're welcome! I'm so glad it helped you, and I hope you manage to get rid of the cyst altogether :)

Omg I can't express how happy I am to come across this solution. I have a ganglion cyst on my foot. Had it for more than 4 years and it's never pained as much as the past two weeks, I can barely walk which made me research more about it.

It even hurts when moving or sleeping. I don't have a rubber or bandage at home currently but the pain in my foot won't let me sleep so I used a small round makeup lid and a thin scarf as a bandage.

It hurts like crazy but I can feel it work under the bandage.

Thank you so much!

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Oh, I really hope it works for you and that you get some relief! Perhaps elevate your foot when you can to help the fluid drain away? Good luck!

When I was in college, this site was reccommended and endorsed by the professional nurse who taught many of the medical courses I took. The information is presented in a clear and concise manner.

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"We're sorry. The interactive health tutorials are no longer available on MedlinePlus."

Just in case anyone else is looking for it...


2 years ago

I've had a ganglion cyst palm side, under the thumb (volar ganglion) for about 3-4 years now. I was lucky in that it never really hurt, and it wasn't all that big, but for a few months recently it had stayed a larger size and I was tired of it being there. Even though I'd looked into removal methods before, this was the first time I found this method! I really didn't want to have surgery on something so minor and delicate, and then I found some sources that said draining a volar ganglion is risky because it's so close to the radial artery.

Anyway, I decided I'd give this a shot before trying anything more invasive, AND IT WORKED! I don't usually use caps, I'm pretty excited. I didn't wear it overnight because I was being cautious due to a warning in one of the previous comments about damage to tendons on the palm side. So I just wore it for about 30 mins at a time, and at the most, it was slightly uncomfortable for a little while. Then I increased my time across several days; I think the max I wore the wrapping at one time was three hours. The cyst is barely visible now; if I bend my wrist back I can see just the slightest bulge, and it's still a bit squishy, but it's so so so much better.

Thank you so much for this remedy! I know this isn't researched and people could have different results in this process, but I wish this info was more well-known. Aside from some people saying they massage their cyst when it's small, this is the only place I've ever seen this kind of advice, and it's much more practical than anything else. Thanks again!

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You're welcome- I'm SO pleased it worked for you. I'm glad you're being careful when it's in such a delicate area, and I hope you continue to have success :)

Ok I have hit it with a bible yes it hurt it came back months later no lump but pain u think it would work ?

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Oh Jaimie B1, I really had to smile, when you said you hit it with the bible. It is a beautiful book that helps our soul... and now our bodies. Wonderful. Be well my friend.

If there's pain there I'd get it checked by a doctor in case the whack has caused some damage inside... hope it's OK!