Picture of Get rid of a ganglion- painlessly
If you have a ganglion cyst* on your hand or foot, the treatments can be painful, if not dire:

 you can go to your doctor who will insert a big needle and drain the cyst (ouch!),
you can have surgery- expensive and painful – double ouch
or the old folk remedy is to hit it with the family bible – triple ouch!

I haven’t tried the surgery or the family bible remedy, but I have had a ganglion drained- it wasn’t fun, and it did grow back after about a year.

The next time it appeared, I worked out my own remedy- cheap, relatively painless, and effective- the ganglion hasn’t re-appeared and it’s been a few years now.

* Of course, you need to go to your doctor to get any lump checked- don't just assume it's a ganglion.

 For more information on ganglia, check with your doctor or on the internet. The main image I have used here is from Wikipedia- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ganglion_cyst (I can’t photograph mine as I don’t have it any more!). Remember that information on the internet is just someone's opinion and may not be accurate!
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Step 1: What I used

Picture of What I used
What I used:

i. an old eraser with worn edges, large enough to cover the ganglion* (you’re going to press in against your skin so it should be firm but not hard, with rounded edges so they won’t dig in).

ii. a bandage (stretchy is best) and closure/safety pins

* If your ganglion is huge, it’s probably gone too far for this method to work- best to treat it while it’s still small. Remember that this method may not be right for you.; check with your health professional.

Step 2: The Method

Picture of The Method
position the eraser.jpg
bandage firmly.jpg
NOTE- if you are not sure about this, check with your doctor- I have no medical training! The ganglion is likely to grow back without surgery, but you can repeat the treatment easily if it does.

Here's the method I used-

i.Check that the edges of the eraser are rounded- wear them down by rubbing on a scrap of cardboard if they are a bit "sharp".

ii. Place the worn eraser over the ganglion and
iii. bandage firmly, ensuring that circulation is not cut off with the bandage.

Leave it on overnight. Check in the morning and repeat the next night if necessary.


Step 3: The results

Picture of The results
The fluid was pressed back into the tissue, leaving my skin smooth(ish) again.


A ganglion cyst is formed when fluid leaks into the sheath around the tendon/joint.

Hitting it with a heavy object will rupture the cyst and let the fluid drain into the surrounding tissue.

My method was more gentle and allowed a more natural reversal of the problem, forcing the fluid back out of the cyst gradually without damaging the surrounding area – but as I say, I’m not a doctor so get medical opinion for diagnosis and advice if you’re not sure what to do.
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When I was in college, this site was reccommended and endorsed by the professional nurse who taught many of the medical courses I took. The information is presented in a clear and concise manner.

Puzzledd (author)  porcupinemamma4 years ago
Thanks for the info- this looks good, with clear diagrams, too:)
You are most welcome. Hope you have a happy weekend. BTW, the bird in your avatar is very very sweet.
trauma6685 29 days ago
Do you have an email a ddress u can email you at

Hi, I've had a ganglion cyst on the other side of my wrist i guess for quite a while now and I tried your method last time but it hasn't worked. what do you think I should do? please help soon :)

Puzzledd (author)  rasberrypi231 month ago
You may need to bandage your wrist for a few nights (maybe even daytime too if you can) to get an effect, but if it doesn't work you need to get it looked at by a doctor... good luck!

ok I will definently do that

thank you so much for the help

Puzzledd (author)  rasberrypi231 month ago

You're welcome; it's always best to check with a doctor to make sure it's safe. Hope it all works out for you :)

Hi i want little help. I am having a ganglion cyst on my right hand and its now little but it pains when i write because it is coming in between my nerve. So please can you kindly tell me that should i also use this eraser method if yes then for how many days. Or if no then i should the g-relif capsule because i dont want it to be big and i have to face problem like surgery etc. please kindly tell urgently i will wait for your reply puzzledd????
Hi I think you should seek attention from a doctor especially that the growth hurts you. Take care man.
CaseyL2 months ago
I would not encourage anyone with a cyst passing over a nerve to use this method, as it could result in permanent nerve damage. For cysts on the back if the hand, this isn't an issue, but for those on the palmar side of the wrist, compression for even a night could result in irreversible nerve damage.
releaseftree4 months ago

had a ganglion cyst and it was very painful. The doctor said the only way to gid rid of the cyst was to operate. I tried everything massage pressure. Nothing worked. He said the cyst has roots and it would come back. Then I found g-relief capsules and within 1 month it just disappeared.

Puzzledd (author)  releaseftree4 months ago
Interesting idea, but I don't know why medication taken internally would just target the tissue around the cyst. I'd want a medical opinion before taking something like this. I'm glad it worked for you though.
Is it your product?

what are these and where do you get them

releaseftree4 months ago

I had a ganglion cyst and it was very painful. The doctor said the only way to gid rid of the cyst was to operate. I tried everything massage pressure. Nothing worked. He said the cyst has roots and it would come back. Then I found g-relief capsules and within 1 month it just disappeared.

CarlyC5 months ago

how many times did you do this and for how long of a period, or was it just once overnight?

Puzzledd (author)  CarlyC5 months ago
Ummm I can't say I remember clearly - it was a long time ago. I think it may have taken 2- 3 nights. I guess it depends on how established the ganglion is and how elastic (self-healing) are the tissues in your hand or wherever.
I did start to get a problem recently with my thumb joint (had an operation years ago on a small but difficult ganglion there - 6 months recovery time!) I bandaged it firmly for a few nights until it seemed OK and it still seems to be good, but if it flares up again I'll try the bandaging again (I didn't use an eraser there, just a sticky crepe bandage).

i also have a ganglion cyst on my left hand wrist right now i dont have a rubber like u told but a rubber with sharp edges so i m going to try this and tommorow i will try yours like rubber

Puzzledd (author)  hatim.hussain1235 months ago

Hi Hatim,

You can always rub away some of the sharp edges and corners on the bottom of the rubber, so they won't dig into your skin. You din't have to rub onto paper - take it outside and rib it onto bricks or wood if you like, just smooth off the sharp bits.

Good luck - let us know how it goes!

can any one help my ganglion problem

Brilliant. The Gideon cyst on my foot had begun to hurt, so the doc arranged for me to have surgery next month. I tried this remedy last night. Applied gentle pressure overnight and today using a tubigrip bandage and the recommended rubber. The difference is amazing: about a third of the size. Have cancelled surgery which is trickier than I realised at the time the doc recommended it. Can involve up to 6 weeks recovery - not great for the self-employed. Plus not that effective in terms of preventing recurrence according to the statistics. I feel I've had a very lucky escape. Thank you, thank you.

Puzzledd (author)  penny.haywoodcalder6 months ago
I'm so glad it seems to be working for you :) Keep an eye on it for any complications, and check with your doctor if in doubt... good luck!
mirandal0ve6 months ago

i have a cyst on my left wrist and it really hurt me when i write and i just found this so im going to go home and try this i hope it works!!!

I didn't have an eraser so I am using a battery from a rechargeable something that i would have pulled apart at sometime. I'm a little girl when it comes to this kind of stuff. Tried it last night but it returned again later. Just wondering if you felt the popping sensation and the cold feeling? Or is that just my silly hyperactive mind?

I got so sick of how painful mine was and how huge it'd get when I wrote even a few lines that I smacked it with my iPhone today and yes my hand still feels cold six hours later. So I don't think you're imagining the cold sensation. The fluid has to go somewhere, maybe it's colder than the rest of your hand, who knows, I'm no doctor. I used to have acupressure on it which got rid of it for a while (no way am I having surgery,I've seen that on a good friend and my OH's mum and the scarring and postop pain is up there with Frankenstein's monster) but not had the money to go for treatment all year so it came back. Not that I'm saying hit it with your phone of course!

Puzzledd (author)  ReloadedChucky7 months ago
Hmmm ...I can't say I remember a popping or cold sensation... but it was a long time ago. Maybe your bandage was a bit tight; my idea was more of a gentle pressure to encourage the fluid back into the surrounding tissues gradually, rather than bursting the cyst as in the 'whack with the family bible' method.
You may need to repeat the overnight process one or more times, as once the space has formed around the joint, there will be a tendency for the fluid to pool there. Good luck and if it gets inflamed or persists, please see a medical professional ;)

i have a cyst on my rite rist and i do not have the rquierd mats to get rid of it i'm only 14 soon to be 15 and i play games with friend online wether its XBOX or pc (i perfer pc more) thats the problem is thet i canot use a mouse or game pad do to my cyst problem if you have any good advise i would be glad to know

Puzzledd (author)  taren.standish.96 months ago
Hi Taren,
you should really ask your parents about the cyst- show them this Instructable if you like and see what they think. Good Luck!
Lumpy1217 months ago

I've had a on going Ganglion Cyst on my left wrist for the last 4 years or so. It's comes and goes depending on what activities I'm doing Basically I igored it after I went to the doctor to get it looked at many years ago. He said basically there nothing he can do and sent me to a specialist and I got the same reply too.

I've done a similar method of reducing it with a carpal lock wrist support. But that took several weeks or months of wearing it to get it to go away.

I've currently trying this method posted with hopes of results

Let's see how it's goes. I'm thinking in a few days I will have positive results

Puzzledd (author)  Lumpy1217 months ago
Ooh that looks like a big one! Let us know how it goes, but I have a feeling that it may be slow like the wrist support. Good luck ;)
XR17 months ago

Wow, im such a fool!! The first time i got one i left it alone thinking it would go away, and it did! About 2 months later i got another and i started getting annoyed so i used a small, dull pocket knife and spun it in circles to try to pop it only to make my self bleed * face desk* suck an idiot. I tried this method and i havent got one sence and its been 5 months, YAY! thank you very much this helped alot!

Puzzledd (author)  XR17 months ago

Hi, I just realised my earlier reply to your comment hadn't loaded... I'm so glad you've managed to get rid of your cyst (and that the previous one didn't get infected lol..the doctor gave me a tetanus injection when he aspirated mine, despite using a sterile needle!). Good luck, it's sounding all good so far :)

joyceT17 months ago

I used the method last night and the ganglion has just burst and

Has completely disappeared thanks

Puzzledd (author)  joyceT17 months ago

Oh, great! I hope it stays away :)

KittyCatRosa11 months ago

Hi! Thank you for your idea for getting rid of a ganglion. This process has helped my ganglion shrink. I only did it for two days and then stopped. I couldn't wear it at night since I felt like my hand lost circulation. My ganglion is so annoying. On its own, it barely does anything. Sometimes it will shrink on its own. My cyst will then start to feel soft and squishy. It sometimes hurts when it shrinks on its own. (I think what is happening is sometimes on its on, the fluid will dissolve into my body and then the sac refills with more fluid) It shrinks and appears to be gone! FALSE, it comes back in a few days from appearing to be nothing then a small lump. Another few days, my small lump starts to grow and get firmer. This process has happened twice. I keep getting my hope up and thinking it will fully disappear. I got this stupid ganglion from doing exercises and putting too much stress on my wrist and hands. I was doing about five push-ups. ): I am 16. I am trying your method again. My only complaint is that I feel like I lose some circulation in my hand. It could be from my big and very long bandage or just wrapping it too tight. I have had this cyst for about a year now. I am afraid of getting it on my thump, finger, other wrist, ankles, and knees. Sorry for this ramble.

Puzzledd (author)  KittyCatRosa11 months ago

Hi KittyCatRosa,

thanks for your comments; it must be a real nuisance to have the cyst coming back all the time. I guess once the tissue around it is stretched, it may be more vulnerable to filling with fluid again. It would be worth getting some medical advice on your problem. Certainly make sure if you bandage it that it isn't too tight; you certainly don't want to cut off your circulation! Try cutting the bandage a bit shorter maybe, and unwrap it if it feels tight, but get some advice as it sounds too persistent to treat easily. Good luck!

Hi! Thank you for answering so quickly. I do not plan to get surgery on my cyst because it cost too much, my parents won't pay for it, it doesn't hurt often, and I don't like surgery. I have had stitches on the side of my wrist (I don't think this caused the ganglion cyst). I have went to my doctor. She did identified it as a ganglion cyst last year and said I could just let it shrink on its own or visit a hand surgeon. I really dislike the look. ): I cut my bandage in half! It was super long. Now I will try it again. I feel some pain when wrapping my cyst with the rubber band on top. How long did you have your ganglion cyst? Sorry for uploading a much of pictures of my ganglion cyst. They are not in chronological order. The first two ones are from about two months ago after it popped up again after somewhat dissolving in wrist. I think I may write a blog on my cyst. :) I have been taking silicea to see if it would help my cyst shrink. It doesn't seem like it does anything. Right now, my ganglion is a little bigger than the pictures.


I am going to reply to my post since I made a lot of errors and one part of my previous post will likely confuse the reader. I do not like surgery because I have already had surgery else where, I am scared of it, and it will likely reoccur again. *Last year I went to my doctor . *About two months ago, my cyst on its own was draining. I felt some discomfort and tiny bit of pain. Then the skin around the cyst area was puffy, squishy, and soft. After it was puffy, my skin looked almost normal (as in no bump). Few days later, the cyst filled up and was a tiny little cyst (the first two pictures show the tiny cyst reappearing). Lastly, it was gradually becoming bigger and harder. I should stop complaining about it since I am not severely sick and I do not feel pain. D:

I over strained my wrist a year or two ago and had a cyst on my wrist that was extremely painful. I found that it disappeared completely and I had no pain after I stopped eating dairy products. I'd stopped eating them for other reasons, but every time I eat dairy or junk foods it seems to come back and be painful again. My thought is that there's something in the dairy and other things that builds up in the place where the cyst was and when I stop eating that stuff my body can clear it out. I suggest you try seeing if there's something you're eating that could be the cause as it sounds like its coming and going. You could first try foods that people are commonly allergic or intolerant to. Good luck!

Puzzledd (author)  KittyCatRosa11 months ago

Hi again KittyCatRosa,

You must be getting very frustrated with your ganglion cyst- sounds like a real pain! I don't know what else to suggest for yours other than firm but not tight bandaging; putting an eraser on it when it's squishy probably won't help because it sounds as if it's spread out too far (maybe you could try something a bit firm but wider like a piece of cardboard under the bandage, you'd have to see what wasn't uncomfortable).

You can buy wrist supports that would be easier and firmer than a bandage; it sounds as if you may need it more frequently if it keeps recurring, but I don't have any medical training so I hesitate to suggest anything other than being careful and getting advice.

I don't remember how long I had mine, as it was years ago now and I luckily haven't had it back since my second bandaging treatment. I do actually have a "baker's cyst" behind my knee, which needs bandaging fairly frequently (too big/awkward for the eraser treatment).

I do hope you have some success with your cyst, and it doesn't keep causing problems for you!

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