Step 2: The Method

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NOTE- if you are not sure about this, check with your doctor- I have no medical training! The ganglion is likely to grow back without surgery, but you can repeat the treatment easily if it does.

Here's the method I used-

i.Check that the edges of the eraser are rounded- wear them down by rubbing on a scrap of cardboard if they are a bit "sharp".

ii. Place the worn eraser over the ganglion and
iii. bandage firmly, ensuring that circulation is not cut off with the bandage.

Leave it on overnight. Check in the morning and repeat the next night if necessary.

huntertxrd4 years ago
I also have a reoccurring wrist cyst. I recommend never letting it get more than a pea size. I hit it with the tv remote while small. It hurts but not too bad. Just whack it hard one time.
The draining of the cyst hurt pretty bad so I have been avoiding doing that again.
I will try this method next time (for a night) before hitting it with the remote :)
Puzzledd (author)  huntertxrd4 years ago
Hmm - not sure about the TV remote- does it still work? I know that watching TV can be a painful experience, but...
Try watching Oprah that's painful! X(
My little brother watched that show for 10 seconds and smashed the TV
The TV has never been the same
Puzzledd (author)  Ghost Wolf4 years ago
Thanks for the warning- I think I'll give her a miss :D
Watch out for her on the internet too because our computer monitor suffered the same fate
smash and break computer pc monitor with keyboard[12].jpg
Puzzledd (author)  Ghost Wolf4 years ago
OK, that one had me laughing out loud! My work colleagues think I've finally cracked!
lol you should have seen it we were walking one day and, you guessed it he saw an Oprah ad and attacked the billboard!
Puzzledd (author)  Ghost Wolf4 years ago
You crack me up!

My son keeps telling us that TV is BAD and all cr*p etc and he won't stay in the room if it's on... but I guess I can't complain about his reaction now.
Even my grandparents hate TV, that TV was a gift a few years back. Surprised he didn't through out his back lol
Hey I think I found you a kookaburra
Puzzledd (author)  Ghost Wolf4 years ago
Awww, cute! Thanks:)
I wish the instructables robot looked like this
i used my fingers to massage it, not the remote
Haha...I know its weird. After hitting it with many different objects- the tv remote remains my cyst removal standby :) Plus, it reminds me that tv rots my brain.
i just massaged it daily while watching tv, it was gone after a two to 3 weeks....
Puzzledd (author)  danielcervantesph4 years ago
Very interesting treatment. My mom has trouble with these cysts, so I'll let her know about this.

One question though, why does the eraser need to have rounded edges?
Puzzledd (author)  skittlespider4 years ago
Just so it doesn't dig into your skin ;)