Step 2: The Method

NOTE- if you are not sure about this, check with your doctor- I have no medical training! The ganglion is likely to grow back without surgery, but you can repeat the treatment easily if it does.

Here's the method I used-

i.Check that the edges of the eraser are rounded- wear them down by rubbing on a scrap of cardboard if they are a bit "sharp".

ii. Place the worn eraser over the ganglion and
iii. bandage firmly, ensuring that circulation is not cut off with the bandage.

Leave it on overnight. Check in the morning and repeat the next night if necessary.

When I was in college, this site was reccommended and endorsed by the professional nurse who taught many of the medical courses I took. The information is presented in a clear and concise manner. <br> <br>http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/tutorials/ganglioncysts/op089105.pdf
Thanks for the info- this looks good, with clear diagrams, too:)
You are most welcome. Hope you have a happy weekend. BTW, the bird in your avatar is very very sweet.
Im trying this tonight fingers crossed x
<p>I believe I have a small ganglion cyst on the inside of my left middle finger... feels like it's on the flexor tendon sheathe on/near the proximal inter-phalangeal joint. </p><p><a href="http://www.eorthopod.com/images/ContentImages/hand/finger_swan_neck_deformity/finger_swanneck_anatomy01.jpg" rel="nofollow">http://www.eorthopod.com/images/ContentImages/hand...</a></p><p>It seems to be what's discussed here: <a href="http://www.boneandjoint.org.uk/content/jbjsbr/55-B/3/612.full.pdf" rel="nofollow">http://www.boneandjoint.org.uk/content/jbjsbr/55-B...</a></p><p>It kinda suddenly appeared about 2 weeks ago. I think what brought it on is a repetive stress injury from vaping (pressing the button on my vaporizer with my left middle finger).</p><p>I'm going to try wrapping it to apply pressure and let you guys know if it works.</p>
Good luck - it will be good to know if it works :)
Ok I have hit it with a bible yes it hurt it came back months later ...now no lump but pain ...do u think it would work ?
<p>If there's pain there I'd get it checked by a doctor in case the whack has caused some damage inside... hope it's OK!</p>
Will this work for ganglion cysts on pinkies, like on the hinge of it? Is there a different way? I kinda wanna know this so i dont have to have a doctor or nurse puncture it with a needle, considering im terrified of them. (Needles not medical professionals)
I had one on the joint of my thumb (operated on, 6 months recovery!) and when the ganglion returned I wrapped the joint overnight with elastic tape (a kind of crepe tape which sticks together, used for reducing swelling after the operation). After a few nights, the joint seemed back to normal, and no problems since. Worth a try ;)
<p>my cyst (base of thumb) hurts when pressed. it has been there a while and interferes with functioning by hurting. i don't have an eraser, but should i try the method, even though it hurts when pressed?</p>
<p>You'd need to be careful if it's hurting - there must be a nerve involved. I'd get medical advice and if it's OK, try bandaging fairly firmly (but not too tight) with a stretchy bandage for a few nights to see if that helps. That worked on my thumb joint ;)</p>
Will this work on the inside of the ankle?
I don't see why not... worth a try? Let us know how you go if you do try it :)<br>
<p>This method absolutely does work !! Had a cyst underside of my wrist . About dime size . Just do as the post suggest . It really surprised me , but am so glad I tried it !</p>
<p>I'm really glad it worked for you! </p>
<p>I wonder if anyone has tried this a a foot before. I had one on my right foot and had it removed. It came back a few years later and I had it removed again. The third time I had it taken out it has so far been good but now I have one on the other foot. I do not want to get it drained. It almost looks like a bunion but I know its now. I did try to wrap it overnight but it really didn't do much.</p>
<p>I've had one for about a year now, and before I try this method (I'm a cautious person) I was just wondering if anyone has experienced any side effects from this.</p>
<p>I've had a ganglion cyst palm side, under the thumb (volar ganglion) for about 3-4 years now. I was lucky in that it never really hurt, and it wasn't all that big, but for a few months recently it had stayed a larger size and I was tired of it being there. Even though I'd looked into removal methods before, this was the first time I found this method! I really didn't want to have surgery on something so minor and delicate, and then I found some sources that said draining a volar ganglion is risky because it's so close to the radial artery. </p><p>Anyway, I decided I'd give this a shot before trying anything more invasive, AND IT WORKED! I don't usually use caps, I'm pretty excited. I didn't wear it overnight because I was being cautious due to a warning in one of the previous comments about damage to tendons on the palm side. So I just wore it for about 30 mins at a time, and at the most, it was slightly uncomfortable for a little while. Then I increased my time across several days; I think the max I wore the wrapping at one time was three hours. The cyst is barely visible now; if I bend my wrist back I can see just the slightest bulge, and it's still a bit squishy, but it's so so so much better. </p><p>Thank you so much for this remedy! I know this isn't researched and people could have different results in this process, but I wish this info was more well-known. Aside from some people saying they massage their cyst when it's small, this is the only place I've ever seen this kind of advice, and it's much more practical than anything else. Thanks again!</p>
You're welcome- I'm SO pleased it worked for you. I'm glad you're being careful when it's in such a delicate area, and I hope you continue to have success :)
I've had a ganglion for over 10 years now. I've been able to control the pain with a wrist brace for the most part. About 2 weeks ago the pain was so unbearable that I couldn't move my wrist in the slightest without pain, so I tried this method. I did it for 2 nites and have NO pain whatsoever now. And the lump is gone. Would highly recommend trying this before surgery or draining a cyst. It's a lot less expensive and virtually pain free
I have the same cyst on the inside of the wrist i sprained a few months ago. About the size of a q tip swab. I tried to pop it w a book. It went away but came back. Its extremely painful. I hope this method works bc of my job.
<p>Good luck- certainly worth a try even if you have to do it for a few nights until it goes, then maybe later on if it re-appears. Maybe there's still some damage from when you sprained the wrist- I'd be getting it x-rayed in case, if you haven't already. Hope it all heals well for you :)</p>
<p>i have this cyst for over year i ll try it, and i will let you guys know my experience, thanks for the tip!!!</p>
Good luck! If it's well-established, the surrounding tissue may not absorb the fluid easily, but it's worth a try for a few nights... hope it works for you and please do let us know how it goes :)<br>
<p>Hello, so I have had this cyst for about 3 months now and I went to the doctor today...well she attempted to press down on it and pop it and it would budge. I'm think of trying this trick hoping for better result. My question is do you think it's possibly to big and needs to be drained? How many nights should I try this method, if I did decide to try?</p>
<p>Wow there's a lot of fluid in that, but if it's only developed over the last few months, I'd be inclined to try bandaging it firmly at night (probably too big to fit under an eraser lol). Maybe try for about a week? I'd probably be putting some kind of bandage on in the daytime, too, or even an elastic wrist support to cover it. But go by what your doctor recommends- I don't have medical training! It may need draining, then you could bandage ii if it starts to re-appear, before it gets too big. Good luck :)</p>
<p>I've had a ganglion cyst in my wrist for years. The only thing that helps is resting. Having it drained or removed seems too painfu. I'm very anxious to try this!</p>
Good luck! If it's been there for years, it may not respond though as the surrounding tissue could have changed - might be good to get it checked by a doctor first if it's a big one (if you get it drained, you can always use the eraser/compression every now and then to keep it away if it starts to re-appear). Hope it works for you!!
<p>Hello! I was hoping for your suggestion. I have a cyst on the top of my right wrist. It cannot be seen from the outside so im assuming its a little deep inside. It has been very painful and the doctor said he cant see it to drain with a needle since its small but he can feel it. (crazy how something so small can cause pain). Basically my only other option would be to have it surgically removed(which i really dont want to try just yet) do you think this method is ok to try when your cyst is inside your hand? i can feel it when i run my fingers over it so i would know where to place the eraser. Thoughts?</p>
<p>Hi there, I'd certainly try it - maybe check with your doctor first, but the eraser/compression method is non-invasive and cheap, so probably worth a go ;)</p><p>I had a tiny but pesky cyst inside my thumb years ago which needed an hour-long operation (and 6 months' recovery) to remove, so when it came back recently I wrapped it in firm bandaging for a few nights, and it seemed to work even though the cyst was hidden in the joint.... hope it works for you!</p>
Middle finger ganglion are ultra rare, only 20% of all finger ganglion cases occur on middle fingers. Because they are so rare they will likely never find a cure.
I have a ganglion cyst about the size of the one shown here. I found this site and immediately gathered the materials. I just wrapped my wrist as instructions say. I can hardly wait til morning to see if I have any results. Thanks in advance for sharing this info. I'll post my results whatever my results are.
Good luck! That's a pretty big one, so you may need a few nights' treatment - hope it works for you :)<br>
I have I think a ganglion but on my middle finger on the top side above my nail where the joint bends. Will this method work for it aswell? It not that painful but its more of a nuisance to look at.
<p>It could be worth a try, but check that it's not something else. I had a small ganglion cut out of my thumb just below the joint, years ago (1 hour operation, 6 months' recovery!). When it finally returned a year or so ago, I wrapped my thumb firmly (but not too tight) for a few nights with the same type of bandage they gave me to use post-op (a narrow sticky crepe bandage, I got some from the Reject shop!) and the lump went away- no problems since. Good luck with yours :)</p>
<p>I had a ganglion similar to the one in the PIC too only on my other hand, a friend who does reiki suggested I use a magnifying glass to focus the suns spirit on it, it was messy but it worked a treat, far cheaper than seeing a doctor and the cyst hasnt returned.</p>
<p>I'm glad it worked for you. I'd be very careful using a magnifying glass near my skin though - the sun can cause burns and even cancer (my mum is just about to have one cut out of her face). Good luck with your cyst :)</p>
In have had the ganglion cyst for about 4 months. It started on the outside and now its went inside. The pain is so horrible. I was searching Google and found this site. I will be trying this immediately.
<p>That sounds nasty - it must be pressing on a nerve. It may be too painful to add extra pressure; you may need to try gentle pressure to start with, and seek medical advice if it hurts too much. Good luck!</p>
I tried this way but it didn't work , i found on youtube the best easiest way ever to get rid of ganglion and it worked perfectly .. The way is to hit the ganglion with a heavy book for 1 or 2 times , ganglion would disappear at the same time gods willing
<p>That's the old method - and why one name for a ganglion is a &quot;Bible Cyst&quot;. It seemed a bit drastic to me, which is why I worked out the more gentle method ;) It's not going to work for everyone, and may need persisting with, but I'm glad you found a solution that worked for you!</p>
<p>I think I'll give this a try. I've had a ganglion cyst on my right wrist for years, and in 2012, it managed to prevent me from working as a framer (after accumulating a student loan to get into the trades). I'm a pretty tough guy, but if I can get rid of this pain, I'm all for it. I've written about my wrist in my last post ( http://soluble-fiber.com/2015/07/30/wrist-problems-a-ganglion-cyst/ - if anyone is interested). If this ends up helping, you'll have my eternal thanks!</p>
<p>Did you manage to get it to work? Hope it helped :)</p>
tried this way but it didn't work , i found on youtube the best easiest way ever to get rid of ganglion and it worked perfectly .. The way is to hit the ganglion with a heavy book for 1 or 2 times , ganglion would disappear at the same time gods willing
I do hope it works for you! It's amazing how a small lump of fluid can cause so much pain and disability! Good luck - let us know how you go :)
I highly doubted this would work. I had already gone to the doctor and gotten the cyst drained but in returned in less than a week. Skeptically I tried this remedy and used an eraser and wrapped my foot in an ace bandage. I did this during the day for less than an hour for 3 days consecutively. That is all I could stand. I also massaged the cyst after the bandage came off. Miraculously, it disappeared! It's been gone for over a week so I thought I should post my results for others. Good luck!
<p>Wow, it sounds painful- glad the method worked for you! </p>

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