Picture of Get rid of circles under your eyes
This instructable will help you prevent, treat and cover up those circles under your eyes. Puffy eyes or bags under eyes are similar problems to dark circles, so they will also be dealt with in this instructable.

In order to deal with the problem of under eye circles, it is important to address the cause.


Lack of sleep

This is probably the most well know cause for under eye circles. Sleep is the best beauty treatment you can give yourself, not to mention that the overall health benefits are enormous. Eight hours of sleep is what most people need but rarely get, most people have such busy lives, staying up late and getting up early is common. It is important to your overall health that you try to get 8hrs of sleep each night.

Sometimes people don't get enough sleep because they have trouble falling asleep, or wake up in the middle of the night and can't get back to sleep. A few tips for falling asleep are;

- reduce the intake of caffeine,
- don't drink caffeinated beverages too late in the day,
- try to wind down and relax before bedtime,
- don't eat later than 3 hrs before bedtime,
- or exercise too late at night.

If you have trouble shutting up your thoughts or worries when your head hits the pillow try talking them out with a friend or partner before bed or write it in a journal.

Clock watching can make things worse, as you count the hours you have until you get up, you get more anxious about whether your able to get any sleep at all. If you have this problem, try moving your clock so you can't see it at all from your bed.

Stress is a big reason why people have trouble sleeping, try stress management techniques such as exercise and meditation. Insomnia can also be a chronic problem, talk to your doctor to get some advice or a referral to a sleep clinic.
HollieC5 months ago

I had dark circles under my eyes since my son was born. I used to cover
the circles with makeup. I came across DermalMD serum online and order it to
try it its working great the dark circles have been clearing quick. I
recommend this gel to all the people that need help with dark circles
and wrinkles.

ChelseaS18 months ago

I've tried a lot of eye creams and most just don't do it...my good friend told me about an organic eye cream she got in a Hollywood swag bag from some event she was at. Its the Made from Earth Olive Night Cream - and she fell in love with it so I went on line and ordered it myself from their website - I also fell in love with it ...the cream works, you should check this out..

ChrysN (author)  ChelseaS18 months ago

Cool, I will check it out!

lleah2 years ago
Haha I like how u used miis!
I just wanted to thank you for the great tips. I will definitely try all of this, wish me no black circles. Thank you.. :)
ruthy nov4 years ago

very comprehensive! Rocker Chick is right about the hemmorhoid ointment.
It works on the blood vessels that are somewhat too expanded and I use it always as concealer. Very cheap and safe!
Joanassie7 years ago
You recommend drinking about 8 glasses of water a day. do you mean the short glasses, or the tall ones? I drink 4 tall glasses of water a day and I'm mostly healthy. I mean, I'm sneezing and have puffy eyes, but there are 5 cats in the house. Then again, my heart rate lowers after great amounts of exercise, so I'm probably not a good barometer.
ChrysN (author)  Joanassie7 years ago
I probably should have said 8 8oz glasses a day which is a general rule. Another way of determining how much you need per day is to divide you weight in pounds by 2 and that's how many ounces. So for someone who is 150 pounds they need 75 ounces of water per day.
gk1651 ChrysN5 years ago
and you can take into account other beverages you drink as well as foods that are moist. The "glasses" of water is not meant to be over and above everything else. check this out http://www.snopes.com/medical/myths/8glasses.asp
I always add hemmorhoid cream under me eyes. ( yes i know it sounds gross, but it works!)
ChrysN (author)  ~Rocker Chick~6 years ago
I've heard about that but I've been hesitant to try, so it works eh.
knarx7 years ago
Ah, now I have it, finally. This is a wii-avatar. I knew I know this thing.
ChrysN (author)  knarx7 years ago
Yes its a MII, I couldn't figure out how to transfer them to my PC so I just took a picture of my TV screen, so the image quality isn't that great.
Nintendo's latest console, the Wii (not Nintendo Wii, just Wii), is spelled capital W lowercase i lowercase i, because the ii is probably supposed to represent two people. Now, I think this comment might have a lot of Wii info, but I think it's necessary. The Mii is supposed to sound like "me", as Wii is supposed to sound like "we". Like the name Wii, Mii has two lowercase i's. Also...
Ohhhh, if you want it to be possessive, it's just I-T-S,
but if it's supposed to be a contraction, it's I-T-apostrophe-S... scalawag.
Woah, that was long but informative! How about short and informative? I get enough sleep, but i have had dark circles under my eyes since i was six- too many 1st grade birthday parties i guess...
ChrysN (author)  androidheart7 years ago
Sorry it is a bit long winded. I tried to break it up a bit with headings and subheadings so you can scan through. I'm guessing your dark circles are probably not age related. There are other factors such as diet(are you getting enough iron?), allergies, not drinking enough water, etc that might be the cause. If its genetic there is not to much you can do about it.
kaste7 years ago
Nice instructable with good info! I think you probably meant eight GLASSES of water per day, though, not eight ounces.
ChrysN (author)  kaste7 years ago
Thanks, I didn't do a very good job proofreading, eh.
knarx7 years ago
Nice Instructable. I like the explanation of the causes. Mine is more effect- than cause-oriented.