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this is perhaps simplest way to get rid of mosquitoes .
Item required:
1. camphor. 50 grams .(as shown in photo)
It should last for a month or more.

take any small bowl , put one camphor tablet in it. fill it with water . 
normal water will do.
put an any corner of your room.
you can see immediate effect .if there were any mosquitoes they will go away.

to make more effective,crush camphor slightly.
if room is big, use two bowls with same process.
you can change water after 2 days. use old water it to wipe floor .

I hope this project reaches poor people in asia and africa.

If you don't get in small sizes, try breaking it in capsule size to avoid wastage .


manutea (author)2012-11-21

This trick worked for me; no more !¤#~|`^¨ mosquitoes in da house!!
thank you very much for sharing this !!

jignesh shah (author)manutea2012-11-27

welcome and please spread word so as maximum people can be benifitted from it.

zazenergy (author)2011-09-06

Looks good! I've always stuck with citronella, but this is a nice alternative.

jignesh shah (author)zazenergy2011-09-06

ya, go on ,
try it and spread the word.

HarveyH44 (author)2011-09-04

I have camphor trees, but they don't seem to do much outside, still have mosquito. Would leaves or branch work indoors, instead of pills?

jignesh shah (author)HarveyH442011-09-04

leaves should help. I think the main component is should smell to draw mosquitoes & flies away.

mohigupt (author)2016-04-09

Hi jignesh,
Is it safe for kids of 10 months age to sleep in safe room? Just wondering if the odour can have any allergic reaction to small kids.

jignesh shah (author)mohigupt2016-04-10

Yes dear, it is very safe, also it will not give any smell, as it will be mixed with water.
Check out by observing him for cold or cough though.

Chui MienL (author)2016-02-20

i have a easiest, cheapest, natural and effective way to kill mosquito.

just add a little detergent into some water. put the water outside the house, any place. after a few days u will find some mosquito died in it. people said the mosquitoes are attracted to spawn in the water but what i found was even the thinn mosquitoes are also died in it. please try to prevent mosquito borne disease like zika.

ManasT (author)2015-04-18

Thank you for providing such useful information @jignesh. But the method worked when the no. of mosquitoes were at minimal level , during peak hours when there no. is plenty on ordinary days this method fails. Please provide solution to it if any . I added 60 g of camphor in about 200 ml of water.

moluguvs made it! (author)ManasT2016-01-06

Some more remedies:

  • 1.Put out a dish of soapy water:
    If you're having an outdoor meal, you can keep mosquitoes away by placing a
    dish of water with some dish soap in a discreet place nearby. The mosquitoes
    will be attracted to the water source, and they'll get trapped in the soap
    bubbles and drown.
  • 2.Use lighting that doesn't
    attract mosquitoes. Place LED lights around doorways, windows and porches.
    Mosquitoes won't hang around if the light is sourced from LED lights, yellow
    bug lights or sodium lamps.
  • 3.Place 2 tablets of camphor on
    different corners of the room or at places where mosquitoes seem to love to
    stay! Leave them there and they will evaporate in a day or so keeping the air
    purer and mosquito free. Courtesy "The Art of Eating"
Nadioushka (author)2015-12-06

Where to buy it pls

tjain3 made it! (author)2015-09-18

yeah! i try this this process work instant and also you can burn camphor. Thanks for sharing.

Bdudley8383 (author)2015-08-15

Anyone who cares about their pets do not use this where they can access it. If ingested as with any essential oil can cause seizures liver damage and death. There are safe home remedies; this isnt one of them

JPushkarH (author)2015-07-11

Not working here in Aurangabad, Maharashtra.. I am trying in closed room

anghellix (author)2015-04-28

I'm going to surely try this and see if it works. I've read that burning neem leaves can also be helpful.

mrwhitelight (author)2015-04-19

Its useless

saurabh.rajput.1297 (author)2015-02-23

not working in balcony

it will work in closed spaces . not in balcony.

AbuS2 (author)2015-03-01

trying it today, let me see what happens

What is


where can i get it

saurabh.rajput.1297 (author)2015-02-23

It is not working in balcony .

vsharma35 (author)2014-03-17

Hw much camphor needs to be put in water. Is it 50 gm tablet which needs to be put in water?

jignesh shah (author)vsharma352014-03-18

hi it should initially be 100 grams and then you can add about 5 to 10 grams daily.

rimar2000 (author)2011-09-04

I will try this next summer. I am in southern hemisphere.

xrobwx (author)rimar20002012-08-15

Yeah, I am in Florida (The Panhandle) and we have them the size of small RC helicopters hahah. Thanks for the info!

rimar2000 (author)xrobwx2012-08-16

In recent years the mosquitoes here are much smaller, and more aggressive. Sometimes I hurt ankles from scratching, and I have to apply myself white vinegar in quantity to relieve itching.

bmr54 (author)2012-07-06

yea if your really sick and tired of Black fly's, Mosquitoes, and any thing else that like to take you blood all you need to do is take 2 odorless garlic capsules once a day and those pesky little bitters won't bother you at all

9w2xyz (author)2012-04-05

In the tropical jungle, we frequently find ourselves in camping group. Since this kind of smorgasbord is exactly what mozzies look for, the best thing you can hope for is to make yourself a less attractive target.

1. INgest lots of garlic. Raw. 5 cloves a day a week before is potent.
2. Take frequent showers.
3. Stay off any scents. This includes shower gels cologne after shave and the like.
4. Wear light coloured clothing.
5. Have a little citronella on you, or a ciggie.
6. Sit beside a person who does not observe hints 1,2,3,4 and 5.

It never fails.

9w2xyz (author)2012-04-05

zazenergy : Citronella works better than camphor. I use both. Bear in mind, camphor and kids can not mix. And it burns quite nicely.........

maruawe (author)2011-09-12

I do not believe that I would use this camphor in an enclosed places. I'm checking but I believe that this could be allergenic to some people,Especially if the have lung problems..

I am checking the toxicity of this vapor :
It can also be synthetically produced from oil of turpentine. It is used for its scent, as an ingredient in cooking (mainly in India), as an embalming fluid, for medicinal purposes, and in religious ceremonies. A major source of camphor in Asia is camphor basil.

jignesh shah (author)maruawe2011-09-16

i have instructed to dilute in water. so no direct contact. it should not have ill effect on your health.

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