Step 2: The Dremel's Bits

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Almost any Dremel you buy will come with several different bits. Each has its own specific use, and each must be used correctly in order for them to last. Here I will explain the bits I own, and their various uses. I wish I knew how to do those nifty bullet type things, but until then:

Cutting Bits:

Fiberglass Cutting Disc - I love these guys, they are the largest cutting bit you can get for a Dremel, and they tend to last for a good while before breaking. Advantages include deeper cuts and they're able to cut stronger material, such as metal and ceramic. Disadvantages are that refill packs are about $10 for five of them.

Standard Cutting Disc - Also decent for metal, most replacement packs come with many for cheap. They break often, and I've been nicked by flying disc-shrapnel before. Used for all-purpose cutting. Use these before your nice fiberglass ones.

Grinding Bits:

Carbide and Standard Grinding Bits - Both essentially the same, the carbide bits are designed more for metal, however the standard ones work well on it too. Use these whenever you have to take down sharp edges on something. The small carbide one is decent for drilling holes through metal, just make sure you center punch it with a nail or something beforehand.

Various Sized Sanding Bits - Almost self explanatory, use these for sanding wood inner corners and edges. Note that these will break very quickly if you attempt to use them on metal. The sanding discs are used primarily for flat surfaces and edges, you could call these disposable, refill kits are cheap and plentiful. More information on how to change and replace these later.

Carbon Steel Brush Bit - I love this one as well. Very useful for cleaning out tools and taking paint off anything. Scrapes away delicately on a lower setting and more vigorously on a higher setting. Can be used in place of a larger wire brush wheel to clean files.

Drilling Bits:

Drill Bit - When I don't want to go out back to my drill press or get the DeWalt, this is a worthy substitute. Whenever drilling into anything, be sure to center punch it with an awl or Leatherman tool.

Brush Bit - Not truly a drilling bit, but still worthy of mention. Can be used for....well for brushing things. Not the most useful attachment, but it's handy to have...sometimes.
csiquet5 years ago
I downloaded the bits' chart from the Dremel site, I had it printed in A3 size and plastified. Very useful.
kokpat csiquet1 year ago

I would like to have a look on the link but....

Page not found.....

csiquet kokpat1 year ago

The link is 4 years old, they updated the site since then. After a small search, you can find these documents:



kokpat csiquet1 year ago

Many Thx, I did not realize that this article is 4 years old because it appear in my fb recently.
Anyway, it helps a lot and thx for reply me.

rhoaste6 years ago
Sorry to sound a bore, but it's essential to wear safety glasses when using the cutting disks in conjunction with the Dremel or similar tool. When the cutting disks break (and I can assure you they will), fragments fly everywhere at colossal speed. If one of these hits you in the eye- it's game over. Be safe!

I can personally attest to the high levels of pain inflicted by flying broken cutting disks. I'm fortunate enough to still have both eyes, but have gotten blisters on my eyelids before from the hot fragments hitting them.

ABLACKX rhoaste6 years ago
If you read the whole Instruct able you'll see the the last step is about safety , but thanx for pointing that out :) "Safety First"
osgeld ABLACKX6 years ago
Im sorry but that just tickles me, "Safety First" but ironically its on the last page
ABLACKX osgeld6 years ago
Your comment is a killer , I'm now left speechless :) you're %100 right ,good one
mgingerich1 year ago

Wish I'd read this before I destroyed a grinding bit by trying to cut with it. Nice Instructable!

A nice and usefull instructable! Finally someone who can explain to me what the different bits are for!

The Dremel Europe site has great tips and videos. Important tips on cutting discs: the 409 (not fiberglass reinforced) should be used double, that is 2 discs together. The 456 (fiberglass reinforced) should be used with a a washer on each side. Click on "Training Videos". http://www.dremeleurope.com/gb/en/download
Shagglepuff5 years ago
Nice, what's the melted solder for? It kooks really useful.
jack85597 years ago
The bit you call a cleaning stone is actually a shaping stone and is glued in place to keep your fingers from being ground down when using it. If you apply pressure to it, it eats away at the stone thus'cleaning' it or shaping the stone to whatever shape you desire. They tend to fly away at times and get hot when used, that's why they are glued in place. If you use an air die grinder with stones, you'll appreciate the fact that you have a holder for when the stone slips off the cleaning stone and grinds your finger/nail/hand.