I've been teaching myself hobby electronics for a while now, I've had that magical blue smoke that tells me when I've fried something. nothing is more annoying than prototyping on a breadboard for 3 hours only to see it go up in smoke or flames because i put the positive wire on the negative rail and vice versa.

so after thinking about the best way to over engineer the problem i came up with a solution.

Step 1: The First Step, Make Something.

this is the easiest step, I'm getting into the integrated circuits side of electronics so before I can start dumping money into my hobby i want to make sure that I'm not going to destroy what i've already bought. so to start off I'm going to build a simple led black light because i really enjoy black lights!

the materials i am using are simply:

.1: a 9volt 1 amp wall wart
.2:lm7805c 5 volt voltage regulator
.3:electrolytic capacitor, 35volts 10 microfarad
.4:metal film capacitor, 50volts .1 microfarads
.5: 5 100 ohm resisters
.6: 8 ultra violet leds, i forgot the specs to.
.7: brand new large breadboard, fresh out of the pack from Radioshack, the overpriced shop of wonders.

actually most everything is from Radioshack so it's not like i can complain about the price.

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