Introduction: Get the Cheapest Flights to ANYWHERE!!

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Once again, Lil Smokie here! This time I am here to tell you a HUGE secret. I got tickets from San Francisco CA to Lima, Peru round trip for only $450. There are many cheap flight websites out there. But if you only look to buy the day you have the money to purchase the tickets. You are in for an unfortunate surprise. Follow these super simple instructions and you will get the cheapest possible flights ALWAYS!!

Step 1: Go to and Sign Up

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If you haven't already checked out Tripadvisor, I strongly recommend the site. Not only is it where I get all my cheapest flights but I think they have a rather smart following of people and the reviews are usually dead on. I think it is better than yelp, personally.

Anywho, go to the site: TripAdvisor

Sign up for an account. I think it is easiest to use social media to sign up but whatever your preference is works fine.

Once you sign in they will ask you if you want to join any of they email services. Select AirfareDogwatch, it is the first choice on the list.

Step 2: Add ALL Flight Alerts Desired.

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Go to your little name at the top of the page, a drop down menu will appear.

Click Subscriptions

The first option on the subscriptions page is Tripwatch, not the same as AirWatch.

You need to ADD AirWatch NOT TripWatch.

Oaky so this is the fun part. I just imagined all the places I would love to visit, either I have friends there or just been wanting to see the sights.

Select the city from where you want to depart, and the place you wish to go.

Really it is best to set the alerts about 6 months to a year before you are planning on leaving for the trip. That way you have plenty of time to get the cheapest price and the dates you want.

Also I just put out random places just incase a really cheap flight comes up and I have the time and money to go.

One time I got an email for $350 round trip to Dublin!!!

and $600 to Sweden! !!

Step 3: Check the Emails for Cheap Flights

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So this part is where most people get turned off by the idea.

When I got my $450 roundtrip to Lima I was actually planning a trip a Peru and the Flights all averaged around $800 round trip. So I set the Flight Alert. I got alerts for 6 months once a month saying prices were $720 instead of $800. I knew I wasn't going to be able to go to Peru until December 2013 but I put the alert out in Jan 2013 anyway. It was all worth it too in my opinion. Finally in Aug 2013 I began getting emails saying the tickets were down to $650. Then the next week I got one for $550. I almost swooped it up but I held out. Finally the very next week I got the email for $450 round drip on Delta Airlines! I couldn't of been happier at the moment. I Purchased for the exact dates I was planning on going anyway.

You will receive regular emails from trip advisor, however they only send them when tickets actually go down in price and as you can see in the picture it will send up to 5 months in advance if the prices are lower than normal.

I think this is totally worth the once a week emails. I haven't even used this service in over a year but I am still happy to get the emails. Because if prices are right I will buy a ticket to anywhere at anytime!

Thanks for reading!!


Kiteman (author)2015-07-27

You're in the US - does this work in other countries?

Lil Smokie (author)Kiteman2015-07-29

Hey thanks for the question! I am not sure if it does or doesn't work in other countries. My suggestion for outside of the country travel would be to find out if it works. If not then try changing the destination to the departure. the prices should be the same either way but maybe some countries don't allow this but others do. So if you are somewhere it wont work, change your location to your destination instead and see if that helps.

Kiteman (author)Lil Smokie2015-07-29


thaynes1 made it! (author)2015-07-19

Amazing! This is basically what I spend hours doing when I want to travel, but having the alerts sent directly to me is so convenient. This is truly a lifehack. I live in the rural Midwest, so flying is an expensive part of life.

hbridge88 (author)2015-07-18

Great tips! I just signed up for flight alerts.

brawnmonda (author)2017-02-07

Amazing Post, Thanks

voyagesbooth (author)2016-11-28

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Roselynda (author)2016-08-19

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smartAirF (author)2016-06-15

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nikcompany (author)2016-03-01

Thank you ;) ;)

Moms3 (author)2015-08-08

Thank you SO much Lil Smokie!! I'm a single mom of 3 kids and have NO money! I'd just like to raise my kids well and travel!

I'd like to be able to take my oldest to Hawaii as a graduation gift.

Do you happen to have any tips like this for hotels also?

Lil Smokie (author)Moms32015-08-09

my favorite way to book hotels is After you search a destination city there are 3 tabs you can browse through. List view, name your own price, or express deals. I click express deals. From here you have the ability to search amienties or location. You cannot choose exactly where or what hotel you want but you can pick the location by clicking "view deals on map". Also the amenities and star ratings are available. They do add about $10 extra bucks on for taxes and fees to the pric listed. After you select and pay for the room it will reveal the hotel. Anytime I have used this option it is always cheaper then what the hotel is priced at. Even on its own site. Also another good site to check for hotels is travelzoo. They have a weekly top 20 travel deals. It is filled with worldwide deals I often see Hawaiian deals on there you can sign up for the weekly top 20 deals email. Or you can browse the site when you are ready to purchase to find great deals on hotels that often come with freebies like breakfast or other credits. Please check out both Priceline express deals and travelzoo website. Both great hotel options. Also sometime groupon has good travel deals as well. It is called groupon getaways. Finally there are lots of sites out there where individuals are renting out rooms or even allowing you to come stay for free. I have never done this option but I have heard a lot of great things about it. One site I hear of a lot is called There are 1000 of people willing to let you stay at there house and they may even show you around or something cool you would never have found out about without local guidance. That is for the more adventurous traveler. Anyway that's the info I got for you for all that. I should really turn into an instruct able of its own!

Divided_Loyalty (author)2015-07-28

Thank you so much! I already had my own way of checking for cheap flights, but it was boring and time-consuming... Not any more! Time to start saving those scraps... ;-)

ccarpio2 (author)2015-07-25

Enjoy my Country

Lil Smokie (author)ccarpio22015-07-25

Are you from Peru?

delicia.ambrosino.1 (author)2015-07-22

Little Smokie is SPOT ON. The only other advice I would give is this;

If your like me and don't have a few hundred just laying around to take a trip with then save your money. Grab a nice piggy bank, an empty coffee can, anything. Take your bottles back for a refund and stash that. Take a certain amount out of your pay each week like a Christmas Club type of thing and stash that too. Or pick up and extra job working a day or two a week.Believe me, if you don't you will kick yourself later when there is a place you'd love to go but the funds aren't there. Oh yeah, don't just think airfare. Think trinkets/keepsakes, eats and drinks, entertainment, transportation, hotel charges if not inclusive, and tips if applicable. I missed out on a 10 day stay at Cancun that was all inclusive {airfare, drinks, and hotel} because I didn't do this. The cost of that trip was a measly $389.00.Plus they gave us $100.00 spending money. Man was I hot.

Another tip: If a plane is overbooked tell the agent your willing to give up your seats and wait for the next flight. You can save a bundle doing that and in most cases fly for free.

yeah you are right about saving money for vacation for sure. I am just the type of person who will spend my last $100 on traveling. It is what I live for. But I always have a piggy bank going too. I cash it in for spending money too!

unseen1980 (author)2015-07-22

If you want to search by budget you can try

cybergod (author)2015-07-17

Nothing like some ADVERTISING to make your Saturday morning. Seriously?

damaltor (author)cybergod2015-07-22


neopolitan (author)cybergod2015-07-18

nothing wrong with showing people how to save hundreds of dollars. Tripadvisor isnt making huge margins on this sort of transaction either...

Lil Smokie (author)cybergod2015-07-17

honestly I think if you took a look at my other instructables and my picture along with my company website(link located under my name-now thats shameless advertising) you would know that I dont work for Tripadvisor. Just a loyal fan of their services.

Lil Smokie (author)cybergod2015-07-17

Hey Not sure if what you mean by that. Plus its friday...

josesolana (author)2015-07-21

Its great... Im argentinian, so i have to change my my languague to english, cause doesnt appear AirWatch... :)

Thank you very much! I hope know "your city"(Las Vegas) soon :)

knexpert1700 (author)2015-07-21

I recommend Skiplagged. The guy who made it is in some legal trouble against other airfare companies for how his system finds the cheap prices. It is great. I found Boston Logan International to London Heathrow for about $650 a few months ago.

klindner (author)2015-07-21

Just did this. Thank you!

User1 (author)2015-07-21

"Finally in Aug 2013 I began getting emails saying the tickets were down
to $650. Then the next week I got one for $550. I almost swooped it up
but I held out."

So what was the price after you held out for the $450 price?

Lil Smokie (author)User12015-07-21

Good question, It never went any lower so I was happy to get it for $450!!

DDW_OR (author)2015-07-21

another airline to try is Allegiantair. when i lived in Phoenix AZ i found they where the cheapest for flights to Minnesota, Montana, Oregon. it helps that i lived within 50 miles of the Mesa airport.

Now that i live in Oregon i can fly from Eugene to Phoenix for just over $200, Round trip, non stop, one carry on bag.

Lil Smokie (author)DDW_OR2015-07-21

Ya, thats funny I found out about allegiant air when I lived in Eugene 7 years ago. I would get flights to Las Vegas for $100 round trip. Such a great airline! Especially for those who live in smaller towns around America!!

satoko68 (author)2015-07-21

Thanks :-) Been a member of TripAdvisor for 8 years but unsubscribed from all their mails from the beginning & had forgotten all about it. Good reminder :-)

We do a lot of international travel, especially since we have homes in 2 countries, so this will help with costs a great deal. Flights are always brutal. For 2 of us, it can cost between $3000-5000 round trip, total. It kills me to pay those absolutely outrageous prices, but that's what happens when you've got family & jobs all over the world. I've now signed up for alerts on our destinations, plus a few holidays we'd like to take.

Lil Smokie (author)satoko682015-07-21

Oh so glad to be a helpful reminder for you! Enjoy your vactions!!

david3d (author)2015-07-21

Nice. better than constantly searching these site over and over again.

Gairuntee (author)2015-07-21

I'm going to give it a try! I usually use google. In the search box I type where I am and where I want to fly to and lil calendars pop up giving me prices for the cheapest flight for everyday. Wonder how it stacks up.

tomaskoteles (author)2015-07-21

Interesting tabs in your browser :)

Lil Smokie (author)tomaskoteles2015-07-21

LOL! You are observant. The computer is actually my boyfriends. He is a Rapper. Google Sparkle Barf, might expalin the tabs. haha

g_Bear (author)2015-07-21

Just a little pro-tip (this is almost exactly what I do!), once you find your flight, book directly with the airline in question to avoid any booking fees applied through TripAdvisor. An even better pro tip, for those of you who live close enough to the airport, is to go to the ticket counter and purchase and then you avoid upwards of $100 of convenience fees or more!

Lil Smokie (author)g_Bear2015-07-21

Yes, Your right that is excatly what I did too. I went to Delta Airlines and purchased my tickets instead of going through tripadvisor. I also do that when I book hotels. I find the one that I want and then go to the Hotels website and book that way.

societygangrape (author)2015-07-21


1800yolk (author)2015-07-21

this is a great tip, especially considering that a lot of major US airlines are being investigated for price collusion atm

Matis1 (author)2015-07-19

Ah, airwatch is not available for the Netherlands :( Too bad.
Any other tips?
I'd like to travel to Belize

cwillis4 (author)2015-07-17

thanks!! this is great I'm gonna try it!

seamster (author)2015-07-17

Great tips, thanks!

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