Get those bangs out of your face - easy hairstyling

Picture of Get those bangs out of your face - easy hairstyling
This is a quick, easy way to pin back even the shortest craziest bangs while you are trying to grown them out or just trying to keep cool in the hot summer weather.
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Step 1: First, comb your bangs forward

Picture of First, comb your bangs forward
comb them down and away from your part. It doesn't matter where you make the part. I imagine you could even start over your ear, but that side of my bangs doesn't really get in my way!

Step 2: Pull the bangs up and back

Picture of Pull the bangs up and back

Start with a little section on the heaviest side of your part. Pull it up and start to pull back

Step 3: Tuck that peice back and pull up the next little section

Picture of Tuck that peice back and pull up the next little section
The best analogy I can think of is that this is like rolling the hair back away from your face. You are rolling those bangs back and under themselves.Pulling the new from the front and rolling it back with the older pieces behind the next section of bangs.

Step 4: Go as far as you want!

Picture of Go as far as you want!
Photo 14.jpg

I usually go across the front of my forehead and then start rolling back into my longer hair at the right (in the picture). I just like the way it looks and it is easier to work the little wisps into your hair. I sometimes leave the wisps out, though, all spiky and punky. Up to you!

My hair is super-fine, so those little poofy spots at the crown just slide down behind the roll, but you may want to roll them in tighter and more careful if you have coarse hair. I am not sure, but I know that when I don't straighten, my curls tend to not poof at the top there, might be that my hair is so fine straightened it is a little wild :)
jnifrwebb5 years ago
My hair is the same way, I don't dye it, but the top of my hair gets hit by the sun and is several shades lighter than the roots and underneath. People tell me all the time it looks like I need to touch up.
I have the same thing! My mom said when I was little that I had "calico cat hair." I dyed it to get more out of my natural highlights. It appears that the sun is always shining on me, which matches my personality! ;)
Maui Gerbil
swinding (author)  jnifrwebb5 years ago
Haha! I dye it, but it is in layers so it looks kind of different. Not sure how to explain it. I just figured I'd head off snarky comments, but there aren't so many on this site :)
I think yours looks really nice either way.
KovuKora4 years ago
Oh, you're the best! My bangs are getting a bit on the long side and driving my crazy! Thanks so much for the instructable.
scoochmaroo5 years ago
I did it! And I didn't even need a mirror :D Awesomesauce for someone who's trying to grow out their hair!!
Super cute idea!
This is wonderful! I've worn my hair this way the past three days and I love it. It keeps my bangs out of my face while I'm at work and its much classier than just pinning them straight back. I put a twist of my bangs pinned to one side of my part and another twist on the opposite side and make a crown type effect that is very pretty. Thanks for my new favorite look!
keres5 years ago
Thanks for the instructable! I've seen other girls with this style and I've tried to replicate it, but I never quite figured out how to make it stay in place. I'll try again with your instructions. :)