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This is a very simple Instructable, designed to show you how to get warm very fast when your out in the elements or how to keep those legs and toes warm while your in your tree stand.

Step 1: Item needed

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Go to your local discount superstore and pick up a bulk pack of disposable heat packs...... they are in the outdoor section with the hunting goods.
shooby6 years ago
Not exactly a DIY solution...next up, how to temporarily cure hunger: 1) Go to McDonalds, buy some burgers. 2) Get hungry. 3) Eat burgers.
Thanks, il never go hungry again!
Still, it's scientifically sound, and most people don't know the artery trick...I didn't. I'm moving to Montana, so I'm sure I'll have a chance to use this knowledge.
chetaev5 years ago
Has anyone tried to stick the toe warmer ones (the ones that have stickers on them) directly on skin? Does it become uncomfortable after a while?

SmAsH!5 years ago
good 'ible!
If your stuck in a snow drift in your car,this little trick may make the difference between life and death.
Mind youyou have to make sure these hotshot thingy's are with you in the first place.