Picture of Get your supplies!
You need: Scissors, tape, wrapping paper, and your gift.
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Step 1: The perfect size paper

Picture of The perfect size paper
You take he scissors and cut the wrapping paper to fit around your gift perfectly.

Step 2: Tape it!

Picture of Tape it!
You take one of the longer sides of the wrapping paper and tape it to the gift.

Step 3: Tape (continued)

Picture of Tape (continued)
Fold the opposite side over where you taped and tape it down.

Step 4: The "Funky Folding"

Picture of The
You take the other end of your gift and you fold it down. It almost looks like a shovel.

Step 5: Funky folding (continued)

Picture of Funky folding (continued)
You take each side of your "Shovel" and fold them in.

Step 6: The finale!

Picture of The finale!
Then you fold the point up across the gift and tape it down.

Step 7: Repeats..

Picture of Repeats..
Then you repeat steps 4, 5, and 6 to the other side. And you add a tag Then your finished! :D
Nice tutorial!
WriterChick2 years ago
Christmas is pretty exciting, eh? Good first-time 'ible.

Please consider adding more information, like maybe measuring two sides of the gift and doubling that measurement, then adding an inch, to be sure the paper you cut will reach. Also, the "shovel" should be trimmed if the side flaps are too much larger than 1/2 the width of the gift, as otherwise they will bunch and not lie flat.

Nice 'ible.