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Introduction: Get on Myspace at School

Ever been bored in a lousy study hall or have some time to kill at work or heck just have been waiting for that reply from your cross country lover all day and you absolutely NEED to get on Myspace? But that lousy admin. blocked your page. Here are couple different ways to get on.

Step 1: Know What You Are Doing

In no way am I or Instructables responsible for you getting caught on Myspace at school or work. If they are Blocked...THERE IS A REASON! They don't want you on this site. Make sure you are in an appropriate area before attempting to follow this Instructable.

If neccesary delete browsing history.

Step 2: Change Prefix

The simplest way to attempt to beat the block, is to change the prefix of the site. Everyone should be familiar with WWW (world wide web). In early internet development, www''''''' was neccesary. Now, you do not need to include it, but you can just type the address;

Now some methods to block sites will need the prefix input to be blocked, so if you type random prefix, like , it should still lead you to the website.

Step 3: Use a Proxy

A simple way is to use a Proxy. A proxy should allow you to get to Myspace.

My favorite ( and the one i will be showing you) is

It is very straightforward to use but only works on basic Blocking schemes and if a boss or admin. sees you using it or the website in the history, then it can be easily blocked.

Simply look for the bar with the Myspace URL and hit unblock.

other sites are: (costs money)
find your favorite!

Step 4: Google

Yea you read it right. Google. Google comes with a cool feature called Google Translation.

This method seems to work best if you start at the google homepage, so first navigate to google.

Then type/copy this into the address bar. (or click it if you have the chance)

This method works on more complex Blocking systems but is also more tedious to use.

Step 5: Need a Proxy That Can Bypass 8e6 Filters?

Im told this site works. I have never encountered an 8e6 so i have not had the chance to put this to the test. However, my close acquaintance is reliable and offered this site.

Step 6: When All Else Fails...

When all else fails, there is still one option.

Go to the hottest girl you know and ask her to find your network administrator (they are usually lonely geeks[no offense]). Tell her to flirt with him and seduce him into removing the network restriction that is keeping you from accessing MySpace. Ha!

Step 7: Enjoy

Enjoy your freedom to Myspace and also realize that many of these techniques work for other websites as well. Remember, if they blocked it in the first place, don't get caught on the site!

Please leave feedback if this helped you or not.



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    What's so fun about myspace anyway?

    it works with any site really just the contest was for myspace so yea

    Guess step 6 was a joke you guys need to get out more lol and i really dont think or nor anyone cares if it will work at ur school or not..its only tips how to do it if it doesnt work make your own

    at my skool the admin can see every single screen so no use

    step 6? thats gonna totally work at my school lol (not)

    Step 6 = epic fail

    lol, no chance of that most places, the person that has those privileges is usually the librarian, and most of the time, they don't know how to do it anyway

    Rude, but yes. The hottest girl I know knows nothing about computers.

    i like the first one i use static01. to get on instructables at school because they blocked it

    evry proxy ive tried is blocked including evry one ov ur my space proxys this is at dickinson high scool please find one that works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!