Get on Myspace at School


Introduction: Get on Myspace at School

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Here are some quick and easy ways to get on Myspace at school. Your school will have a variety of methods to block sites like Myspace, so there are several methods you can try to get around them.

Step 1: Don't Be Stupid

First, just check if your school has blocked Myspace or not. Chances are they have, but you don't want to look stupid trying to find different ways into Myspace when it isn't blocked in the first place.

Step 2: Https

Let's first start off with an easy one. The "normal" web address of Myspace is

Just add an "s" at the end of http to get:

The s basically means the site is secure. If your school isn't particularly good at blocking web sites, this should work.

Step 3: IP Address

Instead of typing in the web address to get to Myspace, you can type in the IP address.

Go to:

Type in, and it should tell you the IP address of Myspace. It turns out the address is:

TYPE this in to the address bar. DO NOT copy and paste.

Step 4: Tunneling

You can use an online "tunnel" to get to myspace. One drawback is that your school might have tunneling sites blocked....
There is a list of tunneling sites you can use, there's about 100 of them on that list so chances are one of them won't be blocked. There are a lot more proxy sites out there, just use google to find them.

If the rare chance that the link above is blocked, here is a few tunneling sites you can try (or you can use the methods in steps 1-3 to get in):

Step 5: Proxying

The first four steps showed you the most simple and basic ways to get in to myspace. The final way, proxying, is very risky. You will get into lots of trouble if your school catches you using a proxy. Which is why I won't tell you how to make one. Just google it.

Anyways, if the first four steps didn't work, chances are your school is very tech-happy and will notice right away when you use a proxy.

Step 6: What Now??

Did nothing work?

Well, if your school as myspace totally blocked off, your friends can't get in, either. So there really is no point in going to myspace if your friends aren't on to post new stuff.

Or come to the dark side.....



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    What's myspace


    When the bell goes and you get home, turn on your computer and click the "start" button...

    i can not belive i can not do this. this so stuiped

    1 reply

    If only you were so keen as to learn how to spell!

    Worked, but didnt work long enough to upload pics :p

    i Think No Matter What Website We GO To The School Board Is Goinq To Find It & Block It so Dont Believe Thiis Myspace Stuff Bcus You Waistinq Your Time! ;) Thank You! Sur 13 Baby!

    why cant i copy and paste the IP

    Can't you just wait until school is over?

    What's the difference between step 4 and 5, they seem exactly the same

    bebo is waayyy better

    ummm 1 theres wayy mare than 100 proxy sites 2 you only have one original picture

    I suggest you take some screenshots to improve your chances of winning the burning questions Otherwise very good