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Introduction: Get on Myspace at School

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So you want to bypass your school's internet filter, eh? Well look no further, I'm here to show you how. This Instructable outlines several methods that can get you past your school's filter and onto MySpace.

*NOTE* I am in no way responsible for any trouble you may get in from using this Instructable.

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Step 1: Use a Proxy

One way to access MySpace at your school is to use something called a proxy server. There are several proxies available on the web today. Just type into the search bar of the sites to access that MySpacey goodness. - This site uses a database of over 7,493 working proxy servers to help you access blocked sites.

Certain Proxy - This site was ranked one of the best proxies available today.

Zopopo - This site claims to be the best proxy on the net. It performs quite well.

Step 2: .TK

Another way to access MySpace at your school is to use .TK. This site creates a new domain name for any site you wish. It takes only three simple steps.

1. Type into the text box and click next.

2. Copy the letters from the picture into the text box.

3. Click confirm under the Anonymous Free Domain box.

4. Click the link to the page it created for you.

Step 3: Translation

Using a translation website is another way you can access MySpace from school.

1. Go to Babelfish.

2. Under the "Translate a web page" area, type in

3. Use the drop down menu to select any language to English (Ex. Chinese-Simp to English)

4. Click Translate.

Step 4: Remote Access

My last method to access MySpace from school involves using your home computer. To use this approach, you must leave your computer on during the school day and know your computer's IP address. Use this link to find out your IP address if you don't already know it.

1. On your school computer access the 'Start' menu. From there, go to All Programs and access the Accessories folder and select Remote Desktop Connection.

2. Type in your home computer's IP address.

3. Now you are connected to your home computer and can access MySpace through your home internet connection.

Step 5: Congratulations

By now you have most likely accessed MySpace at school. A word of warning though, these methods may fool your school's filter, but they won't fool your teachers. Make sure they can't see that you are accessing MySpace or using a proxy. If they catch you, it could mean some trouble. Just play it safe and have fun on MySpace.



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    My school has blocked everything I can't get on anything. Please give me some websites I can access myspace or facebook at school.


    My school doesn't allow me to do that, though I can just bring Firefox on a memory stick, and boom, unblocked :P.

    1 reply

    how do you do this?
    is the schools internet connection still used? or do you need a router or something?

    the schools block translation tool so its ALMOST impossible... unless you have TOR onion router and mozzilla firefox on USB. ( ). you have to download it at home though or a place w/ no restrictions.

    how would you disconnet the connection of the two

    yo this is so awesome and wonderful at the same time who eva thought of this is a freakin genius!!!

    note; ipconfig /all

    just one thing, do not search google at school with the search terms "bypass proxy" or similar, its pretty stupid since with most schools they can just look through history >.> people get busted at my school all the time

    yep, from what i understand it just redirects


    I have yet to see an internet filter system that does not block these. Even if it doesn't block .tk, your school's server can still see that you are going on or whatever, it just appears different to the end user.

    So if I access my bank through a proxy is the connection still secure?

    1 reply

    you could use logmein, it only requires a client on the home pc, and obviously to be online when u connect, no fancy things to remember, (ip's etc) just login and connect. done.

    Hmm, very interesting, but have you ever had your teachers go through the server and add the ban 'reason', Anonymizer?... yea, that pretty much happened for every one of those I tried, and the thing is, is... my teachers have anticipated the remote control desktop, and don't allow that program to be used, I was just saying this to inform you, that there is a program, called Ultra Surfer, and it's a proxy program, very easy to use, it lets you bypass ANYTHING... and I mean anything there is to pass.

    And as for not having teachers know your history, as in where you've been, I'de suggest installing Google Chrome, and opening an "Incognito Window" It lets you surf the net, without even thinking about jotting down your internet history _. Hope this helps.

    Lol. another thing is. not just teenagers go onto this site, as soon as a teacher would spot this, they will immediately check their firewall settings.


    Now the question is why you'd want to get on Myspace at all? :) Good info though for getting past internet filters!

    My school has this nasty little tool called synchroneyes. It shows the librarian exactly what you are looking at, and she can take over your computer at any time and log you off. It also logs which websites you go to, so just in case she misses you once, she can look back into your past. Not to mention they have blocked all proxies, etc. etc. to get past the chinese-esque school death wall of internet blockage. But then again, I have no need, instructables isn't blocked at school. That's all I need.

    3 replies

    we have something like that called AB Tutor control

    Lol we have that At my high school But i found a unlocked pc and nearly got suspended for Copying a shortcut to my drive so i could stop them from watching me GOd its like Big bro lol

    NO!! it's worse. They control school today then the entire internet tomorrow!!!