Introduction: Copper Spear

Here you will learn to make copper tipped spear

Step 1: Whack a Copper Mole

Now you get to take your frustration out on a poor innocent piece of copper   

Step 2:

Excuse my cheap camera and bad lighting in my basement

Step 3: Get to the Point

Now you have a crude dull point.  Pound it on the edges until you get a point

Step 4: A Sticky Situation

Now tape or tie the blade on

Step 5: Almost There

Vola! Your done! And I am not responsible for any stupid or dangerous ideas you get from making this, I'm only responsible for my own.


wolf996 (author)2011-11-26

Hey Feel Free To Comment!!!

conkay119 (author)wolf9962011-11-28

no thanks....

wolf996 (author)conkay1192011-11-29

Hey I Was Trying To Be Nice Unlike Some Folk Here.

conkay119 (author)wolf9962011-12-05

yeah i know. i was just messing around. sorry 'bout that. nice idea

wolf996 (author)conkay1192011-12-06

Ya. I Was Bored And Desperate On My Instructable.
P.S. I Used Copper I "Borrowed" From My 6th Grade Teacher

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Bio: *** Cannot Compute*** I've been known to try stupid and dangerous things, therefore never get locked in am room with me.
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