Step 5: Persist, or Don't

For me and for many other makers, knowing when to quit can be a very tricky matter. If you care enough about something to create it in your garage, it can be next to impossible to know when to fight and when to switch gears.

I'm afraid I don't have any great advice on this one: it's a balance I wrestle with myself. Just remember that, regardless of what bureaucracies approve of your project, there are plenty of challenges to work on. And, for most projects of reasonable size/odor/explosiveness/volume combinations, you can likely get away with having your illegal prototype without too many officials spilling their stamp ink!

On my pedicab example, I think I was about to have to give up and contemplate getting a normal job *shudder*:-)
Nice Instructable but....Who do I go to to get a project approved?  My local DMV?
With all due respect Sir..Government needs to do exactly what our U.S. Consttution says it can do..nothing more nothing less. Right now, our Government is totally out of control..it will be brought back into control shortly..people are just plain fed up.
just like all Politicians they all have a week spot for MONEY! it seems to be the American's Political motivation with lots of money one cam move many country s and governments example G Bush JR. his money bought him the USA and big profit in the Iraq OIL markets ! YES sir MONEY will make any project get any stamp you want on it ! It is just the AMERICAN WAY
i don't know about austin, but most of the government goombas around here (east iowa) would rather you just bring in a well drawn blueprint (clean lines, measurements, notations, etc) so they have something to put on file, and don't have to get off their a$$es and actually look at anything. if it's questionable or they're personally interested, they'll go look, but most of the time if you lay out all of your documentation it generally won't be a problem.
BTW; Bueller? Bueller? Ferris Bueller? Anybody seen Bueller today? Bueller? Bueller?... (sorry, i had to ;) )
lol, that was a funny part. Save Ferris Bueler! Save Ferris Bueler!
I like this, but have a few questions that seem to be a little more basic than this instructable. Where exactly do I go to find someone to inspect a project? Where do I find out if I need it inspected? thanks! -DMC
I'd add a step:<br/>--<em>First</em>, talk to others who've already been through the process; even if their project isn't an exact analog for your own. Their experiences can help prevent a lot of angst.<br/><br/>(hehe. Ben Stein's character--I've done a bit of teaching (both HS and Univ), but don't have a formal education background. In two separate occasions, other teachers have used his character to illustrate what <em>not</em> to do...<br/><br/>Anyone?...anyone?...(gives the answer.)<br/>)<br/>
Ben Stein may not have been a true bureaucrat, but he did work as a speech writer for Nixon and Ford so I guess he does truly embody the spirit. Great Instructable, both this and the Pedi-Cab
I hate the government. They are too up tight about everything, Good instructable!
It's good to see that you persisted until you got a fair inspection, and knew your local laws, too. I'm glad it all worked out. Now you just need to make 2.0 and try to have the same guy inspect it =]<br/>

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