Getting Games at School





Introduction: Getting Games at School

Say your teacher has blocked all game websites, what do you do? You hack! copy files! All you need is a computer at home, Firefox installed, and a file transfer method, cd/dvd-r, or flash drive. Here is the [〈=en-US link] if you do not already have Firefox, the best web browser known to man.

Step 1: Get Your Games!

Now that you have Firefox installed, you're ready to get your games. Go to a game website, i chose FreeWorldGroup. Select your game and wait for it to load.

Step 2: Save the Games

Your game has loaded, right? Go to File -> Save page as. Now a little dialog box appears save it as the name of the game and select where you want to save it to, usually desktop. Then the download window appears, it will magically download at hyper speed, even without showing you the progress bar.

Step 3: Find Your Files

Now you have to find your files, since i download my files to desktop, that's where they will be.

Step 4: Open the File.

Open the saved file and find a SWF document, that is your saved game.

Step 5: Transfer

Now drag & drop the files to the destination folder. Because i have many games saved, they are all compiled in one file.

Step 6: Burn It

Now you have to transfer the files. My favorite option is CR-RW. You could also use a flash drive, or as kate_27 suggested, you could email them to yourself. I like to be able to give games to everyone in my class, so emailing them is not an option.

Step 7: Open

So now all you have to do is bring the CD/flash drive to your classroom and drag the files to the harddrive.
To open the file, right click on it and select "Open With" and select your web browser.




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Questions & Answers


Would this work with other browsers such as chrome or opera, or newer versions of Firefox?


I have one question. Does this work when the two computers are different operating systems, so like, does it work when one computer is Windows, and the other is Mac?

as long as it has a flash player... and a HDD

I'm not an expert with TCP/IP, but wouldn't the firewall be thwarted by using Firefox off of a flash drive? Then go through a good proxy in FF. This is because IE has been set up to block proxies at our school.

it depends; if the firewall is just a add on to ie then yes. if it is a actual firewall then no because it monitors all the http traffic which would be n e browser.