Getting Into Windows Firewall W/O Admin





Introduction: Getting Into Windows Firewall W/O Admin

Hello, this tutorial lets you peek around into the C Drive of you schools computer ( or any computer you don't have Admin privileges on ). Sorry for no pictures, but i'll make it as simple as possible.

Step 1: Drag you mouse down to the bottom left of you computer to the little Microsoft icon.

Step 2: Type in Windows Firewall, it should pop-up { Windows Firewall with Advanced Security } Right click, open file location

Note: This does not give you admin privileges, this only lets you look around in the Firewall, in my next Instructable, i'll show you how to get into those hidden files the tech guy, or whoever set your computer up, hid from you. e.g. - the Temp Folder, & stuff like Appdata

If you have any questions, go ahead and ask, ill get to them as soon as i can.



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    This is for Windoze 95, right?

    Ha, nah, all for I know, it works on all windows

    What do you think will happen if you get caught?

    I've done this everyday for a few weeks, they don't monitor you like that, just do not try and put a .bat in there and rub it, they caught me doing that