Ants can be nice as pets when they stay in their farm, but when they take over your living space it’s time to seek a remedy that will rid your home of them. This instructable describes the solution my dorm-mates and I successfully used against an ant invasion in our hall. It’s low-mess, takes up very little space, and will get rid of most kinds of ants, even when you don't know where they're coming from, including Carpenter, Black, Red, and Fire.

It’s also quick, easy, cheap, and safe to use across the board. (Don’t underestimate safety. There are many harsh commercial solutions out there including pastes, jelly caps, and ant boxes, but these can be dangerous for children or pets.) One of the ingredients we used, Borax, is commonly used as a natural washing detergent. Because it’s basically just soap, you don’t have to worry about damaging carpets or furniture.

Unfortunately there is a bit of post-mortem clean-up. But believe me, you won’t think of this as biological warfare when the ants come after your foodstuffs and start crawling into your bed!

Despite what you may have seen in the movies, being bitten by an ant will not give you the superpowers of Antman! Really, it’s best to get rid of them before you’re even entertaining that possibility.

Step 1: What you will need

Here is your ant invasion shopping list:

  • A container of borax (you should be able to find this in the laundry detergent aisle)
  • Some jelly or jam (if you already have some use that, as you don't need too much; if you need to buy some get a small, cheap jar - ant's aren't picky - or something you'd want to eat with your toast)
  • Container lid(s) (soda caps work great, as would any other small, low and shallow container)
  • Mixing bowl or cup (I recommend something disposable, because you probably don't want to use it again for eating/drinking)
  • A spoon (again, something disposable is good, so...plastic)
<p>I had had lots of ant problems and I have been testing my own pesticides on them.</p><p>Here are the following natural ones.</p><p>Tree tea oil mixed with ethanol and sugar.</p><p>Baking soda solution.</p><p>Hot pepper extract (hot peppers with citrate salts (Preservatives) + sugars.</p><p>Nutmeg and sugar. Boiled in ethanol.</p><p>I was even thinking of trying the cherry leaves to extract low levels 10-15 mg cyanide from the leaves. However this is NOT enviromentally friendly and dangerous so I did not do it.</p>
O thanks. Bt I thought there should be a powder I can put on their tracks. What to do pls av got a crawling baby
<p>Instead of jam or jelly you could also use maple syrup. Basically, anything with lots of sugar in it because ants love sugar.</p>
<p>If you know where they are coming out of the ground, I heard that a 2-liter of soda poured down into the nest will asphyxiate the colony. My have to repeat at least once.</p>
<p>Use a product called Seven.</p>
<p>Sevin, the insecticide. Nasty stuff, but effective. </p>
Point taken. Yes it's not spelled like the number.
<p>Bait is set. Now I wait. Update will be forthcoming. Damned ants :(</p>
<p>Acephate is the best ant killer, but only for outside because it stinks like sewer. One teaspoon over a huge mound, it's gone the next day. If your dorm stinks anyway, sprinkle it around the baseboards. Acephate is available at the feed store :D</p>
<p>Terro is similar, but it's good to know how to DIY it! Very good 'ible - esp coming from college students dealing with real life pests!</p>
white vinegar will also get rid of them
This one time I swear I had an empire of super ants in my garden. I think it was because they took over five bags of firtilizer. They were relentless:<br/><br/>Day 1.<br/>Destroyed their bag with machette and sprayed with high power hose.<br/><br/>Day 2. <br/>Day 1 had no effect. More hosing<br/><br/>Day 3. <br/>Flooded with ant poison, ant traps all around.<br/><br/>Day 6.<br/>Poison had no effect what-so-ever. Tried several more brands, had no effect.<br/><br/>Day 7.<br/>Blowtorched the bag and all ants defending, piles of scorched bodies. I got bitten too :(<br/><br/>Day 8.<br/>All the bodies are gone. More torching.<br/><br/>Day 9.<br/>I come up to the place and witness an ant war. Two rival colonies clashing in an epic battle. It reminded me of Lord of the Rings defending Ministerith (The white city/castle). It was awsome.<br/><br/>Day 10.<br/>Flooded the entire thing with a hose and torched the ants that were comming out. Hundreds of thousands of wet, scorched corpses around the battle ground. I continued untill no more came out.<br/><br/>(BTW I didn't just set the bag on fire because it <em>is</em> in my garden)<br/><br/>Day 11.<br/>They were still there!<br/>Gave up, there was nothing more I could do. <br/><br/>These ants were probably like the Romans. They had a <em>massive</em> empire. They were also, I swear, mutated in some way that they were immune to all poisons.<br/>
<p>See my post on Diatomaceous Earth (DT.) You can get it at any building supply/garden store, and is the only thing that works, but you have to work **at** it.</p>
<p>On Youtube I found a video where the guy pours molten aluminum into the ant colony. Then he digs it up afterwards. Interesting ant colony art. Secondary benefit: no more ants from that colony. :)</p>
Try Spilling Gasoline into their mount, and make sure it gets absorbed really well, Then Light it!
gasoline on fertilizer is a bad idea it adds up to anfo - ammonium nitrate fuel oil. remember the oklahoma city bombing
<p>My crazy cousin Kalani invited us to see a detonation of a fuel/fertilizer bomb but it only turned into a stink-bomb. We asked him where he got ammonium nitrate from, and he said, &quot;What's ammonium nitrate?&quot; &quot;I used steer manure.&quot;</p>
Amfo is made with other ingredients than gasoline and is detonated by a primary explosive rather than simply burning. Not that gasoline in fertilizer isn't terribly dangerous in itself.
<p>I'm restricted by the 'be nice' policy! </p><p>FUEL OIL - that's diesel, not gasoline. And 'fertilizer' is a vague term for any number of substances from horse manure to many pure chemicals. Ammonium nitrate is one specific fertilizer. Too much horse manure in your comment...</p>
<p>No, it takes motor oil or diesel... </p>
Its motor oil, not gasoline. And you still need a blasting cap to set it off.
Sometimes, a #8 cap wont work. You need a primer charge to set it off like a quarter stick of TNT.
Which is what they do when they blow off the side of a mountain for mining. Good point.
<p>Gasoline on ammonium nitrate will result in a very hot fast &amp; fire as the ammonium nitrate is an oxidizer and creates it's own oxygen supply. It will explode if contained or subjected to shock. The Texas City blast in 1947 was a container ship that caught fire, too much heat in that confined space and it went critical. ...like a small nuke.</p>
<p>this is getting intense!!!</p>
next try...radioactivity...uranium!
I am not sure that would work. I heard of a beehive on a nuclear reactor, and that cockroaches don't seem to be affected by radioactivity. Insects may be immune from all but the most intense radioactivity.
Oh well...:P
No, they did that on Mythbusters. The radioactivity can kill them!
Exactly! I saw that episode.
At like 100,000 Radioactivity whatever-s ...
Do you mean rads?
Yes! That's what it was...100,000 rads!
I thought the term was Roentgens.
Roentgens has been 'replaced' with RADs. More 'scientifically' accurate...maybe...
Oh well... 8>P kind of expensive and dangerous.
scorpions are immune to radioativity aswell
<p>Well. Off topic, but there went the premise of one of my childhood-favorite monster movies, with giant scorpions made so by radioactive waste ingestion. (BTW, yes, I am a child of the 50's, who never even SAW a TV until around 63 or so. And then only one channel, black and white, and, WOW, what cool Saturday afternoon monster movies!</p><p>But, scorpions are immune, huh? Well, at least no more nightmares for my grand-daughters!</p>
<p><strong>eeuuuww!! x^b</strong></p>
Yeah! Like glowing blue cobalt! It'll kill anything!
<sup><sub><sup><sub><sup><sub><sup><sub><sup><sub> Including you :-P</sub></sup></sub></sup></sub></sup></sub></sup></sub></sup><br/>
Yeah, <sup>lol</sup><br/>
Maybe they weren't ants. Did you ever read &quot;Sandkings&quot; or see the Outer Limits episode of the adaptation? Your description of them sounds just like the Sandkings. Scaaary little beasts! Better get out, or they'll eat you. Muahahaha!
<p>If you can ever find the nest - Boiling water or Boiling Oil. BUT DO NOT MIX.</p>
<p>Thanks for the guide. I am always nervous to use borax in my home because of children and small pets. I developed a natural solution after reading a study about getting rid of ants in a science journal. It has worked great for me over the past few years inside and outside of my home. I made a video about it if anyone is interested: <a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ptLQezauJkM" rel="nofollow">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ptLQezauJkM</a></p>
<p>i loved your comment with all the really extreme measures you went to! Also LotR it AWESOME! If you like it you should try lotro.com(Lord of The Rings Online - Its a browser based game)!</p>
Im jealous, my ants dont fight eachother, just me!!!

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