How to Get Rid of Ants (or) How to Kill an Ant Invasion

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This is a very simple solution to get rid of ants that my dormmates and I used against an ant invasion of our hall. You'll think of it less as biological warfare when the ants come after your foodstuffs and start crawling into your bed.

This guide is a great solution to getting rid of the ants in your house and living spaces, especially if you don't know where they're coming from. It is low-mess and takes up very little space.

Unfortunately...there's a bit of post-mortum clean-up.

Also includes other general solutions and tips.
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Step 1: What you will need

Picture of What you will need
Here is your ant invasion shopping list:
  • A container of borax (you should be able to find this in the laundry detergent isle)
  • Some jelly or jam (if you already have some, use that, as you don't need too much; if you need to buy some, get a small, cheap jar - ant's aren't picky - or something you'd want to share with your toast)
  • Container lid(s) (soda caps work great, as would any other low, small, and shallow container)
  • Mixing bowl or cup (I recommend something disposable, because you probably don't want to use it again for eating/drinking)
  • A spoon (again, something disposable is good, so...plastic)

Step 2: Preparing the Poison

Take your cup or bowl, your spoon, and the borax and jelly. You'll want the solution to consist of no more than 5% borax. So, the easiest way is to take ten spoonfuls of jelly and put them in the cup/bowl. Then, you'll want half a spoonful of borax. This recipe can be extended to twenty spoonfuls jelly and one of borax, if you need that much.

Now, mix it in really well! You'll have to be deceitful - it's poison, after all.
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This one time I swear I had an empire of super ants in my garden. I think it was because they took over five bags of firtilizer. They were relentless:

Day 1.
Destroyed their bag with machette and sprayed with high power hose.

Day 2.
Day 1 had no effect. More hosing

Day 3.
Flooded with ant poison, ant traps all around.

Day 6.
Poison had no effect what-so-ever. Tried several more brands, had no effect.

Day 7.
Blowtorched the bag and all ants defending, piles of scorched bodies. I got bitten too :(

Day 8.
All the bodies are gone. More torching.

Day 9.
I come up to the place and witness an ant war. Two rival colonies clashing in an epic battle. It reminded me of Lord of the Rings defending Ministerith (The white city/castle). It was awsome.

Day 10.
Flooded the entire thing with a hose and torched the ants that were comming out. Hundreds of thousands of wet, scorched corpses around the battle ground. I continued untill no more came out.

(BTW I didn't just set the bag on fire because it is in my garden)

Day 11.
They were still there!
Gave up, there was nothing more I could do.

These ants were probably like the Romans. They had a massive empire. They were also, I swear, mutated in some way that they were immune to all poisons.
next try...radioactivity...uranium!
I am not sure that would work. I heard of a beehive on a nuclear reactor, and that cockroaches don't seem to be affected by radioactivity. Insects may be immune from all but the most intense radioactivity.

A roach kept in an zip lock bag and put into an running microwave oven will not be harmed.

scorpions are immune to radioativity aswell
Oh well...:P
No, they did that on Mythbusters. The radioactivity can kill them!
At like 100,000 Radioactivity whatever-s ...
Do you mean rads?
Yes! That's what it was...100,000 rads!
I thought the term was Roentgens.
Roentgens has been 'replaced' with RADs. More 'scientifically' accurate...maybe...
Oh well... 8>P kind of expensive and dangerous.
Yeah! Like glowing blue cobalt! It'll kill anything!
Including you :-P
Yeah, lol
Im jealous, my ants dont fight eachother, just me!!!
Try Spilling Gasoline into their mount, and make sure it gets absorbed really well, Then Light it!
gasoline on fertilizer is a bad idea it adds up to anfo - ammonium nitrate fuel oil. remember the oklahoma city bombing
Its motor oil, not gasoline. And you still need a blasting cap to set it off.
Sometimes, a #8 cap wont work. You need a primer charge to set it off like a quarter stick of TNT.
Which is what they do when they blow off the side of a mountain for mining. Good point.
First of all, it depends on where you live. This greatly affects the ant species you are up against and how they react to the various methods you have already tried (ex: your flooding method). What I tried at my house (in NY, which, for some reason, it seems like its getting hit hard by ants this year) is simply using raid ant spray which comes strait out of a can. it kills them very fast and they normally don't come back. the only problem with this, much like stated above by using to much borax, is that they don't take the poison back to the nest killing the rest of the ants. However, like my ant problem, the ants were nesting in my tarps and plastic waterproof items, so i was able to take out all the ants in one fell swoop. So i recommend this method for outside because it doesn't involve jelly that can be washed away but if they do come back inside, this method looks like a very nice way to take care of the problem, and props to the author because this is very cheap compared to buying tons of ant traps, and most people have this around the house too, definitely trying this (yes, I have a small problem inside as well)!
Where's Johnny!
shortw23 days ago

I usually use 2-3 parts of borax and 8-7 parts of strawberry jam. It always worked so far. The house we bought is sitting on top of ant hill. And so far every year the ant problem is getting smaller and smaller.

Also we collecting used old cooking oil and when we have enough we heat it up to very high temperatures and pour it over an ant hill slow or into an ant hole slow, so it will penetrate into to ant hill. Cooking oil will not harm the ground and is bio degradable.

Hot water will cool of very fast in the ground and we did not have very good results.

eyebot1175 years ago
I'm not sure anyone has thought of this one, but a quick spray of Clorox cleaning agent kills them on contact. It seems like they die instantly... The drawback being, that this doesn't get rid of all of them-but of course, if the stuff kills them on contact, God only knows what it'd do if they ate it.

Equal parts white vinegar and water sprayed on them will kill them straight up. Ants hate vinegar.You can also squeeze fresh lemon..they HATE it. If you can't locate the nest, sprinkle baby powder around a piece of bait. The powder sticks to the bottom of their tiny little feet and leave a track of white all the way to their nest. Sounds cutesy, but it's a fact. :D Here's a cool link for ridding your home naturally of ants....

Javin0075 years ago
A note on step 6, and the 5% number you use.

Professional products use slightly more than a 5% mixture (1 part borax to 19 parts bait) but wouldn't make much money if they got rid of the ants permanently.

Too many dead ants near the bait, you actually need to REDUCE the ratio. You shouldn't see but a dozen dead ants with the most severe infestation (assuming they didn't die by getting stuck in the bait).

To reiterate what I said in another "ant how-to post":

The reason for this is you risk what is called "budding." Generally, the in-house ants are the very tiny ones also referred to as "sugar" ants. Sugar ants do not have a "queen" in the nest, but rather each female in the hive takes part in the egg laying (and all of the ants you see outside of the hive are female).

When the hive starts to have a large number of them suddenly dying off, they will "split" into smaller hives, infesting different parts of the house, allowing the hive to survive. This "budding" can actually cause a bigger ant problem, or later re-infestation. To make sure you kill the entire colony, you need to find a balance (from 5% to 10% has always worked for me. I only have to use it one time whenever I move) that kills them very, very slowly. Too little, and they will be able to metabolize it, or reproduce faster than it can kill them (causing budding.) Too much, it'll kill them too quickly and they'll again, panic, and bud off.

For an example of a commercial product, look for "Terro Liquid Ant Baits" and take a look at the ingredients. I can tell you, this works, too. *never* spend your money on pest control for ants when you can do it for pennies as this instructable shows. I moved into my newest apartment ten months ago. It had a severe infestation upon moving in. 5 days after using the borax solution, not an ant has been seen for nearly a year now.

Pssst...all "colonies" have a queen. For the lay person here..."Budding" occurs when there has been a significant disruption in the the boiling water poured down into the nest. These ants that take off and start the budding process are known as Pharoah ants (sugar ants - because of their attraction to sweets. However, they also thrive on grease). Pharaoh
ants are highly polygynous and have a relatively low worker to queen
ratio of 12.86. Budding has not been recorded to occur when there is a minor disruption to a nest. The colony simply moves forward. This is why ants are not seen for a time and then return. They are either budding and building their new nest (they WILL find their way back to your food source if it is still there) or they are fixing their nest (again, the WILL find their way back....).

It's been over a year since this last post, and we saw 5 ants a month ago. We put the solution down for ONE DAY and again, no more ants. LOVE this stuff.
mumof43 years ago
i av ants every where!!! sik n tired of em, iv started usin 'cilit bang' spray on em n kills em on contact!!! gona try this borax 4 the ants in my bak garden!! im wonderin is it available in the uk??

I tried the following from WikiHow. Using a q-tip, I was playing with the ants by my front door. I would drag the solution around the ants to form circles, watching their responses. They HATED the mixture. It flippin' works!!! My ants are gone and I will be cleaning with white vinegar and water from this point forward. Thank you, WikiHow!

Try white vinegar and water. Ants really hate vinegar, and you can make a cheap, easy pesticide just using vinegar and water. Mix a 50/50 solution of vinegar and water in a spray bottle. Spray it directly onto the ants to kill them, then wipe up the ants using a damp paper towel and discard them.

  • You can also use vinegar and water as a deterrent; spray it around your windowsills, doorways and other places where you see ants coming inside.
  • Some people have found that using this vinegar solution to clean the floors, windows and countertops makes ants less likely to crawl over these surfaces. White vinegar makes an excellent household cleaner, and you can't smell it once it dries.
pecjames5 years ago
Try sprinkling any artificial sweetener w/ aspartame in it on an anthill. It will wipe out the whole nest. Aspartame was developed as an insecticide originally, it is also a powerful neurotoxin and should not be consumed by humans.
Oh get off aspartame. Odd how 200 countries are OK with it..must be a conspiracy. Ya that's it..
cmd353 antennas5 years ago
Unfortunately, it is a fact. I suggest the following (also found on google books):

Jonathan M. Borkum, Chronic Headaches: Biology, Psychology, and Behavioral Treatment, Routlege 2007, p. 235 - 236

It might change your mind :-)

However, given that fact, I would prefer the method described in this awesome instructable as a greener option.
shortw cmd3534 years ago
Aspartame is known to be cancer causing and was considered to be outlawed.
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