How to Get Rid of Ants (or) How to Kill an Ant Invasion

This is a very simple solution to get rid of ants that my dormmates and I used against an ant invasion of our hall. You'll think of it less as biological warfare when the ants come after your foodstuffs and start crawling into your bed.

This guide is a great solution to getting rid of the ants in your house and living spaces, especially if you don't know where they're coming from. It is low-mess and takes up very little space.

Unfortunately...there's a bit of post-mortum clean-up.

Also includes other general solutions and tips.
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Step 1: What you will need

Here is your ant invasion shopping list:
  • A container of borax (you should be able to find this in the laundry detergent isle)
  • Some jelly or jam (if you already have some, use that, as you don't need too much; if you need to buy some, get a small, cheap jar - ant's aren't picky - or something you'd want to share with your toast)
  • Container lid(s) (soda caps work great, as would any other low, small, and shallow container)
  • Mixing bowl or cup (I recommend something disposable, because you probably don't want to use it again for eating/drinking)
  • A spoon (again, something disposable is good, so...plastic)

Step 2: Preparing the Poison

Take your cup or bowl, your spoon, and the borax and jelly. You'll want the solution to consist of no more than 5% borax. So, the easiest way is to take ten spoonfuls of jelly and put them in the cup/bowl. Then, you'll want half a spoonful of borax. This recipe can be extended to twenty spoonfuls jelly and one of borax, if you need that much.

Now, mix it in really well! You'll have to be deceitful - it's poison, after all.
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knexfreak322 years ago
Aspartame or NutraSweet works just as well, It will also kill any rat infestations you have.

It's an urban legend according to Snopes:

How do you kill rats with it.?
Just put a little powder maybe 1 tbs. here and there just don't over do it.

Note* the only reason the FDA let Aspartame / NutraSweet (same thing) into market as a artificial sweetener is because the inventor of it became the CEO of the FDA.

Soap is approved for human use and kills ants immediately. Is the owner of all soap companies of the world also working for FDA?

cockroaches to ? could be?...
i found some very small ones that I cant get rid off...
johowie johowie2 years ago
That's scary. I'll give it a try.
seajae1 month ago

This is an easy and cheap way to kill ants. It works! I tried all the baits and poisons, this is easy and rather pet friendly. My cats sniff and walk away.

The ant's nest that is causing us so much trouble is not accesable to us. What can we use that can be carried back to the nest to hopefull destroy is.

A good name6 years ago
Lol... one time when I was in the backyard with a lighter I tried to convince them that they should leave... It was cruel but the buggers needed to get out. I managed to get most of them out of the house but they still have a colony (I flood their hole every few days)
Try flooding it with gasoline, Ha it'll kill that part of your lawn, but it does the job. Plus, if you are still obsessed with fire, you can even spark up the gas. The ants are just as dead, but it could be twice as fun depending on your level of hatred.
oking headstorm2 years ago
Mixing salt peter and sugar in equal amounts and then mixing enough water until both dissolve and are thick like a syrup and poor around the mouth of the hill, wait 2-3 days, poor a dry mix of salt peter and sugar on top of the opening and then torch it.

Only if you're into fire though.
 I was swarmed on the legs when i was about 3 or 5...... I'm saying my hatred level is pretty high
no fill it with vinegar and add baking soda
Or strap together a bunch of M16 firecrackers :D
REA A good name5 years ago
M80's are better. larger explosion.
Might as well just find a bunch of KNO3 (Potassium Nitrate), charcoal and suphur and fill a wooden barrel.  Guarenteed to kill every ant (read: anything) within a massive radius
 i took a small bucket (3") and taped a 50 pack of fire crackers to the top and lit it up drooped it on the and hill and but a brick on it and they all died from the shock wave
 heat up some solder and dump it down the colony. not only will it burn them alive but if its done right you will have a cool sculpture if you dig it up carefully
My husband pours gasoline on ant pile and sets it on fire, it works but it kills the grass. Thank goodness he works out of town allot. I use dishsoap. Get one of those containers that hook up to hose, fill container with dishsoap (I have an acre so I use a whole bottle), turn on hose and spray whole yard, pay a little more attention to ant pile. Boom done! you will have no ants, no fleas, no bugs in garden, no wasps, no hornets, no mosquito's, no spiders no nothing. It does NOT hurt grass, or plants, trees, bushes, flowers, pets, veggies, fruits, its perfectly safe... Well considering your supposed to wash all fruits and veggies before you eat.
Please try not to harm the bees - they're good. They are dying at an alarming rate, and they are essential to the survival of all plant life that depends on pollination, as well as any animal life that depends on plants that depend on pollination. Human beings fall into that category, so if the bees continue to die off at this rate, we're in trouble as a species. Bees will not sting you if you don't attack them. If you see one, ignore it. I had one crawling on my neck the other day. He was just exploring. After a few seconds, he flew away. They're friendly, and essential.
wanna bet, the ones I had invade my back yard in a swarm were3 anything but nice.. we had two queen bees land on a lemon tree and within 10 minutes the 4 inch truck was a 12" trunk.. and the backyard was swarming.
That would probably destroy the biodiversity of the area. Without bees you wouldn't have any pollinators. It's best to fight using natural methods, though it still baffles me as to what is the natural enemy of something that spends most of it's time underground.
ter5732 years ago
For indoor ants, and if your house has no openings such as ventilation holes etc, the best solution is to spay adequate Ant Replant close to the places where ants come inside - windows etc. Aim it for the glass. that is much easier. The purpose is to spray a lot so that it will evaporate and stay in the air within the house for a long time. After spraying, you should close all doors, windows etc and everyone should get out of the house for at least 6hrs. After returning, open the windows for adequate ventilation. repeat this two days after as well and there will be no more indoor ants for several months. Tried all types of ant bait with no results. This is the only solution that worked for me.
dkim212 years ago
there is a bunch of black ants going through a little hole in a crack in my wall, in a basement... mostly they are small ones but there are some big ants too and its just freaking the heck out of me. the problem is that its all carpet and i cant risk more ants coming in. i heard that ground cinnamon and white vinegar works but i really need something tat is guaranteed to kill ants.
dkim21 dkim212 years ago
and a couple more questions, whats worse, ants coming into my home and seeing it happen or having ants in my home already. im really in a tough situation., why do ants come in and go in a crack in a wall, what should i use to cover the cracks and why are the ants coming in and why am i just seeing it now
Goodhart2 years ago
IF you can get finely powdered boric acid (a VERY mild acid, once used for eye wash), and have them coming to a "bait area" you can wipe out the whole colony by having them walk through a bit of the powder to get to the bait, and they will take it back to the "nest" and being social creatues will spread the acid throughtout the desolves their shells. This works GREAT for roaches too and is in fact the ingreadiant in Roach Pruf. And is totally nontoxic
This is true, however, the disadvantage to using powders is that the poison is not guaranteed to reach the queen, which is necessary to completely destroy the colony. Ant baits, like these:, on the other hand are taken back to the queen because the queen is fed from what the ants ingest.

Yes, it is possible that ants could ingest some of the powder dust (from grooming themselves), but baits are a sure solution.

I'm not saying powders don't work, because they do, I just prefer to buy baits because it's more likely that the queen will be killed too.
Yes, I tend to use a little powdered sugar with the boric acid so they use it as food.
Cool idea. Does that seem to work pretty well?
The biggest problem is to use it in their "tacks" (they lay a scent track down and when you see a Line of them going back and forth to somewhere, you know where the track is) with out covering the tracks completely..if you do that, they go around it. and make a new track; so it has to be carefully placed and very sparsely....if you mix it with "bait" (i.e. powdered suger) they'll head right TO it however.....I've had moderate success with this (the bait traps you find in the store work this way....they take the stuff back to the nest, they share it, and they die. It is MUCH more effective against insects that do not follow a scent trail.....roaches are a great example of an insect that just "goes anywhere" without the scent trail. Boric acid is the ingrediant in Roach Pruf; finely powdered to statically cling to their shells; roaches are very social...and so this can wipe out an entire family.
robrien13 years ago
would it be worth my while using CLAYMORE MINES !!!!
Yes, it would be wrong. On the other hand a nice burst of Napalm will not only get rid of the ants it will also relieve you of that pesky mortgage payment as well. And if you have any red headed step sons around now is your chance.
um ma-by u shold use napalm or some sort of incenararty device
Agentfern3 years ago
It is true that ants don't like to cross powders. My brother and i, while drawing with sidewalk chalk, would always look for ants. We would draw circles around them, and they would run around inside the circles. You have to have a really thick layer of powder, though. Eventually the ant will just walk across it. Petroleum jelly would probably work better.
Spreading petroleum jelly on a sidewalk ought to earn you a fat commission check from your local orthopedic surgeons. And if that gets boring simply hacksaw off the stop sign posts and sit back and wait for the crashes. Maybe you could make online videos of the blood and screaming or even sell the films to the lawyers who follow the ambulances.
I've tried something similar before, using borax. Works good.
Paulus442 years ago
Mix the same amount powdered sugar and borax and spread it over the ant places.
By the way, all the ants in the world have the same weight as all the human.
pecjames5 years ago
Try sprinkling any artificial sweetener w/ aspartame in it on an anthill. It will wipe out the whole nest. Aspartame was developed as an insecticide originally, it is also a powerful neurotoxin and should not be consumed by humans.
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