Step 2: Preparing the Poison

Take your cup or bowl, your spoon, and the borax and jelly. You'll want the solution to consist of no more than 5% borax. So the easiest way is to take ten spoonfuls of jelly and put them in the cup/bowl. Then, you'll want half a spoonful of borax. This recipe can be extended to twenty spoonfuls jelly and one of borax, if you need that much.

Now mix it in really well! You have to be deceitful - it's poison, after all!

lazemaple15 days ago

"they are attracted by the scent, and the lard content, and are quickly killed off by the lye in the soap"

Properly made soap contains neither lard nor lye! When soapmaking a chemical reaction called saponification takes place when the lye and fat are combined - the fat is converted to soap and the lye is converted to glycerin - both are harmless after the soap is cured several weeks.

I don't use jelly in my borax mix - just water and sugar with borax. You can mix the borax with canned cat food thinned with water for those 'meat eating' type ants.

bobelon15 days ago

This only works well on sugar ants.

HBSkirmit15 days ago

Will this work on fireants ?

KY? Slick as hell, but awesome on toast :D
shortw5 years ago
What flavor and brand did you use for the jelly ?