The IoT Stamp module is powered by Realtek RTL8710AF ARM Cortex M3 WiFi SoC running at 83 MHz. This module features same form factor and GPIO layout as of ESP8266 but lacks ADC input.
But it features

Up to 1x SPI @ 41.5 Mbps max

Up to 3x UART with 2x up to 4Mbps, 1x @ 38400 bps

Up to 4x PWM

Up to 1x I2C @ 3.4 Mbps max

Up to 19 GPIOs including 10 supporting interrupts. And it comes with 1 MB of flash and 512 KB of RAM.


Used Commands:




ATPW=1 //Station Mode

ATWS// Scan Wifi

ATPH=2,2// Mode AP 1/STA 2, Enable:DHCP 1/STATIC 2

ATPE= Static IP ATPN=weargenius,omisoksbwn// Connect to AP

ATW?// Wifi Info

ATPG=1 // Auto COnnect 0: Disable 1: Enable

ATPC=0,,80 // Create TCp Client

ATPI// Connection Info

ATPT=70,1:"GET /tut/index.php?NAME=bikash /HTTP/1.1 Host:\r\n"//Send Data

ATPR=1,20// rECEIVE dATA ATPD=0//0 FOR ALL OR conn_id

ATWD // Disconnect from AP


Resources from Pine64 Website:

IOT Stamp Resources: http://bit.ly/2mNoxLT

Datasheet: http://bit.ly/2lOnYCj

Pinout Diagram: http://bit.ly/2mxGHR8

AT Commands guide: http://bit.ly/2mUtyT9

Getting Started Guide: http://bit.ly/2mwmYQc


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