This is an introduction to the ArduBlock graphical programming language. It is a great way to learn the basics of programming and also to quickly write a test program if you are a more experienced user.

- Arduino board
- 10KΩ Resistor
- Momentary on button
- Computer with Arduino IDE and ArduBlock installed

I will demonstrate with two programs.

Step 1: Build the First Circuit

The first circuit is simple...
<p>Do you have the ardublock code for the potentiometer?</p>
<p>The potentiometer code is the last picture shown in step 3 I believe. I'm also pretty sure that the Arduino IDE has example code that does this.</p><p>Here's all you need to do:</p><p>* Get input from potentiometer in an analog pin (will give a value between 0 and 1023)</p><p>* Use the map function to send the LED a PWM signal - map(0,1023,0,255)</p><p>* Output that value to the LED pin</p>

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