I'll not be going much into the technical details about the BADGEr and Electronic paper display technologies.

Rather this consider this instructable as the manual for getting started with BADGEr easily


Step 1: Things We Need

  • BADGEr- The e-reader board (or other similar development boards from Adafruit)
  • FTDI Basic from sparkfun

Same as found in lilypad development board or alternatively you can use Adafruit's FTDI Friend.

<p>Cool! Though I never liked seeed products after my mp3 shield</p>
<p>Nice introduction.</p><p>Might be fine to have a tut for making own WIF images, too. Is there an easy way without using the python script from WyoLum?</p>
Thanks for feedback , I'll add a new tutorial for .wif images. I don't think there is another method. One will have to tweak a lot with their library in order to do so but definitaly doable
<p>Tutorial would be great, but I won't be able to use the greyscale.py because the Python Imaging Library is not easy installable on a Windows 64bit System - what I am using at work. I was going along with this page: http://wyolum.com/introducing-wif-the-wyolum-image-format/</p>
<p>I'm aware of the fact that it is difficult to install both PIL and NumPy on 64 bit system. Have you tried installing for a 32 bit system ? </p><p>Worked for me :)</p>
<p>Got it!</p>

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