Getting Started With Bluetooth to Serial HC-06 Wireless Module and Arduino





Introduction: Getting Started With Bluetooth to Serial HC-06 Wireless Module and Arduino

Following some early unsuccessful attempts at using an JY-MCY HC06 slave bluetooth module I have spent many hours on the internet in an effort to understand the module' capabilities and how to use it. As a novice you soon discover how tricky these devices can be. The attached document gives you some of my insights and working examples of using slave and master JY-MCU HC06 bluetooth modules in an effort to help others get started. The document was written in LibreOffice freeware but should be readable in MicrosoftOffice. Good luck.



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Hi, Returner

The above article explains Arduino2Arduino
Two Way Communication using JY-MCU HC06 Master and Slave. It will work with the configuration you are using - HC05master/HC06slave since as long has the two modules have paired - a process independent of the arduino/software and the baud rates etc for communication are the same. My example 4 shows control from Arduino IDE serial monitor on master to slave. You can write routines for the Arduino's to talk to each other using Arduino Serial commands. I suggest you look up the many tutorials on the internet. I searched using 'sending data with arduino' and came up with a few - suggest or ladyada site

as starting point.

Best wishes

Hi, i have a question and i hope you guys can help me with this. how does the arduino actually know actually know which data it is going to send or receive? in which part of the code does it do that? i want to make two arduinos one having a HC05 as a master sending data over to a HC06 slave on two different laptops. I hope you can answer me.

I love the tone here. Thanks for doing the hard work for us.

Many thanks. I hope the info helps.