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If you're having trouble starting your first Instructable, this is the right place for you. We'll be going over how to create 3 different types of Instructables: photo instructables, step-by-steps, and video instructables. We will also be going over how to change your profile image and how to add photos to your image library.

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Step 1: Getting Started

To create an Instructable, hover over the "Create" tab at the top of the page. You then have the option to pick one of three:

PHOTOS - Less than 10 photos + a description.

What you made, how you made it, why you made it.

STEP-BY-STEP - Minimum: An intro + 3 steps.

Photos & descriptions are needed in each step. If your project doesn't meet those requirements, make a photo Instructable.

VIDEO - Your video + a description.

What you made, how you made it, why you made it, and a breakdown of the steps.

CONTESTS: If you are going to start a contest, create it as a guide or a forum topic. Manage it yourself and provide it with prizes. Please don't create it as an Instructable!

Thank u! I had a big problem with adding video. Now it's OK!
I use Instructables on my android phone, I have the app and its different to this, please help me!
Great tutorial! Can't see why it hasn't been featured (yet?);-)

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